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Licked By An Upperclassman

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This story is about how me and my girlfriend met at the request of someone named BoredLes. I hope you enjoy!

I was a freshman in high school when this happened. I was 14 years old and I had a lot of social anxiety so I was really scared to go to this new school. I have long dirty blonde hair, grey eyes, very pale skin, and I’m 5’7. I had originally applied for this other high school where my friends were going, but I didn’t get in so I was alone at this new school.
On the first day, I had no idea where I was going and I guess I looked pretty confused. My best friend’s older sister ended up going there. My third class for the day was a running class. I had just finished with it and was going to change for my next class. Luckily, we had gotten out early so I’d have some free time after I changed. I didn’t really like this class, so I was happy to get out early. I had to have some kind of physical education and I ended up in running. I had heard rumors about people raping girls in the stalls, but I was only told men did it, not women. I didn’t see any men in the changing room, so I figured I was fine. I was wrong.
I had taken off my shorts and shirt and was looking through my bag when I felt cold hands on my hips. I immediately stood up and turned to see a very tall girl with short black hair touching me. She told me I was beautiful and pulled me close to her until my breasts touched hers. At the time, I was only wearing lace lingerie and I felt her staring at it.
I was a lesbian, but I didn’t really know who this girl was or why she was touching me. Then, I saw another girl walk in. That was my best friend’s older sister, Izzy. She had shoulder length blonde hair, glasses, brown eyes, and she was around 5’9. I had heard she was a junior here and she was 16. She told the other girl to fuck off and I was very surprised when the short haired girl listened and walked away. I thanked Izzy for getting her away and she walked close to me, asking if I was okay. I told her I was and she smiled.
“I think I know why she was grabbing you.” Izzy murmured to me as she took a step closer. “Are you okay with this?” She asked as she rested her hand on my ass. I nodded and she pulled me close and kissed me. I felt her gently kneading my ass through my panties and I whimpered against her lips. She smiled and squeezed harder, probably leaving a bruise.
She eventually got bored of this though and asked if she could take the rest of my clothes off. I told her she could and she began undressing me quickly. Her eyes had darkened and her hands gripped my breasts. She began kissing my neck, giving gentle bites and licks to my most sensitive spots. I was practically dripping all over as she did this.
She then gently pushed me onto a bench in the changing room and told me to spread my legs. I immediately did as she asked, but I guess I didn’t spread them wide enough, because she grabbed my thighs and forced them apart even farther. She then kissed down to my stomach, and then onto my thighs. She was purposely avoiding my needy core and I whined helplessly.
She smirked, teasing me over and over. She came close to my pussy a few times, but she always moved back to my inner thighs. I began begging her to touch me. “Please Izzy.. I need it..” I begged her. “Yeah? How desperate are you?” She asked in a low murmur. “Please.. I’ll do anything..” I whined. “If I make you cum right now, no one else is allowed to touch you here but me. Do you understand?” She asked. I nodded and she smiled. “Good girl.” She murmured.
With that, she finally kissed me right on my clit. I moaned as quietly as I could. Smirking at my reaction, she began lapping up my cum, swallowing as much as she could. I felt her tongue gently push into my hole. She started to push it in and out. When I looked down, I saw her warm tongue flicking my tiny clit. I felt myself become even more sensitive and I begged her to lick me harder.
She gladly obliged and sucked on my sensitive clit, which caused me to go right over the edge. I think I might’ve blacked out for a moment, I came that hard. When I finally got ahold of myself, she was still licking me down there.
Eventually she stopped and got up, wiping her mouth with her sleeve. Then, she helped me up off the bench and helped me get dressed. She also let me wear her sweatshirt; she said it would symbolize that I was hers. She also walked me to my next class afterwards.
We ended up dating and we’ve been together for a long time now. She’s in college now and I’m a senior in high school. We live together in a small apartment and we’ve been happy since.

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