A touching story of bus uncle pt. 1

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I used to go to school by boarding a crowed bus. Everyone in there minded their own business or their work, except for the uncle.

Hello everyone, I’m Anita. I live quite far from my school and as I’m the only one farthest from my school I need to take a bus.
I was an early bloomer and while approaching my 11th birthday I already had started getting buds around the size of a half small orange. The pluffy nips were getting stronger and when they were erect you could see the outline through my shirt. I never wore bra or anything to cover them. I hadn’t started with my periods but I had a proud set of small tits.
Up untill class 5 my mom used to accompany me. But after entering class 6(10yr old) I started going on my own. The school was early in the morning and the bus used to get pretty crowed at most times.
My school was about 30KM away from my house so it was a pretty long journey everyday. My uniform consisted of shirt, a coat and knee length skirt. I usually used to wear coat only in school. My clothes were a bit baggy so no-one can mostly see how my oranges exactly looked like on me. And I never thought the need to show them to get attraction from boys or men.
I used to get on the bus on my stop and as there were no seats to seat upon I used to stand near the railing at the corner of bus. Just next to me an uncle, above the age of 40, used to stand arriving after my stop. I’m sure he’s older than my dad. Mine school was at the last stop and he used to get down somewhere in the middle. We never talked or anything but always felt presence of eachother over the last few months.
Once I was holding the bar with both my hands facing uncle. We both were looking at eachother in between and then looking outside the window. Out of nowhere the driver applied brakes and the bar hardly pressed against me. I couldn’t remember what happened in next 2-3 seconds but when I returned back from ‘zoneout’ I saw him looking surprised at me. He was looking at me with his hand on the bar around my face. Bcs of the brakes my face was on the bar where his hand was placed. In other words my lips were pressed against his hand. I was kissing his hand.

Thanks for reading, upcoming parts in future. Sorry if there are mistakes in my story as English is my 2nd language and I’m still in school. Love ya!

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