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fuck me daddy, please

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Daddy caught me in a compromising situation and took it upon himself to fuck me in the ass. Please do it again, daddy, I need it.

I was in my room having some alone time when I heard a loud cough behind me, when I looked over my shoulder my dad was standing behind me with his arms folded looking at me with a big smile on his face.

You are probably thinking, so what, nothing wrong with that, well, nothing would be wrong with it if it wasn’t for the fact that I was completely naked, on all fours on the floor with mom’s dildo stuck up my ass hole.

I looked away from him and panicked, trying to think of something I could say to him to make him believe nothing was going on, but there was nothing I could say, he was looking right at me, I had no way out of this.

The next thing I knew I felt his big hands caress my hips, the dildo was pulled out of my ass hole and I heard it drop on to the floor, then I felt dad’s finger slide up the crack of my pussy and then a hard slap on my left butt cheek.

I turned my head to see what he was doing but he quickly turn my head back before I could see, then I felt him push something in to my ass hole, I looked beneath myself and saw his hairy balls handing down behind me, it was then I realised he had put his cock in my ass hole.

He held on to my hips firmly and pulled me backwards, sliding his cock deeper in to my ass hole and he began to bounce me back and forth along his cock, I panicked again and my brain freaked out, I knew this was wrong and it shouldn’t be happening, he was my dad after all, it quickly started to feel so good, so just allowed him to continue.

Dad fucked me hard from behind and stuck his finger up my pussy, filling both my holes, occasionally he’d slap my butt cheeks with his other hand, and his slaps were hard, it made my ass sting.

He moaned out loud and then came to a sudden stop, I could feel him cumming in my ass, he made me gasp when he pulled his thick cock out of my ass hole, then he slapped my butt cheeks again, as he was walking out of the room he stopped and told me to lock the door next time.

I won’t be locking the door ever again, I want him to catch me and fuck me in the ass again, fuck me daddy, please.

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    Someone fuck me like that

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    • Lauren ID:5u1ci0soib9

      Definitely any type of sex between dad/daughter is totally HOT.

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    How old were you baby

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    Wanna roleplay a daddy and daughter scene
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  • Reply badstepdad ID:2atw8euhrb6

    Love these stories…wish I could catch my stepdaughter like that…

  • Reply daddy’s princess ID:2kbmdr29zj3

    same thing happened to me when i was 6. my friend had slept over and she was teaching me how to explore my body so i used some of the things she told me and tried them when i got home. my dad caught me with a hairbrush deep in my pussy so he punished me with his cock 😋 i’m 15 now and we fuck once a week

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      Want to fuck more often hmu

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      Be sure to let your dad breed you. It’s a super 🔥 HOT experience. I do with my dad and can’t get enough

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