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Sex with her daddy

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Finally I got to fuck my friends dad but I wasn’t expecting her to fuck him as well. It was the best night of my life, so far.

I’m Tia and I’m 12, I want to tell you about my best friends dad and what I did, he is so fit, he goes to the gym a lot and every time I’m around at my friends house I see him walking around without a shirt on, he has a six-pack and gorgeous muscles.

He’s a single dad, my friends mom died many years ago which is very sad, but I’ve known my friend, Melanie, for about 4 years and I’ve never seen her dad with a girlfriend, poor man had been without sex since his wife died, which was a plus for me.

Every time I went round I’d playfully flirt with him but he never seemed to get the message, I was silently telling him, “Please take me upstairs and fuck my brains out.” But all he seemed to get was, “Aww you’re so cute.”, I didn’t want to be cute, I wanted to be fucked.

Last weekend I slept over at my friends house and I finally decided to take a chance.

At 10pm we got changed for bed, I got changed in the bathroom and went commando, I removed my bra and panties and just wore my oversized nightshirt, then we got in to bed and went to sleep, well, I faked going to sleep.

I heard her dad come to bed at about 11pm and then I waited until 12:30am, once I knew she was asleep I carefully crawled out of the bed, we were both sleeping in her bed so it was tricky to get out without knocking her and waking her up, but I managed it.

I tip-toed out of the bedroom, across the landing and in to her dad room, he looked so good, fast asleep in only his black boxer shorts, the duvet was crumpled up near the bottom of the bed, he had one leg under it and the rest of him was just laying on top.

I took off my nightshirt before crawling naked on to the bed beside him, I gently ran the tips of my fingers around the curves of his muscular body and then slid my hand down his boxers and started to feel around, he had big hairy balls and even though his cock was still soft, I could feel that it was huge.

With my fingers wrapped tightly around his cock, I pulled it out from his boxers and started to tug on it, it quickly hardened and increased in length, I held it up then leaned down and suckled on his tip for a few minutes, getting it nice and wet while I fingered myself with anticipation.

As soon as my pussy started dripping, I swept my right leg across and I straddled him, I held his cock vertically before lowering myself down, guiding it between my flaps and then slowly sliding it through my hole, with my pussy now able to hold it in place, I put my palms on to his pecks and I started to ride.

With each motion of my hips his cock burrowed its way inside me, a little at a time, as the tip of his cock pushed against my cervix, he woke up, and he was startled, at first he just looked down in total confusion, even rubbing his eyes thinking he was dreaming, “Tia? – what the hell are you doing?!” he said.

I put my finger across his lips to shut him up, “Shush!”, now that he was awake I could really go for it, so I started to ride faster, slamming myself down his long shaft and bouncing up and down with my ass slamming against his hairy balls, “Yeah – Ungh – Ungh!”.
He looked seriously confused, not knowing how to react or what action he should take, “This is…” he began to say, I finished his sentence for him, “Great!” I said.

“No – it’s. Tia this is all wrong.” He said.

“It’s okay. I want this. I need this. – Ungh – Just fuck me, okay?” I said, riding him wildly.

It took him a few minutes to process but then he finally got the message, he sat up and wrapped his arms around me, I threw my arms over his shoulders and he kissed me with passion while helping me bounce on his cock.

“I know you want it. I know you need it. Use my pussy. Fuck my brains out.” I demanded.

He flipped me over on to my back, he fucked me slowly while sucking and biting my neck and my nipples, which felt heavenly, and then he began to pound me, I was only a small 12 year old girl, he was a tall heavy muscular hunk and he was drilling my little pussy very hard.

“Ungh – Oh – Yeah – Ungh – Fuck me – Fuck me hard – Ungh – Yeah.” I moaned and moaned, it was so fucking good, and I genuinely had 2 orgasms within the first 10 minutes.

At the exact moment when we both screamed with orgasm, the bedroom light came on, Melanie was standing at the open door looking gobsmacked, she watched as her dad ejaculated inside me, he was groaning each time he shot a load, “Ooh – Aaah – Ooh.”

“Mel?!” her dad said, pushing himself up off of me and looking panicked.

We all stared at one another for a moment, then Melanie’s eyes locked on to her dads huge erection, she grinned and then ran over to the bed, “Can I join you?” she asked, which came as a big surprise to me and especially to her dad.

But her dad had now developed a lust for little girl pussy and he was still hard and horny, “Yeah, come here, princess.” He said, reaching out and pulling her on to the bed, he helped her removed her pyjamas and then he went down on her, licking her bald pussy like it was a bowl of ice-cream.

He held her arms down and pushed his cock in to her pussy, her body jumped and reflexed, she screamed the house down when his thick cock obliterated her virginity, and then she calmed down and enjoyed getting fucked by her daddy.

I stood up behind him leaning over his shoulder, he spun Melanie over and lifted her ass up holding on to her hips, with her face pressed in to a pillow, he fucked her roughly from behind, I turned my head and kissed him with passion and tongue wrestled him while he continued to pound his daughter.

Less than 10 minutes later he filled her hole with his daddy seed and we all laid down on the bed laughing, I wasn’t expecting to see Melanie fucking her dad but it made it really fun.

We both spent the night fucking her daddies massive cock and in the morning we took a shower together, Melanie and I got on our knees in the shower and took turns sucking him off until he made us open out mouths and he ejaculated on to our tongues, it was a great parting gift to end our amazing night of passionate and incestuous sex.

We’ve already made plans for me to sleep over again this coming weekend where I’m sure we’ll just be spending the entire 2 days having non-stop sex, and I can’t wait, my pussy is itching for cock right now.

Such a good night.

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  • Reply Lauren ID:5u1d7cf20i

    TH I have both Kik and WickrMe , but for obvious reasons I’m not going to post them here

  • Reply Lauren ID:5u1d7cf20i

    Hot story. I loved fucking my dad at 12 too, I stopped taking the pill and 2 days after turning 13, I was pregnant with our first . I’m 23 now and just had our 2nd.

    • TH ID:7zv3e16w42

      @Lauren I would like to talk to you more if thats ok let me know how I can get ahold of you

  • Reply Anonymous ID:7z8dmiq6i9

    I guess you’re both going to let him knock you up. Because being 12 you’re probably not on the pill and you’re not using condoms. Red belong to read part two of you get knocked up by him and who gets knocked up first

  • Reply John ID:21yy6fy6ii

    I trade but me up on wickr ygfunguy

  • Reply CHINGATUMADRE ID:bo201mkjh

    Tia and Melanie do y’all have snapchat or Kik so we can chat sometime?

  • Reply Author Pen Dragon ID:29ke4gwtqj

    Share your next story with us!

  • Reply Dubious ID:bpbvr1nqk

    Melanie and Tia….you are always welcome to come for a sleepover. My step is 16, so she will be a good older friend and guide…