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I lost my virginity with my German Shepherd

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Dogs pussy are the best that I became very addicted to it

It all started when I was in high school I was 15 years old and I was very horny that I wanted to get laid so bad I tried asking girls out and prom dates nothing goes well until that i was watching porn in my room and I came across this website that showed a lot of men having sex with their dogs a lot of them were female dogs but more commonly it’s guys getting nailed in the ass by a dog I didn’t like guys getting nailed by a dog and look gross to me because I’m not gay but the one that fuk female dogs really turned me on for some reason I wanted to try it to see how it feels lucky for me I do have a female dog her name is Chloe and she’s a German Shepherd so what I did I end up grabbing some peanut butter smeared all over my dick and balls and she started to begin licking when she started licking my balls and my dick I literally cum within a minute it felt so damn good that I lost track of time I never thought that dog’s tongue Felt So Good I came so much that I splurge all over her face and all of her back I panicked and immediately grabbed the towel to wipe the cum off of her back and her face because I did not want to get caught after that I immediately put my clothes back on because my parents came home early I was so eagerly wanted to put my dick in her because I was still hard like a rock like a crazy animal ready to fuck anything that moves by the time my parents and siblings were asleep I was able to sneak Chloe in my room I made sure that I lock my door took off all my clothes and I was ready to fuck her she started to lick my dick which that what is my favorite and then I saw they put her down on my bed and start sliding my dick inside her sweet little dog vagina of hers it felt so tight so smooth and loose and wet and warm that I creampied in her it felt amazing that I wanted to do it more and more and after that I had found out five hours had passed I was having sex with Chloe for 5 hours lost track of time and I woke up all tired to get ready to go to school but turns out it was Saturday so I end up going back to bed this time Saturday my parents went out of town to go to work and my siblings were at friend’s house and they were going to spend the night at their place and I had the house all to myself I got naked picked up Chloe it started making love to her I fucked everywhere in the house the kitchen the bathroom in the shower even outside at the house I don’t worry we live in a rural area where there’s no houses next door to us the feeling of my dog’s fur turns me on so much that I come in her and all over her body Non-Stop and I still get a hard-on 5 years had passed my dog Chloe passed away from cancer it broke my heart I love that dog very much I moved out of my parents house and I adopted two dogs 1 Colley 1 German Shepherd all female I even found a girlfriend who is actually into bestiality and she told me that she loves having sex with a pitbull she lost her virginity with a stray dog when she was 17 she got the idea by a girl named Whitney Wisconsin on the internet which we all know we all love I met her on a website comments where bestiality videos is shown she is from West Virginia and I’m from Texas and I decide to move in with her since I graduated high school and college she is such an easy woman to please we all like to have an orgy with our animals I love having sex with two of my beautiful bitches she likes it when I fuked two of my dogs and I love watching her get nailed by her Pitbull we love our animals we make sure we show some love and caring for them moving in with my girlfriend in West Virginia was the best decision of my life I even bought a a 40 acre ranch where we have all the privacy where the house is surrounded by trees no neighbors next door where they don’t see us having our fun and now tonight we’re going to have fun outside with our dogs like wild animals.

Sorry about the grammar I tried to make sure I don’t misspell anything

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    What is your name someone I’m so horny right now

  • Reply Dave ID:1i2kyuywoia

    Someone I want to make love to you

  • Reply Dave ID:1i2kyuywoia

    Someone I want you now!

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    I’m so horny right now and need to cum. Dirty boy please talk to me

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      Sorry Dave am straight I like dog pussy and human pussy

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    Sounds like the kind of people I want to be friends

    • Someone ID:7ylg8entzm

      Hey Kinkygirl do you have your own dog stories??

    • Kinkygirl ID:99uwotzm

      I do the first time I got a addicted to dog cock when I was in high school it started when my three of my dog started licking my pussy and my ass I had sex with all three of my dogs I am going to write the story but right now I’m busy at work

    • Lauren ID:5u1d7cezri

      Hi kinkygirl. I’d love chatting about taboo lifestyle.

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    Damn dirty boy you are a lucky man finding a wonderful woman who’s into the same thing as you are I’m jealous it’s really hard to find a woman who’s into the same kinks the first time I had sex with a dog when I was only 14 her pussy was so nice and wet I came inside her I was worried that might get her pregnant but when looked it up they can’t am addicted to dog pussy I still have sex with her

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