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She was high and I was hard

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I found a girl walking the streets, she was high on drugs, so I took her home and convinced her young impressionable mind to let me fuck her.

I was heading home from work and as I was walking up a long road to get to my house, it took a while to walk up because it was steep road, I stopped to sit on the wall to have a quick break and I saw a young girl at the other side of the road and something didn’t look right.

She was wearing baggy jeans and a jean jacket, she had long straight dirty blonde hair that was just blowing around as she walked and the clothes looked too big for her and quite old, but she was wobbling around as she walked and she looked like she was drunk, I rushed over when she tripped off the curb and almost fell in to oncoming traffic.

“Are you alright?”

She looked at me like I was a piece of shit, “Yeah – why?” she grunted at me, her eyes looked big and she was still wobbling around, I couldn’t smell any alcohol on her but clearly she was under the influence of something, I managed to get her to tell me her name and how old she was, Julie and she was 11 or 12, she couldn’t make up her mind how old she was.

I asked her where she lived, she just shrugged her shoulders, looked around, then laughed, “I don’t know.” She said, then she lost her balance and fell forward in to my arms, at this point my perversion kicked in and I knew this was perfect, I’d already made up my mind to have her.

“I think you should come home with me.” I said.

“Okay.” She replied, immediately, she didn’t even think about it, she just agreed with me and that was it, her judgement was severely impaired, so I steady her and we both walked up the steep road and made it in to my house.

Once inside I got her to take off her jacket and sit on the couch, looking in her pockets I found an empty prescription bottle, I asked her about them and she told me she had taken all the pills, talking to her I didn’t get a whole lot of sense out of her but basically she hated her life and she took the pills because she wanted to die.

There was no way I was going to let this sexy little thing kill herself, at least not until I’d fucked her.

She laid across my couch and started singing random songs and just giggling all the time, I don’t know what she was doing before I found her but her hands and a bit of her face were all dirty, maybe she had been in the park which was nearby where I found her, “Maybe you should take a shower, get cleaned up.” I said.

She leaped up from the couch all excited, “Yeah – I love showering – let’s do that.” She replied, I took her in to the bathroom and she willingly took off her trainers, dirty top and her jeans, when I turned the shower on she was so high she thought the water was a rainbow, “Look at all the pretty colours.” She said, I helped her remove her socks, her training bra and her slightly soiled panties.

Then I stood and watched her underneath the shower, all the warm water dripping down her sexy little body, her breasts were tiny and her pussy was bald, her ass stuck out though, it was nice and firm, “Oof – you are so gorgeous.” I said.

“Thanks..” she replied, then she realised she was naked, “…I’m naked. Why am I naked?” she asked.
“Because you needed to get a shower. And we’re going to have sex afterwards.” I said.

“We’re going to have sex? – Why?” she asked.

“Because you’ve made my cock rock hard and I want to fuck your brains out.” I replied.

She chuckled and turned red in the face, “You can’t fuck my brains out.” She said, splashing water at me.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because my brains are in my head. They don’t come out, Silly.” She replied.

I turned off the shower and lead her in to my bedroom holding her hand, “Lay down on my bed.” I said to her as I began to take off my own clothes, she climbed on to my bed naked and soaking wet, she giggled because the sheets were sticking and clinging to her wet body.

When I was naked I got on to the bed on my knees with my huge erection sticking out, she noticed it and pointed at it in shock, “What is that?” she asked.

“That’s my cock.” I replied.

“What are you doing to do with that?” she asked.

“Put it between your cute little legs and up your pussy.” I replied, I crawled across the bed and pushed her down on to her back, lifting her knees up I positioned myself between her legs with her crotch pulled up right in front of mine, my balls were resting on top of her pussy, she found the whole thing hilarious but she had no idea what I was about to do to her.

I laid myself on top of her and kissed and licked all over her small wet naked body, her flesh tasted so good, she smelt like a new born baby, as my cock began to throb with burning desire, I pushed it down the crack of her pussy and then thrust my hips forward, it took a few tries but I eventually broke through her soft cherry and I impaled her on the end of my cock.

“Argh – Ungh – Ungh – What did you do?” she moaned.

“I put my cock inside of you. Now I’m going to fuck you so good, baby-girl.” I replied

I started slowly because I wanted to enjoy the feel of her virgin pussy, and it was incredibly tight inside, the best pussy I’d ever had, once I got a rhythm going I laid on her, put my arms around her skinny little body and pounded her hard.

“Oh my god. Your little pussy is amazing. Yeah – yeah – do you like that, baby-girl?” I said.

“Uha.” She moaned.

She was moaning and groaning rapidly and loudly, yet she was still able to giggle, she was so fucking cute, after a few minutes of hammering her pussy, I sat up and flipped her over, grabbing hold of her hips I lifted her back end up and then pushed my cock deep in to her ass, she screamed but was enjoying it because she put her hands behind her and held her ass cheeks apart for me to give me easier access to her ass hole.

I came inside her ass and then let her rest for a few minutes, then I rolled her over again and slid my cock back up her tight little pussy, she had the most adorable little clitoris which I stimulated with my fingertips and made her have multiple orgasms.

She was enjoying getting her brains fucked out and I certainly made the most of her, I fucked her for hours and ejaculated in every hole she had, multiple times, she spent the night at my house and we just spend most of it having crazy wild sex.

The following morning with the drugs mostly out of her system she really opened up to me, even though she didn’t know me that well, I was a complete stranger to her, I called in sick at work so I could be with her all day and she cried telling me how she gets bullied at school and how her parents are drunks and addicts and hit and yell at her all the time.

Poor kid had had a miserable life, somehow I convinced her not to do anything stupid like trying to kill herself, she was beautiful and had so much to offer the world, I told her I’d be there for her and from the day forward she came to see me every single day after work, we are in a secret relationship and have the most amazing sex life.

I can’t believe my luck sometimes, while most of my work colleagues go home to their old wrinkled wives, I get to go home to a 12 year old, who is so fresh and perky and a little devil in bed, I get to fuck her tight pussy every single night and always go to work with a smile on my face.

The fountain of youth is real, and its inside a 12 year old girl, she makes me feel so young.

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  • Reply skimofkr ID:7xsdkem4

    Little girl was lucky you found her.

  • Reply Rape toy ID:fe7m6s7m1

    I was 9 when first ever got high!! Being a rebel anyway id already tried smoking and so it was a Friday evening and was at the bowls club with dad and al his friends etc and were all pissed and then I was caught having a sneaky cigarette,,, and was taken inside the clubhouse and all stopped and watched dad with me !!! And he said so you want to be a slut then do you !! …

    Made me smoke another cigarette and also grabbed out a bag of coke and filled a tspoon made me snort it all and then made me duck him off ,, then after while I was surrounded by them and I was given 1 after the other and then I was absolutely coked out face , stumbling and defenceless and then lay on back and legs forced far apart as possible and behind head and rubbed cock on my pussy and just looked at me and thrust hard as possible I screaming so covered mouth and git rougher and after he pulled out and watched his friend frantically
    Race over and just on ass hole and forced fully in a
    No was rural

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylren2t0d

    Oh fuck you lucky bastard! I miss that young pussy so much. good story dude!

  • Reply Lady ID:dj4olvs40

    Love it

  • Reply seedtheho ID:161qguywxia

    This was so hot!

  • Reply GrannyDD ID:23suy9741

    I can see into the future… I see an orange jumpsuit and a big black dude named “Bubba” as your cellmate…

    • Random guy ID:s49dg0zl

      Hey granny dd let’s chat

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

      ID:23suy9741o Oh good, you do leave comments on other Author’s stories, so it’s not just me.

  • Reply Ali ID:1ftrtuf20c

    This is gold. Ignore the haters. And I love that u don’t shy away from telling how good 12-17 year old pussies are. Love it. Do more please.

  • Reply . ID:1tzpchfij

    you need help. serious help.

    • Imthebadguy? ID:bo2qeor8j

      Why are you here?