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Going Down in the Park

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I got insomnia real bad when I started puberty, so I started sneaking out to walk around at night.

I knew that it was risky, because my mom, and dad told me, when they caught me sneaking back in. My dad thought I was running around with a boy, until I told him “No, I just couldn’t sleep.” Enough times for him to believe me, but then they told me stories, that gave me nightmares.

Normal stories, that really happened. True crime stories, like girls getting kidnapped, or just raped right there on the spot. Then strangled, stabbed, or beaten to death so she couldn’t tell the police who did it. You know, just regular dead in a ditch stories, since I was too old for silly children’s stories about the Big Bad Wolf.

The nightmares didn’t help me sleep soundly, so I got in trouble at school for sleeping in class. I couldn’t help it, I was just sleepy during the day, then I couldn’t sleep at night. I was too scared to go out, and walk until I was tired enough to go back to bed. So, I used to lie awake at night, not all night.

I guess I got about 4 hours of sleep, give or take, but that wasn’t enough. Sometimes, I came right home, and took a nap until it was time for dinner. Then, I did my homework, and took a hot bath, because mom said that might help me relax. Sometimes it did, and sometimes it didn’t, but I often caught up on lunch, at school.

I never ran into a sick pervert at night, all the times I snuck out until mom, and dad caught me, so I was too scared. It was really getting too chilly to walk around in my night clothes anyway, but then one Saturday I went to a park with my friends. We got a ride with one of their moms, and we ran around playing on the newish playground equipment.

It was an old park, with the old fashioned playground equipment, buried in concrete. They put down these rubber mats, so it wasn’t bare concrete, but it was new to us. Downtown, and the largest playground in the whole city, so there was lots of stuff to wear myself off on.

I yawned, and stretched. Told my friends I was tired, and went to find a quiet place to lay down. Curl up, and I took my shoes off to tuck under my head for a pillow. The other kids laughing, and sometimes squealing sounded far away, and I slowly fell asleep.

“Huh?” I woke up, and I must’ve had a nightmare, because I was still terrified. I don’t remember, because there was a man. Kneeling in the grass, and he let my skirt slip back down, over my legs. “Who are you?” I sat up, and backed away in the corner, but my training bra had slipped up too. So, I had to pull it back down.

He followed me, put his other knee down to walk on his knees. “It’s okay,” he held his hands up, and tried to reassure me, “I just saw you there, and I thought you might have fallen down, so I wanted to make sure you’re all right.”

“Don’t touch me!” I hugged my knees, and started shivering, but he turned around. “Leave me alone.” He sat down right next to me, and put his arm around me anyway.

“It’s all right, I’m not going to hurt you. Did you have a bad dream?” I nodded, and started crying. “What was it about?”

“I don’t remember, but I was so scared.”

“There there,” he reassured me, “There’s nothing to be afraid of.” He put his legs down, and picked me up, to hold me in his lap. He rubbed my back, up and down gently, until I calmed down, and stopped crying. “You feel a little better?” I looked up at him, and he smiled. It was a creepy dirty smile, but I nodded, and forced myself to smile back.

He touched my leg, “I know what will make you feel even better.” He stopped rubbing my back, and held onto my shoulder, while he rubbed his hand up and down my lap. “Relax, what’s your name?”

“Rose, Rosalie.”

“I’m Desmond.” He distracted me from his hand feeling farther, and farther up my leg. He just felt up an inch or 2, then back down to my knee, but every time he felt up my leg, he went farther, and farther. Closer and closer to my privates, but I was starting to feel it.

“How old are you, Rosa? You don’t mind if I call you Rosa, do you?” I put my head down, and shook my head. Telling myself that this wasn’t too bad, but I knew right away what he was, and what he was doing.

“Eleven.” He was a child molester.

“There,” he patted my knee, “Now we’re not strangers. You’re a very pretty girl, Rosa.” He didn’t say that’s a pretty name, for a pretty girl, but I didn’t say anything about talking to strangers, either. TBPH, that’s more of an aunt, and uncle thing. Something they remember from their generation, like Stranger Danger.

Of course, he was old enough to be my father, so they probably taught him about that in school too. Only instead of being scared of Stranger Danger, he decided to become like him, when he grew up. A creepy pervert, a child molester, and though I had started puberty, I was still pretty much a little girl.

“Relax,” he slipped his fingers between my legs, “I don’t want to hurt you.” That passive aggressive threat certainly wasn’t helping me relax, so I crossed my legs. “I just want to make you feel better.”

When he touched my panties, he finally moved his hand up, far enough under my dress to just barely brush the crotch of my panties, and it was getting really hot in his arm. Especially under his arm, where he had his hand up to hold my shoulder tightly. I tried to twist out of his grip, but he held on, and clamped his armpit over my shoulder. “Just try to relax.”

“Huh, well it’s kinda hard to relax with you molesting me.”

“Oh,” he slipped his hand out. “I wasn’t trying to molest you.”

“Oh, come on, man. I might be young, but I’m not stupid.”

“I better go,” he let me go, “Let me up.”

“Huh!” I pulled my arm out, and put it up behind his neck. “No, kiss me.”

“What?” Now that I could, I got up, and sat down again across my lap.

“Kiss me,” when he didn’t I turned my head, and pulled his in to kiss him. “Smooch, come on! Is this the first time, you got a girl horny enough to want it?”

“You don’t know whm?” I kissed him again, really hard, and bit his lip. “Ow!” Not hard, I just nibbled it, until he pulled it out, and turned his head.

“Open your mouth, I want to try tongue kissing.”

“You’re a really horny little girl!” He told himself that, but he opened up his mouth for me to stick my tongue in, and lick around his. He finally felt up my back, and back down to my butt. He rubbed, and squeezed it gently through my skirt, while I kissed him, and felt along his hard teeth. His breath smelled smoky, even though he hadn’t smoked since he woke me up.

Touching me under my skirt, and I bet he’s the one that pulled my training bra up. Somehow, without even unbuttoning my dress. The skirt pushed up with my legs, when I stuck my shoes in the corner, to hump his lap. His boner hard against the front of my panties, the dress came off so fast, I couldn’t wait to get his hands on my bare breasts.

Then down in his lap, unzipping his pants so it popped out, huge, shiny, and dripping wet sexy fluid from the head, I licked my lips, and kissed it deeply.

‘eeeee!’ I blinked, and rolled over. “Huh!” It was partly cloudy, and the fluffy white clouds hung in the baby blue sky, surreally. After that wet dream felt so real. It wasn’t until our clothes started magically disappearing that I started to suspect what was happening, but now I was horny. “Oh!” I lifted my knees, so my dress slipped off my thighs, and I tried to feel them like he did.

That was the first time, I remember a nightmare turning into a wet dream, but when I got down to my panties. Sure enough, they were damp from my sex juices soaking through, in a line. I tucked them in, and dried myself, but the moist fabric slipped through my folds, so I had to pull them out of the way. Hook my fingers in the side, and rub them up and down.

“Hm,” I crossed my legs, and rolled over when I heard Emmy. She pulled her knees up, and covered her mouth, giggling.

“What are you doing back here?” I scooted back to the corner, for real this time.

“Just keeping an eye on you. You know it’s not safe, passing out behind the bushes, and I was worried about you. Especially when that creepy guy followed you.”

“What creepy guy?” I shook my head. “Blue ballcap, Foo Fighters shirt, and jeans?”

She shook her head, “He was wearing Khahki pants, but I scared him off, when he started touching your butt, under your skirt.”

“I thought that was just a dream.” I shook my head, “Well, I guess.” I bit my lip. “Most of it was.”

She nodded, “A pretty wet dream.” She licked her lips.

“Huh, yeah. It made me horny, so I guess I.” Looked over at my shoes, still stacked up on their sides, and wiggled my toes in my socks. “I guess my imagination ran wild, but Emmy?”

“Hm?” She looked up from under my skirt. Held up over my chest by my knees, I realized that I hadn’t pulled my panties back over to cover my crotch, so it was still sticking out the side. She blinked, and bit her lip.

“You’re not, a lesbian, are you?”

“No, I don’t know.” She thought. “I don’t think so, why?”

I giggled nervously, and let my knees go. Spread them, so my skirt fell down, and picked it up so it didn’t cover my crotch. “Huh, well have you ever thought about, maybe.” I just giggled nervously, but I was so horny, I just had to ask.

“Huh, sure.” She rolled over, and crawled between my legs, on her hands and knees to go down, and smell my wet stinking pussy.

“Snh!” I could smell it too, but then her hair tickled my thighs. So, I clamped her head, in between them, and laughed out loud. “That tickles! Sorry, ihnhm! I can’t believe we’re going this.”

“Me neither, but hold my hair up, so that doesn’t happen again.”

“Okay.” I just closed my eyes, and felt her wet tongue exploring my most private place, but I licked my lips, and imagined her kissing me. “Uh, Emmy?”

“Hm?” She stopped, so I could grab her shoulder, and help her up. Pull her closer. “Kiss me,” and taste my sex on her lips.

“Smooch, huh!” She smiled, “Now I’m horny,” she felt my face, “So, you want to try it on me?”

“Yeah, okay. Let me lay down, and sit on my face, so we can 69.”

“Okay.” It was really hard, a lot harder than I would have thought, but her tongue licking up to dig out my clit was distracting. So, i tried that, but after a while, she gave up. Rolled over, and I sat up. “What’s wrong?”

She shook her head, “I don’t know if I’m really gay, or just really fucking horny.”

“Yeah, me too, but we don’t have to go all the way, 100% gay.”

“Yeah, too bad we don’t have any hot guys to make it a threesome?”

“Yeah, too bad you scared off that pedobear. Huh?”

“Hahaha, yeah. I have an idea.” She got up, fixed her panties, and dried herself with the crotch. “Come on.” She took my hands, and helped me up.

“Where are we going?”

“Well, I saw some skaters over by the playground, so let’s see if any of them are interested in maybe getting some blowjobs?”

I giggled, “Yeah!” Too bad they were teenagers, and we’re too young, so they thought it was some kind of trick, and rode off on their skateboards. Except the BMX boys, of course. They rode off on their bikes, so we had to go find Mrs. Markus, and make her take us home.

So much for being bi-curious, but it wasn’t until we got to jr. high that we got boyfriends, so we could finally start doing the threesomes we talked about. So, I guess we’re bisexual, but we can’t really do it without a boy to share. Too bad our boyfriends got jealous when they found out we’re cheating on them. Even though they didn’t seem to mind having threesomes when it was their turn.

High school boys, they’re so immature.



Soundtrack: Foo Fighters – “Down in the Park” (Gary Numan cover)

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  • Reply Daddy ID:5rj2c7wahrd9

    Nice story. Daddy Approved for sure!

    • Psiberzerker ID:vuf1mvqll

      Thanks! That actually means a lot to me, coming from you. <3.

  • Reply MMDSage ID:14s76leq6ia3

    I have to agree on one thing high school boys are immature. Always let adults, fuck your teenage pussy! Then you tell me, who’s better at fucking your pussy. Kids from high school, or a grown adult that has a good taste in teens

    • Psiberzerker ID:21c69jbt0ar

      #NotAllMen. Look, if you’re going to take the word of a 6th grader, on the sexual maturity of high school boys, then it tells me exactly what kind of man you are. Fucking pedobear.

      You realize that I’m not a tweenager, right? I’m a middle age author on a sex stories site. So, you might find that I’m not as innocent, and ignorant as you might like, man. Stop hanging around middle schools, looking for girls to tell that #NotAllMen are creepers, creeper.

      It won’t work there any better than it does here. Girls have the internet now. So, they know about sex, and oh so subtle sexual predators like you. Maybe you should call the cops, and tell them all about how full grown men can have sex with pre-teen girls. I’m sure they’d love to hear all about it…