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Abused by an Uncle

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My aunt just got a new boyfriend and he was into me.

When I was 11 my mom and dad had just got divorced. Mom couldn’t afford the rent on our place by herself so her younger sister, my aunt, moved in. My mom was the oldest of 6 and my aunt, Barbera, was the youngest of their litter.

Barbera, or Barbie as I called her, was just 23 when she moved in. She had a new boyfriend named Dave that she ended up marrying some years later. The first time I met Dave I knew I didn’t like him. He seemed sleazy and was a big drinker and always smelled of alcohol.

Barbie was fresh out of college, don’t get the wrong idea here, it was community college, and she was working a part time job at a restaurant and would babysit me on the side so my mom could work a second job.

Barbie was an attractive woman. Petite, fire engine red hair, some cute freckles and a bright smile. Naturally, at my age I was curious about girls so I would often try to catch glimpses of her naked. I also snooped through her underwear drawer when she was in the shower. She had very sexy underwear, much sexier than my moms old granny panties she wore.

Barbera caught me peeking at her one morning after she got out of the shower. I thought I was in a world of trouble when she ordered me to enter her room. She didn’t even cover up, she just stood there glaring at me.

“What do you think you’re doing?” She asked me. “You like spying on women?” She added when I didn’t answer. “Well?”

“Sorry aunt Barb.” Is all I could say while staring at the carpet.

“Sorry isn’t good enough. You have to let me see you naked now… it’s only fair.” She said with her hands on her hips.

I was terrified! If I didn’t do what she said, she would surely tell my mom what I had done and then I would be in a world of trouble. If I took on my clothes, aunt Barbie would see my erection. That’s embarrassing!

“Well come on already! Take ‘em off!” She demanded.

I decided that her seeing me naked was far less embarrassing than my mom finding out about my peeping on my aunt. So, I took off my shirt. Then began to pull my pants down to my ankles.

“All the way!” Barbera ordered.

I kicked my pants and underwear next to my shirt. I stood there covering up my genitalia but Barbera made me move my hands. My erection wasn’t big at that age but it was standing straight up and it was hard as a rock! Barbera ordered me to twirl around a few times and she giggled a bit when I did, smacking my bare ass once as it passed in front of her.

As I stood there embarrassed, still staring at the carpet, Barbera placed her hand under my chin and lifted my head up and made eye contact with me. She then grabbed a hold of my rock hard dick and kissed me on the lips.

“That’s a pretty impressive thing you got there for a kid your age. Now get dressed and get out of here while I think of a proper punishment for you.” Barbera said

I thought that standing in front of my aunt naked and rock hard was punishment enough but apparently not.

About a week later, my mom had to go to her second job which was late evening into the night. Barbera made dinner for me and while I was eating, her boyfriend Dave showed up. When I finished eating I went to my room and tried to avoid them. Soon after, there was a knock on my door. When I opened the door, my aunt stood outside naked.

“It’s time for your punishment. Take your clothes off and come to my room.” She demanded

I have never been more terrified in my life! What the hell was going on and what did I get myself into? Scared that she’d tell my mom, I did as she asked though. I removed my clothes and slowly made my way to her bedroom.

When I got in the room, Barbera was sitting in a chair with her legs spread wide open. It was the first time I had seen a pussy in real life. Many pictures and videos but never in real life. It would’ve made my cock rock solid again had Dave not been lying on her bed also completely naked gently stroking his dick.

“Close the door!” She said sternly “Now get over here!”

I slowly approached her and she leaned forward in her chair and once again grabbed my dick. Her hand touching it made it hard. It didn’t matter what else was going through my head at the time. All I could think at that moment was, a girl had her hand on my cock!

“See? Pretty impressive for an 11 year old right?” She asked Dave

“Sure is!” Dave replied

“Here’s what’s gonna happen. You’re gonna do everything I tell you to do and if you don’t, I’m gonna tell your mom what a sick pervert you are, got it?!” Barbera said

Scared as hell, I agreed. She ordered me to get in bed next to Dave. I was hesitant at first but she slapped me upside the head and I reluctantly climbed into bed with him. Immediately he began to rub his hands all over my chest and legs. His breath reeked of alcohol. Soon after, his hand reached my penis. I was still very much erect for some reason. Dave began to softly stroke me with one hand and himself with the other.

Barbera was now reclined in her chair with her legs spread wide open and her hand playing with herself. I could hear how wet all this was making her.

While my eyes were on her and her noises, I felt a warmth on my dick that I had never felt before. When I looked down, Dave’s mouth was wrapped around my cock. It was hard to be upset with what was happening because truth be told, it felt great!

After just a minute or so of Dave sucking on my dick, I heard him start to moan and then he shot a hot batch of cum all over my leg. When he finished cumming, he scooped it up with his hand and rubbed it all over my cock, then put it back in his mouth. When he removed his mouth a few seconds later, the cum he rubbed on my dick was gone!

“My turn!” Aunt Barbie said standing up.

Dave got out of the bed and told me to lay on my back. Aunt Barbera straddled over me and reached down to my cock and pressed it against her wet pussy. As she sat down on it, I felt it slide inside her. She began to grind on me as Dave now sat in the chair playing with himself.

“You better make her cum!” Dave shouted

I had no idea how to make a girl orgasm and I’m certain that even though Barbera was petite and not much bigger than me, I doubt I had a big enough cock to hit her g spot.

Maybe it was just the kink she had, maybe the grinding was enough or maybe I was hitting her g spot, but seconds after Dave yelled that, Barbera started to moan and tense up. She started screaming louder now!

“Oh fuck yeah!” She moaned

Barbera stopped grinding and exhaled. Then she collapsed on the bed beside me. My cock was soaked!

As Barbie tried to catch her breath, Dave stood up and told me to go away. It was his turn now.

As I got up and left her room I started to hear moans coming from her before I even got to my room. As scared and confused by the whole event, I was still very turned on so I got to my room and jacked off. I could still smell my aunts cum all over my shaft. That was enough to make me cum as well. I was just beginning to make cum so it wasn’t very thick or a lot of volume but I came nonetheless.

An hour later, I had jacked off two more times, and there was a knock on my door. Before I could say come in, my aunt walked in. This time in her clothes.

“I swear to Christ if you tell anyone what just happened, Dave will kill you, got it?!” Barbera said not even waiting for a response, she just left slamming my door.

I never told anyone of what happened that night and it all the times it happened afterwards either…

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    That’s so fucked up

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    I hope its a false story cause that soo awful,if its true please report him to the cops.

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      Just a story