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Watch the Boys

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Andys’ mom had to go out, and set up some church picnic thing, so she payed me to watch the boys, but we didn’t just watch…

First of all, Mr. and Mrs. Desoto had a boy, and a girl. Andres who was 11, and Martina, who was only 7 at the time. I was 18, but still in high school. So, I usually watched little Tina while her big brother went out to play boy games with his friends.

He also had a wooden crate up on stilts in the back yard, instead of a treehouse. So, I asked Marta “Boys?”

“Yes, Andres had a friend over last night to join us at church, but he’s a little troublemaker.”

“Oh,” I nodded, and she loaded up the truck with supplies, for the party. I don’t know, she said church picnic, I don’t go to their church, because it’s all in Spanish, but irregardless. Mr. Desoto went along to do the heavy lifting, and drive, but they folded up a bunch of tables to lay out the food on. I guess either they had the food there, or it was pot-luck, because that’s what we do at our church.

So anyways, I met the troublemaker, Owen. He was white (So am I) and maybe a little older? A little taller, anyways. So, Andres looked up to him, and he brought an old Thinkpad. One of the really old ones. Thick, heavy, and black with a red eraser in the middle of the keyboard for the pointer.

As soon as the folks drove off, he unplugged it, and got up off the living room floor. “We’re going out to play in the treehouse,” Andres said. He calls it a treehouse, even though there isn’t a tree, but Tina covered her giggles, and shook her head until they left.

“What’s so funny?” I was about to ask what she wanted to play, but she uncovered her mouth.

“There gonna look at dirty pictures.” She tattled. “They were looking at dirty pictures all night in Andres’ room. I heard them, and I saw the pictures when I went in to kiss him goodnight, and they were in there underwear, and they had stiffies in there underwear, and they abused themselfs.”

“Huh!” I squatted down to hold her arms, at face level. “Now, when you say abuse themselves, you mean?”

She nodded, and giggled, holding 2 fingers, and her thumb in front of her crotch.

“Did you see it?”

“Uh huh, they tried to hide it, but I sawed it.”

“Huh, but they weren’t abusing each other, or.” I looked over at the sink, and got up to look out the kitchen window.

“Nope, no spanking, or cutting, or anything. Hope?”

“Hm?” They were just holding the laptop up, through the window, but I couldn’t see low enough to tell if they had their boners out.

“You know any teenagers that cut there arms? Why do they do that, doesn’t it hurt?”

“I don’t know, but I better go out, and keep an eye on them. So, go play in your room.”

She giggled, and ran off down the hall, but I never thought that Andres was. Well, sexually active in 6th grade. I don’t want to sound old, but when I was 11 the boys never really payed attention to us girls. Not that way.

So, while I made sure the storm door didn’t slam shut, I guess I made excuses. I was supposed to watch the boys. His mom said, and Owen is a troublemaker. So, I just have to make sure he’s not luring Andres into doing anything homosexual.

When really, I was hoping to see 2 little tweenage boys getting homosexual, or Owen molesting Andres. It was a thrill unlike anything I ever imagined before, just thinking about boys. Straight boys, and getting married, so we can have sex, kids, and the whole WASP plan.

I was a good girl, all throughout school. Sunday school, and Church so the worst thing I could ever imagine was maybe pre-marital sex, or adultery.

This was way past that, so far as homosexual child molesting, and incest? I shook the thought of little Tina seeing their hard little stiffies in their underwear, and wanting to play sex games with her brother, but I was a little disappointed to hear them talking about tits?

“They’re not real.” Andres pointed out.

“Of course they’re not real, but look at all their spunk all over them.”

My bra was starting to feel hot, and heavy, and tight. So, I rubbed them through my dress, and tried to imagine all their spunk. He said, so she had men ejaculate on them. Lots of men from the sound of it, and of course I’d heard of gangbangs. I’d even heard of Bukkake, but that didn’t lead me down that road. The dark path deep into the bowels of the internet, but they have porn on there, you know.

“She spit it out,” Andres went on, “They should have made her swallow it.”

“Well, if they make her swallow it, then you don’t get to see it all over her tits.”

“Well, you got any Latinas on there, with real tits?”

“No, my dad doesn’t like them.”


“He’s not racist. It doesn’t make you racist to want to see Latinas naked having sex, so it’s not racist for my dad to look at white women. If anything, the Interracial porn like Blacks on Blondes is Racist.”

Just listening to the girls in the restroom was different. They didn’t take off their clothes, and get all homo right there on the floor in front of the sinks, either. I didn’t want to see that, or even imagine it, but the way they were talking.

Joking about lezzies, and bicurious girls, you know they were trying to talk each other into maybe doing it? Not there, where anybody could walk in, and catch them in the act, but they shut up and left when I flushed the toilet to let them know I was in there, listening.

I never really thought about homos, I mean homosexual boys, committing the worst sins, like sodomy. Abomination, but now that I did, it was so exciting, and the expectation was killing me, but I was disappointed when Owen just jumped out the open door!

“Oh, what are you doing down here?”

“Hosta!” I heard the laptop slam shut, and scurrying up there, in the crate, “Who is it?” Andres leaned out the window to look down.

“It’s just your baby sitter.”

“She’s not my babysitter, I don’t need a baby sitter, my sister’s the baby.” He stuck his tongue out. “What were you doing under there?”

“She was playing with her tits, I saw her!” I just shook my head, blushing madly, frozen between fight, or flight. I didn’t know what to do, or what to say, being caught eaves dropping, and fantasizing about such sick sinful things that I forgot they were looking at pictures of them so young, so I felt guilty, and ashamed?

Christianity is a hell of a drug. “So, you were listening, huh?” Andres ducked back in, and came around to the door. Just cut in the other side of the freezer box, with a board up the middle, a window cut in 1 side, and a door in the other, but so low that they had to walk around on their knees, which put his crotch right about at head level.

“Uh, but.” I shook my head, and looked away. I don’t know what for, an avenue for escape? I had to duck to back under the crate, but Owen followed me, and he was so short, he barely had to bend his knees to back me into the corner.

“At least I think they’re tits.” He grabbed at my bra, so I covered them up, and Andres jumped down to turn around, and watch the assault. “Why don’t you let me do that for you?”

“At least they’re real, I bet.” He didn’t have to duck at all to get under the other side. The short side that’s a square instead of a rectangle.

“Yeah, why don’t you show us? You know you want to.” Owen tried to sound convincing, or charming, or whatever, but damn it, he was right? I really wanted to sin, and get down on my knees topless, for him to whip it out, and beat off all over me, all of a sudden.

“LEAVE HER ALONE!” Finally, the back door slammed, and Marta came out on the warpath. I swear, she sounded so much like her mother, only pint sized that I looked to see if she was wearing sandals or not. To take them off, and chase them around the yard for being bad, and spank them, which I would have liked to see that.

“Or what?” Owen turned around, and the moment his attention was taken away from me, I don’t know what I was thinking. I wanted him to finish what he started? He promised to grope me, and I filled in the rest with fantasies of him masturbating for me, and ejaculating to feel his sperm on my body.

So, I grabbed him, and rubbed my bra on his back, through my Sunday dress, and the back of my shirt. I didn’t even think about it, or feel the impulse, I just felt his buttocks clench up against my legs. Then, the front of his shirt, and his crotch. Nothing identifiable as cock or balls, until the former started to harden, and straighten out.

“Uh fuck, she’s a horny little baby sitter, why didn’t you tell me?”

“She’s going to tie him up, and beat him, and put his Barega in her Coneyo!” I didn’t know the last 2 words the little girl squealed excitedly, but I got the gist of it. Yeah, I took a little Spanish, this year, but the words for what goes in where kinda got left out of our Vocabulary quizes.

“Come on,” Andres turned her around, and pushed her back towards the kitchen door. “We better leave them alone.”

“No!” She pushed him, and ran around the other side, then she giggled, pointing. “You better take him in mama’s room, where they have a big bed where you 2 can do it.” She spread her fingers in a V, horizontally to point at us, and then crossed her fingers.

“You just want to listen.”

“No, I want to see! You get to watch naked grownups do it on your friend’s computer, and now he’s got a girlfriend so they can do it, and I can see how they do it, MPH!” She bit her his hand.

“Aye, carumba!”

“Don’t hit me!” she held her hands up to cover her head.

“I’m not going to hit you, just stop yelling at the top of your lungs to tell the whole neighborhood they’re gonna do it! Stupid.”

“Oh.” She finally stopped to think. “Okay, you’re right.”

That out of the way, Owen ran off and said “Race you!”

“Uh!” I just stood there with Andres, and Martina a second. Shaking my head, “I shouldn’t but I want to so badly, what do I do?” I asked Andres, which was stupid, but honestly, I couldn’t make up my mind, and Tina is so young, and she wants us to do it so badly, I know she would say to do it, anyway.

“Huh,” he thought, “Well if you think about it, he’s a sinner, and whatever sin he does, it isn’t on you.”

“You’re right,” I ran up and kissed his cheek, “Thanks!” Then I ran straight back to Marta’s bedroom, where Owen was already naked, with a boner.

“Uh, I don’t want to do anything. I’m a Christian, and I don’t want to go to hell, but I can’t stop you, so whatever you do, don’t hurt me?”

That was my excuse, I really wanted to have sex, and consent to sex, but I was afraid of burning in hell. So I let him pretend to sexually assault me, so it was his sin, and not mine, but he took over right way. Grabbing me, pulling my dress, and turning me around to push me back on the bed.

“I won’t hurt you, I promise.” But then he jumped on me naked, and we bounced on the bed.

“Oh, Owen.”

“Uhm.” He stopped. “What’s your name?”


“Okay, Hope. Hold still.” He stuck his hand up between my legs, and felt my underwear under my dress. Then, he pulled them down, and flopped the skirt up to dive down face first, and kiss my sex.

“Oh, oh Owen, yes. Lick me like that, no down there. Get me wet for your hard little dick.”

“Don’t make fun of my dick.” He got up. “You’re plenty wet, so hold still.” He looked down, and rubbed it up and down, before he found the hole, and pressed in in.

“Oh, yes. Fuck me Owen, fuck me yeah! Oh yeah, faster, harder, deeper!” The lust just took over, and I forgot all about making him pretend to rape me. I wanted it, I needed him inside me so badly, and yeah he was little. Too little to really fuck me any deeper, and if he pulled back too far he just popped out. So, we had to stop while he chewed on his tongue, concentrating on finding the hole again.

“Huh, come here, loverboy.” I pulled him down on top of me, still fully clothed, with only my undies pulled down around my ankles, but he could get on top of me. Inside me, I felt up the back of his shirt, and duck my nails into his ribs. Then down to his buttocks to feel them flex, and bulge in my hand with each short thrust, but he couldn’t go deeper, so he just humped it in, and out maybe an inch, only faster.

“Faster, faster god. Omygod, omyGOD!” I squealed, and finally felt the most intense rush of pleasure overwhelm me. It didn’t wash over me like a crashing wave, it just crushed me. Slamming me down so hard I couldn’t breathe, and I thought I’d go right through the bed, but then he pulled out. One last time, only instead of stopping to put it back in, he backed up on his knees. Pulled mine up together, and bumped my calf with his hand. Rubbing it up and down, the way Martina showed me, only pinching with 3 fingers, instead of two.

“Uh, hot fugh! Ng! Babysitter, uh! Huh!” I spread my legs, so he could collapse, and I could hold him. Gasping, and panting breathless together, and rub his back. I felt sticky lines where I scratched him, and drew blood.

“Huh?” I just realized, it didn’t hurt.

He called me a “Slut” when he got up, so he didn’t feel it pop either, and I checked to make sure there wasn’t any blood either. “I thought you’re a good Christian girl, and not a whore, giving it up to every boy that looks at you, huh?”

“Leave her alone!” Marina came in from the door. The open door, and I realized that I can’t remember closing it, or even thinking about closing it, so Andres and Martina couldn’t watch me lose my virginity. “Can’t you see you’re hurting her feelings?”

“Who cares about her stupid feelings, she’s a slut, and a whore. And a liar! Fuck her, and her stupid feelings.”

“You better go, and take your computer with you.” Andres kicked him out, and closed the door, so he could hold me, and say he’s sorry for all the horrible things his friend said to make me feel like shit, after he got what he wanted, but a part of me was hurt, because I started feeling like it was true. I just met him, that day, and I hopped into bed with him, before he even knew my name.

And I’m going to hell for it too.

Now, I know why the other girls cut themselves, wanting to die, but not being able to go through with it. I’m already going to hell, so what’s suicide going to do, add another forever to my torment?

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