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Indian 16 year old with Driver

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Hey guys, this is Saira with a true story.
I’ve been reading sex stories for a while and thought to myself, why not share mine. Hope you enjoy it.

Being 16 and coming from an Indian background. It is a taboo for men and women to get together and date and etc. There are many aspects to this and especially from which area you are from. I’m from the northern part of India. Just to give you guys an idea I’m a light skinned skinny girl with pink nipples and a bra size C34.

I had sex with my driver and oh my was it amazing! Before I tell you all the details, first I have to tell you how it all happened.

I was in higher education and my parents hired a Driver to pick/drop me from school. At times I had friends who I use to pick/drop and as many friends do. We gossiped, talked about boys and who’s hot these days, Celebrity crush etc. of course while in the car keeping in mind the driver is driving, we spoke in english.

My driver belongs from tribal areas and moved to India for better life. 26 and single he’s fair skinned with a rough beard and normal built. Had I known he was a bit educated things might have been different. Yes this guy could understand majority of the things my girlfriends and I talked about.

One day out of the blue he says to me ‘what are you studying’ I was a bit surprised as he’s never spoken to me that way. I told him what I was studying and then he starts telling me about his educational status and I was shocked as to he was well educated.

In coming days we spoke more and more. We started texting as well and we quietly behind the scenes became friends. We started talking about relationships and that he is single, but he’s been with women which intrigued me. I had never been with anyone, but as a 16 year old curious young girl I explored myself.

Slowly we started talking about how he’s been with what types of women and how it’s been a great experience. I never had experienced anything like that so I started developing moments of pleasure talking to him in the car rides.

One day I asked him to tell me about his latest encounter with a woman. As he was telling me, I got wet and horny. I told him to go into details. I was in the back seat and started to feel my heart pounding and my pussy dripping and started to play with it. As he’s telling me explicits, I’m wetter than ever. At that moment of heat, he notices me touching myself. He asks ‘are you okay’. In panic I say ‘ haha yes’

He looks at me from the rearview mirror and says to me ‘shall I help?’
Help?? Omygod!!! I think to myself!!!
I laugh it off and without thinking straight I say ‘haha sure’.
I was wet! I was Horny! The Heat was built up higher than ever before. I never experienced this intense arousal in my life.

He takes the car around the block where there was good privacy. He gets into the back seat with me. He hugs me and I’m lost in everything. I let him take the lead. He grabs my left breast and squeezes it. I let an ‘uh’ out. He kissing my lips and at the same time rubs my whole body. He moves down to kiss my neck then opens my school shirt and bra and sucks my nipples. Everything is going soo Fast!! My arousal is sky high, his rough beard is against my skin and he’s got a cigarette stench, but it’s turned me on more than ever!!
He pulls my school pants down and takes a look down. Fuck I’m so wet that my panties are soaked. He tells me with a smirk ‘you’re soaking wet’.
At this point I ask him ‘what are you going to do’. He replies ‘make you feel like a woman’

He pulls me by the thighs and spreads my thighs wide open. He takes my panties off and starts from my thighs and kissing and licks me. He’s getting closer and closer to my shaved pussy and I’m getting more and more excited. He licks my pussy and I let a ‘fuckkkkk’ out. He replies ‘we’ll get there’… i mean WOW!!

He eats my pussy out and I’m cuming everywhere. He’s licking my ass and my pussy, he’s squeezing my nipples and sucking them. He’s licking my tummy and spitting his cigarette stench saliva all over my pussy. ‘Keep on going, I love it’ I tell him. After some time, he takes his dick out!! OMYGOD!! It’s a 7 inch.

He tells me to grabs it and stroke it. I do as he says. Why not right? Curious I am, I kiss the tip and lick the tip. I could taste his precum. I liked it! Without him saying a word I take his dick into my mouth. WoW WoW WoW!!

I start sucking it and he’s got his hand on my head. He grabs my pony tail and moves my head up and down. Fuck yes I was loving it. I’m spitting on his cock and sucking it and enjoying it. After some time he cums into my MOUTH!! I was shocked, it was creamy and warm but he told me to keep it in. I kept it in, he tells me to swallow it. So I slowly swallow it. He tells me good girl and that made me very very happy.

We pack up and go home. Story doesn’t end yet! It’s friday night, we are going out at a family gathering. I get home, shower and sleep. I’m recovering from what’s happened. I wake up and I’m wet. I want him in side my pussy and I want his cum in me. I want him to father my pussy. I’m horny!!!

My mother comes in to tell me we have to go to a family gathering. Get ready! Is this the chance? So I tell my mother ‘I’m not feeling so great’ she asks me are you near your dates and I take the advantage and say yeah! Even though my dates are not for another 4 days. My mother tells me fine you rest and we’ll go. I lay down and smile and think to myself ‘I’m going to have him inside me no matter what’

My parent’s leave, my driver notices I haven’t left. He texts me to ask if I’m okay. Cutee!! I reply ‘yea I’m fine. Not feeling to go’. He replies ‘alright let me know if you need anything’ i think to myself!!Anything?? I want your dick 😉

I get up, unlock the main door and go into my bed room. I text him saying ‘cum in’ deliberately. He gets the message because he replied ‘okay baby’.

He comes into the room, locks the doors behind. Gets straight on top and I tell him ‘make love to my pussy tonight’ to which he replies ‘I was thinking the same’. He undresses me, he sucks my body from the top and goes down on me and sucks and spits onto my pussy. I’m in moaning and groaning. He takes his dick out. ‘Oh God yes’ I reply! I go down onto him and suck his dick. I’m loving every part of his dick. After a while he cums in my mouth and I swallow it. He gets down on me again. This time he’s licking my pussy deeper and I’m cuming harder!! He says ‘are you ready’ I responded ’YES’.
He spits on his dick, slowly starts to put it in. I can feel the pain, but I love it. I tell him to push it in. He pushes it in and we are having sex!!! I never felt this way in my life. So many feeling and there’s no one in the house! I’m moaning and screaming on top of my lungs! My pussy is wetter and creaming all over his dick. He fucked me for a long time in different positions. He takes his dick out of my pussy, His dick is covered with my pussy juice. I find it HOT, he puts it into my mouth and I suck his dick dry. He puts it back in me, he’s rimming that 7 inch bad boy! ‘Keep on fucking my pussy’ I tell him. 45 minutes go by of him fucking my pussy and he splashes his HOT CREAMY CUM in my PUSSY!

I felt every drop, he lays next to me and kisses me and touches me all over. Then he leaves, I stayed like that all night. Next morning comes and I see my bed wet with my cum, my pussy still filled with his cum and his marks all over my body. There’s a mark of blood on my bed. I send him that click and he sends a winks back.

That’s my sex story with my driver. More to come in parts. Stay tuned!

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