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Lockdowns made me fuck my my 2 nieces

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My two beautiful nieces became my two lovers when lockdown happen last year during the pandemic

My name is John 24 I live alone in my own house somewhere in Michigan when the state went under lockdown because of the pandemic nobody was allowed to go out to do things or go to bars or go party it all started when I saw my two nieces outside of my house alone in the cold weather my sister dropped off her daughters at my house and told me unexpectedly that she had something to do for no reason at first I was pretty pissed off but with my two nieces I get along very well after that I let my nieces come into my house made themselves at home my oldest niece her name is Jessica she is 12 years old my youngest niece Melinda 10 years old she has a big fat butt very small waist my oldest niece starting to get large breasts somehow I started getting turned on by my own two nieces of mine a few hours hat pass I woken up from my nap had the urge to go to the bathroom to take a dump when I saw the bathroom door slightly open I saw my niece Melinda was getting undress taking her clothes off seen her naked it really turned me on and her ass was so huge and bubbly like a real woman I couldn’t stop looking as I unzipped my pants I started to jerk off uncontrollably I just kept on Staring at her I always dreamed about going inside in the with her start putting my face in that sweet little ass of hers after that I came so hard on the floor I immediately went to the second bathroom went to do my business and in my mind I still can’t get her off my head I got turned on again and I was ready to jerk off again a few hours past the girls went to bed and I still couldn’t get Melinda out of my head I waited for the girls to go to sleep I only had one bedroom so we had to sleep together which that gave me the great chance to touch her after they passed out asleep I see Melinda laying down on her belly and I slowly took her pants down and saw her cute little panties and then I slowly took down her panties down and there it was her beautiful ass sexy plumpy ass it was like a cake ready to be eaten I slowly put my face on her butt cheeks It Felt Like Heaven it was so soft smooth and jiggly I started she get my dick out to slowly ass fuk her cheeks between my dick a few minutes later I came so hard all over her back I had felt so relieved but then I got scared when I heard Jessica woke up and she says is it okay if I take care of it for you I froze in fear thinking that my life was going to go upside down but it turns out Jessica is a nymphomaniac horny slutt for a 12 year old she had told me that she had saw me jerking off on Melinda while I was peeping her in the shower Jessica told me that she always wanted to have sex with me and that she wanted her sister to join in after that she woke up Melinda and she was startled seeing my cock out while Jessica calmed her down telling her it’s okay she took off Melinda’s clothes and precedes to kiss her and make out with her and told her that she wants her to suck my cock all she watches after that Melinda crawls up to me and started kissing me in the cheeks and I told her it’s okay baby it’s normal for us to do this I picked up her little light body she was so light like a feather that I saw her pussy was right up to my face I started licking it like I was a thirsty dog for water she started to moan so loudly and asked me what I was doing I told her I’m kissing your special area I said it make you feel good and she said it feels weird but it felt good to her after that I put her little life body down to my bed and I began to slide my dick into her tight little pussy of hers and proceeded to slowly thrust into her I had to be gentle to her cuz she is so little after that I came all over her face my oldest niece Jessica started to lick the cum off of her face and started kissing her after that Melinda passed out of exhaustion and I began to fuck my oldest niece we fucked like animals in bed she was more experienced she lost her virginity with a high school student and had sex with other boys after hours of us making love I woke up a few hours later see my two beautiful nieces sleeping next to me cuddling up to me they all woke up with a smile on their face saying that they all say that they are in love me very much that they want to marry me after that we had breakfast I turned on the TV and I heard that the state of Michigan is under lockdown because of this stupid virus but I got to say a lockdown isn’t too bad because we have sex all day and all night and we don’t have to worry about my sister picking up her daughter’s because apparently she was in another state to go see her boyfriend but oh boy it was the best whole year of having sex with my nieces 24/7 nights and weekends I love my beautiful nieces very much and I think they should live with me because they are all my beautiful wives I told my sister that I can babysit them anytime but has no idea that I’m making love to them their sweet little pussies are mine I love coming home from work when they get on their knees and begin to suck my cock and cum on their precious little faces and now I pick them all up like a fireman ready too rough of them up

Well guys I hope you enjoy my stories sorry for the poor grammar I’m in a hurry finish up my Aaron’s and right now my two beautiful nieces are waiting for me in bed also I would like to hear what was it like for the first time to have sex with your nieces

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    I need some Young porn !!

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      lol wikr

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    I haven’t read this yet, learn how to spade out the paragraphs….🤷‍♂️

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    If you wanna post a story, you should learn how to write first.

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    Carnt wait until Saturday night have my 8year old granddaughter over and I have already told her I am going to fuck her.

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      Nice, got any vids of her?

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      Good luck!

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    This is the world’s longest sentence! Couldn’t even finish it. Awful..

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    Oh yeah it should b, my first time I made love to my neighbors daughters she was 8 years old when I took her virginity. I still fuck her, I love her very much that I wish to I can marry her

    • Dad Jones ID:1m5ww3dqrk7

      This is how it should be. I have a 12 year old daughter. Been fully penetrating her since she was 7. She loves it now. It was a little difficult in the beginning. She cried a lot. Waiting for her to turn 13. We’re going to have a baby then. Hoping it’ll be a girl. Can’t wait to have my hands all over a little girl.

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    sentences and paragraphs would be nice

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    John you should get them pregnant

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    This is just one great big run on sentence. There is absolutely no punctuation, makes this story very hard to read.