Indian 16 year old part 2

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Hey Guys, its Saira again with Part 2. Its been just a few days since me and my driver had sex and he took my virginity. If you haven’t read how everything happened, please read part 1.
P.s True story!

Its Saturday night and I text my driver telling him how much I’m craving him. I can smell his body scent over me. He tells me I’ve been craving you as well and can’t wait to spend more time with you.

I got right into the showers, cleaned myself up and shaved that pussy neat!! Made a plan with him for the next day.

Next day comes, I’m very excited to that 7inch cock and I can feel my panties wet. Yes I really wanted it!

He’s busy all day with my fathers busy work schedule so nothing happens. That same night he gets back home. He has his own living courters in our home. Texts me ‘hey beautiful I’m home and sorry for today’. I get horny to this message and reply ‘I’ve been craving you all day’. He replies back with ‘lets meet now’ and I reply ‘how? Everyone is home’ not like he can walk in like the last time.

A few minutes later I hear a knock at my window. I have a balcony so this guy climbed up into my room on the upper floor. I see him and immediately I’m wet. I get him in and he starts kissing me and hugging me and rubbing himself all over me.

I’m extremely excited at the moment because the waits over and I’m finally going to get it. He’s got his stench of long day mixed with cigarette. I lock the room and without letting him clean up I take him to the bed. He tells me ‘let me clean up as I just got home’ but I’m too horny to give a second. I tell him its fine. I Lay him down and get on top. Took his pants down with no underwear and saw that massive bad boy.

I took his dick into my mouth and started sucking it very very hard. I spat on his dick and sucked it off multiple times. I was wild and horny, I sucked his balls. I took his balls into my mouth, he wasn’t shaved that night, but it was a turn on. I licked his thighs and went under his balls sack. I’m loving every moment of it. I tasted his precum, but I want his load in my mouth so I suck him more and more. I’m moving my tongue against his shaft, my mouth is taking his hard swollen cock in and out. As I’m sucking him, he takes my top off followed by with my bra. He flicks my bra across the room and rubs my back as I’m going down on him. After a good time I feel his dick pulsate. His load was massive!! He could not stop cuming!!. His cum was thick and creamy. Words can’t explain how amazing it felt him blasting his huge load into my mouth. He tells me, he hasn’t jerked off since last time we had sex. I swallowed his massive load!!

My driver surprised with everything doesn’t waste any time and lays me back. Takes my night pajamas off. He loves how wet my panties are and strokes my pubic area. He then pulls my panties down with his teeth. He takes my panties all the way off and smells them and puts them around his neck. He starts to kiss my lips. He goes deeper into my mouth with his tongue and does foreplays. He then comes up looks into my eyes, stares at my naked shaved body and rubs his hands all over and smirks. He spreads my thighs wide and took a very longgg good stare at my wet dripping shaved pussy. As I was blushing I ask him ‘what is it?’ He replies back by saying ‘I’m taking in the moment’ ugghhhhh that gave me chills throughout to see him stare me down naked.

He squeezes my breasts and sucks my nipples extremely well giving me tingling feelings all over. He Moves down and Licks my tummy and then goes straight to my shaved pussy prepared just for him and starts to eat it. I’m very happy at this moment so I turned some light music on so no one hears me moan. Smart right? Well I let my moans and groans out. He’s twisting my nipples and sucking my pussy. He’s spitting on my pussy and making it very wet. He’s moving his tongue so well against my clit. I’m breathing Harder and Harder and tell him ‘I’m cuming baby, don’t stop’. I’m in all sorts of emotions!!! Time goes by, he’s hard again.

I tell him ‘I want your seed’ he smiles and slides his dick in gently. He fucked me for good 30 min. His 7inch bad boy is going in and out and I’m cuming all over his dick. I tell him to slow it down, but he doesn’t which made the sex more intense. He’s on top of me, his arms around me and mine around him. My thighs tightened around his lower back and him in between. His 7inch cock is plowing away into my wet cunt. He’s breathing hard on my face and kissing my lips and moving his tongue deep in my mouth. His rough beard creating that friction rub against my face. He’s spitting his saliva into my mouth and I’m loving it. He’s sweating all over my naked body and I’m creaming on his dick. I’m moaning intensely and I’m sure I came on his dick more than 10 times now. I feel him grunt and voila he filled my pussy up. I can feel a massive load in my pussy just as his load earlier. His dick is pulsating and his body shaking on top of me. I’m floating in air, I think to myself ecstatically ‘his sperms are in my pussy’ He’s on top of me and sweaty and I’m still horny. I can feel his Hot cum in me and oozing out of my pussy.

Its past 1am and I want more. I get on top of him and gently suck his creamy cock that’s got my pussy cream mixed with his cum. After some time he’s ready again for the 3rd time and I take his dick in. This time he lasted much longer. 50 minutes or more I guess, but I rode him. He got on top of me for missionary. We did doggy style and side ways. Fuck I can’t remember, but what I do remember is my pussy cuming, me screaming and my body shaking.

He’s near cuming and wants to come all over my tits. He sits me up! He’s standing over me looking down, I suck his dick which is again covered with my pussy juice. I can taste everything on his dick and I loved it. Few minutes later he spunks all over my tits and mouth. He came again with a MASSIVE THICK HOT LOAD!! Howw?? I ask myself, but Doesn’t matter! Thats what i wanted!!

He slaps his dick on my face and rubs his tip against my left breast to clean it off and tells me ‘Good girl’. I smiled back at him. He lays next to me and falls asleep minutes later. I didn’t say much because I knew he was tired after all.

My body is all covered with him! His HOT cum is dripping down my tits onto my tummy and his cum has smell to it. My pussy is dripping with his thick cum dripping down my thighs. My pussy is still wet! I didn’t want to clean up. I wanted his marks to stay for as long as possible. I also fall asleep next to him with my back towards him and my ass exposed towards him. My pussy was dripping! I wanted more!! Couple of hours go by and he wakes me up with a tight hug from behind. He squeezes me and rubs my naked warm body. He then makes eye contact, he stares me down. My breasts covered with his cum stains. My pussy still moist and wet. Instantaneous we both want each other. Again!

He rubs his tip up and down against my clit. He slowly pushes his dick into my pussy and I softly moan. I wanted it slow so his dick spends more time in my pussy sheering against my tight wet pussy. I tell him ‘slowly baby, Fuck my tight pussy all night,’ while rubbing his chest ‘I want your dick in my pussy, don’t stop’. My legs are wide open for him, my knees against my chest he’s staring down at me and its a turn on. ‘You’re fucking me so good, I’m gonna cum!’ I tell him

He’s kissing me, he’s sucking my pink nipples really good, his dick is making my pussy feel extremely good. I’m cuming all over!!!! He takes my legs and puts them over his shoulders. I could see he was hungry to pound my pussy. Without a thought I tell him ‘pound me’. I wanted more and he kept giving more. I could feel him coming down into my pussy hard and his ball sack slapping against my skin. He fucked me for a good HOUR and I’m sure this time I came over a dozen times. My bed was wet, my legs were soaked, his dick was creaming with my pussy juice. I could feel my pussy juice drip into my asshole.

I told him to let me clean up, but that sparked something in his mind. He goes down on me. Kisses my pussy lips and then eats my asshole. I can’t believe he’s eating my asshole. My orgasms quickly intensified because now my asshole was being licked. After a good time, he comes up and takes my right nipple into his mouth and sucks it. He became more energetic somehow.

He grabs pillows and puts them under my hips, spreads my thighs wider, spits on his dick. He brings his tip closer to my asshole. At that moment I realized this is what made him more energetic. He wanted my ass!! He looks into my eyes with a serious look. I’m looking back at him. He pushed his dick into my ass. It hurts I tell him. I moved back in pain. He grabs my legs and pulls me towards him again. He again put saliva on his dick and onto my asshole. I knew he wasn’t going to stop. He tries again, it hurt again but I can’t move because he’s holding me. It hurts and I’m trying to control that scream. Multiple tries later his tip penetrates my asshole. He’s pushing inwards more and hurts less.

At this point I’m kind of liking how it feels. He fucked my asshole for a good 10min and he was ready to give me the final load for the night. He asks me where do you want it. I wanted his load in my mouth, but he’s been in my asshole. So I tell him to cum all over my breasts.

He’s stroking his dick in my ass and as he’s about to cum he pulls out and cums all over me. Again it was a Huge Load. It was THICK, it was HOT, it was CREAMY, it had a smell to it which was a turn on! He came all over me and I laid there just taking the Hot load. He stroked his dick between my breasts. He cleaned off his dick against me I guess, but I didn’t mind.

I rubbed his thighs and he kissed my lips and he Left. I ate all his cum that he dropped on my perky tits and slept just like that. Woke up next morning to his work that he did on me last night. Couldn’t feel myself, but had a smile on my face. His bite marks were still on me. I washed up my breasts and legs, but left out my pussy and asshole area intentionally. Next day as school progressed the feeling of my pussy stained with my drivers cum kept me horny and my pussy moist. I went into the ladies room and played with my pussy to blow the steam off only to cum so hard that his cum came out. With my fingers I took all of the cum into my mouth. After school he picked me up.

I took my school pants down in the car and pulled my red panties to the side and spread my ass. I showed him my asshole. ‘Do you want it?’ I asked! He smiled ‘yes of course’. He pulled the car around a private spot. Got into the back seat and right away I got on top of him. My asshole was wet from my dripping wet pussy. I spat on his dick and took it right in without any pain. The next 25 min I rode his 7inch dick all the way inside my asshole and I loved it. He alternated between my nipples sucking them and slapping them, but he sucked them hard. He bit my nipples a few times which kind of felt good. I rubbed my clit as his dick was deep in my ass. which made the experience more thrilling. I wanted his cum so he came deep into my asshole with his whole 7inch dick in my ass.

Got back home rubbed myself to sleep naked till the next morning and showered properly.

Hope you guys enjoyed this part. I’ll share some more as things happen. Take care :*

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