The Old Man Down The Road, Jacobs POV

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Kellsie came over every Monday and Thursday after she had jerked me off.

Kellsie came over every Monday and Thursday after she had jerked me off. She would change clothes when she came over, she wore jeans and a tshirt and would bring a skirt to change into. I just watched her, he beautiful legs and feet made my days so good. I was shocked I had got hard the day she gave me a handjob, I have had erection issues for years, but I guess her sweet hands could get any guy hard.

It had been almost a year since I had cum, that sounds crazy but I got depressed when I would try to jerk and my dick would stay soft. The last pussy I had was about 7 years ago, but she was in her 60’s and I only fucked her because I thought that would be my last chance at pussy.

Kellsie said she could only clean Monday the next week since she was going with her mom on vacation. She said she would see me at 4 am Monday and I said 4am? Her mom was going to work early and she told me come pick her up at 4 am.

Monday morning I pull myself out of bed at 3 am, get coffee and go pick her up in my pj’s. She gets in my truck wearing a short skirt and a hoodie. She reaches over and kisses me, which got my mind thinking she was going to do more than clean today. I loved her kisses, her soft lips on my old man lips, her smell was intoxicating, she was smiling and happy and talkative.

We got to my house and she wants to lay in bed and watch tv and cuddle. I cant say no to that. After cuddling for a while, she starts to kiss me, her sweet young lips.. I got worried, my dick was not responding at all to her kisses, as a young man my dick would be rock hard and ready by now.

Her hand slides down and inside my pj’s and finds my soft cock, she rubs my balls and my cock, still nothing. She asks me if I am okay, I told her that sadly my cock doesnt always work. She just said that she will get it started. She slides down and pulls my pj’s and boxers down to my knee, she puts my soft cock into her warm mouth and starts to gently suck on my soft dick.

First time in decades my dick was in a girls mouth, and I was soft as a marshmallow. It felt good , she had my whole dick in her mouth, just rubbing her tongue around it over and over. Please get hard dick, please, I have this beautiful young lady and my cock is taking a vacation.

She kept sucking my soft dick , then she gets up, and undresses infront of me. Her little round tits, her perky hard nipples, fuck my dick responded to that, my boy started to grow and get hard seeing those young tits. She smiled as she took my semi hard dick in her mouth. She kept sucking until I was rock hard, then she went back to just holding my cock in my mouth and twirling her tongue around it.

Every few minutes she would suck me, hard and fast, it felt so fucking good, then back to twirling her tongue again. Her hand on my balls, me ready to shoot my load in her mouth. The time passed, every few minutes I would get sucked then back to her tongue swirl. Then she sucked just the head, fuck, I wanted to call her a bitch and hold her head and face fuck her and nut.

She stops and cuddles with me again, I see my cock start to go soft again. The truth was she was in charge, my cock was hers, I didnt dare do anything but let her control what was going on.

She told me that she liked sucking my soft dick, I just loved being sucked, hard or soft. My hand went to her naked body and down to her ass. She starts to rub my dick again, the erection issues come back. Her soft mouth finds my soft cock again, I feel pressure to get hard and my dick isnt doing a damn thing.

She gets up and stands on the bed, I see her beautiful naked body in front of me, her little hairless pussy slit. Fuck wake up dick, she turns and bends over, her sweet round ass and that little asshole winked at me. Fuck I want to eat your asshole, those words came out of my mouth, was meant to just be a thought.

She smiled and bent down, her ass was on my face, I was licking her asshole with a passion. Fuck I loved this girl, her asshole was better than a steak dinner, I could feel my cock grow as I tongued her asshole. Part of me wanted her to shit on me, its gross as fuck but I would eat her shit, drink her piss, anything this doll wanted.

She started to suck my semi hard dick again, a 69, but licking her asshole instead of her pussy. My dick got rock hard and I felt her little hands on my old balls, little bitch was squeezing my balls. Fuck the shit hurt, she took one ball in her hand and was squeezing it between her fingers. But her mouth was going up and down my dick, so balls you are on your own, I wanted to cum so bad I didnt give a fuck about anything else.

She went to the other ball, little bitch, I wanted to get up and throat fuck her and cum. But she was in charge, my cock was getting close. I licked her asshole as her mouth went up and down my old cock. My ball was aching, my cock was about to explode, then it happened.

I came. 27 years after my last blow job. This sweet beautiful 13 year old girl’s mouth gave me the perfect release. She slowed down, she swallowed my nut and went back to sucking me as my dick got soft.

We laid in bed together cuddling, I knew I was fucked. She owned me now, she was in control.

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