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V Twin

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A bunch of boys climbed up on the roof across the street, so I put on my boots, and went to see what was going on.

They climbed up the brick wall on the side, but I found a recycle bin I could flip over, and get up on. I could barely see over the gutter, standing on top of the wall.

“Hey guys, what you doing up there?”

“Sh!” The one on the end looked over, and shook his head, but it was pretty dark. So, I didn’t recognize his face, in the shadow of his shoulder.

“Well, help me up, I want to play too.” I held my elbows up on the gutter, so I could balance.

“Keep your voice down,” but Jerry, and Kyle got up to grab my hands. “My parents are still up.” Well, there both there parents, because Jeremy, and Kyle are twins. 12, and in middle school, but other then that, I don’t know them very well.

There boys, and I’m only 9, so they don’t really play with me, or even talk to me much, but living right across the street. My mom knows there mom, but our dads aren’t really drinking buddies, or watch sports games together.

They snuck back in soft sole shoes, so I crawled up around the corner, careful to keep my clunky boots from bumping the shingles. ‘who is it?’ the other boy asked, but he was way over on the end.

‘just Cary from across the street.’

“It’s Kara.”


‘so,’ I lowered my voice, ‘what are we doing up here?’

‘look.’ Jerry pointed over the ridge, because there house is like a Ranch style home, it’s long, and skinny, and the roof is like a pyramid stretched out with a ridge on top.

‘oh.’ Mr. Carlton was sitting up in bed, with pillows propped up against the headboard to watch TV. I couldn’t see what he was watching, but you could tell by the blue glow filling up the room, and he was naked. I tried to giggle quietly, ‘he must be watching porn.’ I shook my head, but looking over, I guessed that another reason why they didn’t like me being a girl and all is they must be homos. Why else would they all get together, and look at a man naked in bed, with a boner?

“There she is!” Kyle got excited, and Jeremy “Shush!”ed him real loud, but when I looked over. Mrs. Carlton walked up to the bed.

‘she looks amazing!’ She had on a tight corset, so you could really see her hips turning this way and that to show off her butt, and boobs sticking out the top, and bottom of it. A shear wisp of a nighty so light that you could see the black corset inside of it, but it barely came down to the tops of her legs, and no other underwear on at all. Finally, she had her hair up, and her arms behind her head.

Putting her knee up on the bed, she bent over, and crawled. ‘can you see her puss?’


“Let me see.” Kyle tried to take the binoculars away from Jonny, who fought back.

“No, get your own.”

“It’s my house.”

“Yeah,” Jerry sat up, “Mine too, let me get a turn.”

“Okay.” I don’t know why they even bothered shushing me, if they’re gonna fight so loudly, but nobody heard them, so finally they settled down. Jeremy, and Kyle put there heads together to share the binoculars, but by the time I looked back, Mr. and Mrs. Carlton were already going at it.

“There doing it!” It turns out, they did it every Saturday, and she dressed up like that to keep him interested, since they’d been married long enough for it to get boring, and on a schedule, but when you’re young like this, any sex is pretty exciting, I guess. With that corset on to suck in her gut, she sure looked good for the boys, too.


“Well, you were just yelling, so I don’t see what the fuss is all about, but you all must be really hard now, uh.” I rolled over on my hip, but I must’ve been right next to a rafter, so I had to scoot over to unbutton my pants. “Hey, Jerry.” I pulled my zipper out loudly. “You missed your chance to see her puss, so look.” I pulled my underwear down, and giggled.

“So what? I can still see her boobs, and you don’t have any.”

“Well,” not a whole lot more than nipples, but they’d gotten really big, and hard, and sensitive laying on the warm shingles, through my shirt. My night shirt, I didn’t bother taking it off to pull on a training bra, just some pants, socks, and boots because I knew I’d need them to climb up over the gutter. “You can look, and touch.”

He stopped rubbing his groin, turned over sideways, so I could grab it, and feel his boner in his pants.

“No fair, how come he gets to touch you?” Jonny sat up, and looked over Kyle’s shoulder, but the other twin was up on his elbow to look, too.

“Huh!” I pulled Jerry’s hand out of my panties. “We better get down, somewhere we can all.” I don’t know yet, “Fool around together?” I guessed, but I had no idea how far I would let them go, once things got started.

“Yeah,” so the twins lowered me back down to the wall, but Jonny just jumped straight down in the back yard. He’s in high school, I think. I don’t even know him as well as the other two, because he lives way down the street, and around the corner, but once I sat down on the bricks, he was tall enough to catch me, and set me down.

He rubbed the sides of my chest, then bent over, tilting his head to kiss me. I closed my eyes, and puckered up, but it was just a quick smooch. “You’re not as flat as they said you were. Oh!” He jumped, and let go of me when I felt up between his legs. I giggled, and whispered.

‘you’re not as little, neither. But don’t tell them I said that.’ I looked back, but the twins finally finished helping each other down off the wall, and then the light over the back wall went out. The blue light from the blue movie, so the Carltons must’ve finished, and turned it off to go to sleep.

Too bad I didn’t really get to see them naked before it got too dark, but I could still feel it. Up his fly to his zipper, and then inside to feel how warm and hard it was in there.

“Huh,” the boys came up behind me, and somebody reached around front to feel my little boobies, while the other one felt down to unbutton my pants again. Jonny got his open, and pulled his underwear down, so I could get a grip, and give him a few pumps with my hand.

Not real big, if I’m anyone to judge, but I had 2 more boys, and put together. I shrugged, and bent over to hold it out, and get it wet.

‘she got any hair on it?’ Kyle asked, I think. Yeah, it had to be, because his brother already had his hand in there to feel my lady lawn.

‘a little, yeah.’ he pulled his hand out, so his brother could stick his in, and rub them with his finger tips. I made an OK with my fingers, so I could slick some more spit on with my mouth, but then Jerry pulled my pants down with my underwear to feel down my butt, and forward between my legs.

‘she’s really hot.’

‘yeah, and getting wet, too?’

“Smup!” My cheeks puffed in when pulled out Jonny’s boner. ‘huh, why don’t you lick it, and get me wetter?’ Honestly, I couldn’t tell either, but that’s what oral sex is for. AFAIK, it’s just to get everything nice and slippery with spit for the main event.

‘ew, fishy.’

‘yeah, we’re allergic to seafood.’

‘huh!’ Jonny sighed, and picked me up, easily. “I’ll do it.” He sat down, and pulled me up under my arms, so I could sit on his face, and he could wiggle his tongue down. Dig it in, and feel around.

‘good, then she can suck our dicks.’

‘uh!’ I thought about saying how that’s not fair if they turned their noses up at my clam, then they really don’t deserve it, but I really wanted to, so I just felt up there butts, and pulled them together in front of me, so they could bump my face, and rub them all over my cheeks, my nose, and finally down to my mouth.

‘weegah,’ I stuck my tongue out, so they un-crossed, but with my mouth wide open, and full, there wasn’t much I could say. I guess it’s a good thing they weren’t too big, so they could both get their dickheads in, and I licked between them to tuck them in both cheeks. Chipmunked, that ment I could close them. “Shughk! Ineahahuhn!” I shook my head when they pulled out, but Jonny’s tongue was busy, and I squirmed when it licked back all the way back to the dirty spot.

Well, okay. I did just take a shower before bed, and I pooped before that, so I washed it as good as I could just so I didn’t have to wipe, before bed.

‘take turns,’ Kyle turned my head, to poke it in my mouth, then he pulled out, so I could turn back, and suck Jeremy wet.

“Smup! Nyum smup!” I made 2 Okay signs to hold them straight out, and after a few turns back and forth, I got pretty good at sucking them in and out. “Uh!” I wiggled, when Jonny licked back up front, and felt around with his pinky finger.

He must’ve been thinking ahead, because obviously. There’s 3 of them, and one of me. That means using all 3 holes, so he gave extra attention to the tightest dirtiest one. “Don’t stop.” Kyle patted my head, and turned it back to my crotch, but I shook it.

‘no, we’re all wet enough, so whoever lays down first gets it in my puss.’ I made it a race, so they got down as quick as I could to jump there bones.

“Okay,” the twins don’t even point out that Jonny was already laying down, but in the dark, I just got on the first one that disappeared in the shadow of the roof. From the street lights, but then Jonny said “No,” and helped the other one. “Back here.”

“Uh,” I had to scoot my knees up, so my butt stretched as tight as possible, so my pucker was close enough for him to feel it with his fingertips. Then, pinching the head, and guiding it “Ihn!” I leaned way over, and almost lay down on the lower twin. Feeling between us, and pinching the little pecker to slip it up to the other hole, and “Ihn!”

“Here,” Jonny came around, and knelt down, so he could hold my head up, and rub his soft tip around my cheek, over my chin until I felt it brush my lips. Kissed it, and opened wide to let him in. “Ugh guh!” He bumped the back of my throat, but pulled out before I choked, or gagged any further. “Smup!” He pulled out to the tip, just touching the inside of my lips, then pushed it back in slowly. Then back out, and in a little faster until he got it just right, and really started fucking my face. Without bumping the back of my throat, but I was so busy with that, I forgot all about the twins.

Pecking away in the other end, until I shivered, and it ran right up my back. “Snh, uh HUH!” I tried to gasp in another breath, but my tummy sucked in so tight, all it would do was twitch. ‘hHhHhHh!” Quiver, and just a little air sucked in and out, but really fast. “Huh!” I bumped my forehead on his chin, and turned my head, ‘uh!’ Lay my head down on his shoulder, and just felt my holes spasm tight around their penetration. ‘huh!’ I just relaxed, comfortable enough to feel the last of the pleasure wash over me.

Double penetration, when I hadn’t even tried it in back with my fingers, or anything. They didn’t point out the obvious, that I was cumming, but the one behind me pulled out, and lay down on my back. Grunting, and shooting his wad all over my butt, and his brother’s balls. I guess because they’re so close, identical twins, I don’t know.

Is that gay? Most straight boys won’t even look at each other naked, let alone cross swords, or let them cum on each other’s nuts, but finally the last one went soft inside me.

“Oh, no!” I got up, “You didn’t!”

“What?” Jeremy sat up, I could tell even in the dark, because he didn’t cut his hair as short as Kyle’s.

“You didn’t pull out?” I pushed up to a squat, and bounced on my heels, trying to shake his sperm out before it found an egg, and made me pregnant. “Guys, I’m only in 4th grade, I can’t get pregnant, and have a baby yet. What’ll everyone say at school?”

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON OUT HERE?” Too loud, so the twin’s father came out, with his handgun and everything. Turned on the porch light, so I had to hide behind the boys, and put on my clothes while they pulled their pants up. “You little faggot!”

“No, god!” Jonny jumped behind the twins, hoping he wouldn’t shoot through his sons to kill him. “I’m not gay, it’s not gay, we’re just sharing a girl, Jesus. Put that away before somebody gets killed. You want the whole neighborhood to hear the gunshot?”

“Really? What girl?” I put my hands up, but I couldn’t find my top.

So, I stood up with just my pants buttoned, and the spunk soaking in the seat of my panties. “It’s me, uh.” I waved. “Hi, Mr. Sanders?” I looked over, but Candice turned out her light, and looked out the window. I ducked down so ashamed of myself, and all the slutty stuff I’d done with her brothers, I didn’t want her to see me.

“Oh, well that’s all right.” He pushed a button or something, so the hammer clicked. (Ironically enough, it had a de-cocker lever.) It didn’t go bang, and then he pulled the clip out of the bottom. “It’s not even loaded anyway.”

“Whew, you liked to kill me with a heart attack!” Jonny finally relaxed.

“Well, you better run home, then.” I found my top, and pulled it on. Inside out, and backwards, but at least I wasn’t out half naked in the back yard.

“Huh, yeah.” Jonny put his arm around me, and patted my shoulder. “I better walk you home.” We left, while the boys went in, but there dad gave them high 5s on the porch, so I guess he wasn’t that mad at them. As long as there doing it with a girl, instead of another boy.

Allthough, I’m not so sure. Maybe they’re bisexual, or gay for each other. Maybe it’s just like playing with yourself in the mirror? I don’t really know.

“So,” Jonny laughed nervously. “That your first time?”

“Yeah, you’re really good. There’s no way I could have done all 3 of you at once, but I can’t believe what just happened!”

“Yeah, but if you don’t mind me asking what happened to your maidenhead?”

“Oh, I took care of that when I started my period, just to get it out of the way, but I can’t believe I just took it up the butt, and everything!”

“So, you’re okay?”

“Huh, yeah.” I smiled, “I’m satisfied, but.” I shook my head. “You didn’t finish?”

He laughed, “I can take care of it myself when I get home.”

“Oh no you don’t! Get it out, and let me suck you off.”

“Okay,” he wasn’t going to turn down that offer, so we backed into my side yard. Where we could hide from the street lights in the corner, and I could hold onto his more than a handful. Make an OK with my fingers, and get some practice deep throating until he finally pulled back to my teeth, and gave me a mouthful of his nut juice.

“Ngh kah!” I rubbed my tummy, “Yummy, I’ll see you later?”

“You bet!” He fixed up my pants, and kissed me “Goodnight.”

We started going out after that, but when I got pregnant, Kyle wouldn’t own up to it, and the Sanderses all moved away. Oh well, I couldn’t stand to see Candace any more even on the street after what I did with her brothers, and she hated me too.

Jonny stuck with me, I guess it helped that I finished sucking him off when I got home. Since he was the last one to cum, but he didn’t mind raising Kyle Jr. as his own. Hell, he even likes sharing me with other guys, every chance we get.

At least I didn’t have twins, but I gave him a daughter as soon as Kyle Jr. weened, and I could get pregnant again. While I was still young, and I could enjoy being a mother. A wife, and my hips, and boobs sure grew out quick. I had to get C sections the first 2 times, though. So, I guess it all worked out in the end.

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