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Runny Eggs

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My brother started getting boners in 6 grade. Not for me, or anybody, but sometimes for no reason!

So, he started beating off to get rid of them, and that’s normal. At least that’s what he says, all the boys in his class are doing it too.

That was hard to imagine, but it made me feel all gooey inside, just thinking about it. All the 6 grade boys with boners, dropping their pants, and shooting a storm of spooge all over the place.

One morning, I forgot something on the way to school, and went back to catch mom, and dad in the living room. Mom pulled her top down, and fixed her bra while dad zipped up his pants, but he had his back turned.

“I forgot my phone,” I grabbed it off the charger, and put it in my purse, but I couldn’t stop giggling.

“What’s so funny?” My brother asked when I got back to the bus stop, so I told him. ‘I caught mom, and dad fooling around.’

“With each other, or other people?” He joked, but I shushed him. He laughed, and said “They’re married, so it’s not fooling around. Besides, it’s Friday.”

“I know?” I shook my head, but then the bus came. So, we sat together, and he told me how if dad was good all week, he gets a special present Friday morning, before work. Sometimes, it’s a hand job, a blow job, or even a boob hump.

“Stop!” I kept giggling harder, and harder, “I can’t breathe!” Finally, I calmed down, but the thought that stuck with me was mom squeezing her boobs together around dad’s dick.

That made me horny, so I stuck my hand between his legs, and felt him get hard. He felt up my training bra, but I was still in 4th grade, so just barely getting started. I could just imagining getting boobs big enough to squeeze together, and let a boy hump.

So, he pulled his shirt out, and unzipped his pants under that. He just turned 12, so he’s not as well endowed as dad yet, either. He couldn’t hold it, especially when the bus went over the speed humps, so it bumped, and bounced. First the front, and then the back.

So, my hand slipped, and I got some of it on my arm. My fingers slipped down in his underwear to feel his balls twitch, and pump out another spurt, but I couldn’t really grip it the right way. Turned around like that, with my fingers in his zipper, and just the head sticking out.

“Uh!” He put his head down, up against the window. “Huh!” Smiling, and I pulled his underwear out when it went soft, and floppy. Tucked that in, and zipped it up, but that’s when I saw the wet spot on my arm. It got smeared around under his shirt, but I could still smell it. Lick my wrist to taste it, and enjoy the tanginess clinging to my tongue when we got to school.

There, the assistant principal told him “Tuck in your shirt,” while we’re waiting in line at the security desk. No guns, or nothing, so I got my bookbag off the Xray, and put it on.

Somebody called him a “Jerk,” and pointed out the mess on the front of his pants.

He said it was “Runny eggs” from breakfast, but they still called him “Jackoff,” and lots of other names to make fun of him for playing with himself. Which is stupid, because they’re boys, and they do it, too. Don’t they?

Maybe they don’t want to, because they think it’s gay to touch a dick, even there own. I don’t know, boys are weird about that stuff, but the truth was so much worse. He couldn’t tell them he let me molest him on the school bus, so he stuck to his runny eggs story, and by the end of the day, he added that we had fried eggs, and one fell off his fork, into his lap. That’s why he had his shirt untucked, because he had to run, and catch the bus, but none of the kids from our neighborhood bought it, because they were there.

So, they saw him at the bus stop, with his shirt tucked in, and me running home to get my phone. That’s when I found out that I couldn’t look up anything dirty on my phone, the school computers in the library, or anything. I tried to look up how to jerk off boys, and girls jerking off boys. I even tried circle jerk, because I heard of that, too.

Nothing doing, but just the fact that there is such a thing, and I’ve heard of it means there’s boys somewhere that are secure enough to beat off together. Just none of them go to my school, or my brother would have joined in their circle jerks, and told me about it. I’d love to see that sometime, but I guessed I’d have to wait until I get home, to borrow the laptop.

That’s got popups, to show you where you can talk to horny housewives. I don’t really want to talk to horny housewives, so I never clicked on them, but when I get married, I hope my husband is as cool about me talking to boys, and watching them beat off on the webcams as mom is about dad camming with other married women. I mean, it’s not exactly cheating, but it’s not exactly faithful to her, neither.

I didn’t even realize it until lunchtime, but I made it all the way through morning classes without giggling at all? Surely somebody would have said something, if I still had the giggles all morning. Asked me what was so funny, or the teacher would have sent me to the principal for distracting all the students.

Especially the boys, but looking around. I couldn’t tell which ones had boners sitting down at their desks, so I could just imagine. I couldn’t get it out of my head, though. So, I just daydreamed about boys getting boners, and beating off to spray spooge all over the place.

Then, I skipped lunch, and went up to the upstairs girl’s room. Nobody really goes up there, because it’s mostly offices and stuff, but it’s right by the library, and I just found out you can’t look up videos of circle jerks there, either. I wonder how mom can wait all week to get her hands on dad’s dick on Friday, and what if he’s bad? Then, it’s just as bad for her, but maybe she gives him a spanking instead.

“Ooh,” I keep waiting for the giggles to come back, but just thinking about him taking off his belt. Giving it to mom, and bending over to take his licks makes me feel even gooeyer inside. I’m even getting juicy, so it leaks out, and gets my finger slippery to rub up and down. I tried swishing it back, and forth, so my lips, and little wrinkles squish, and slip out.

“Uh?” I think I was getting closer, before the bell rang so I had to get up. Fix my underwear, and wash my hands. I looked like I was wearing makeup in the mirrors, not not just blush. I was so hot, and horny, even my lips were puffed up, and dark red. As if I just put on lipstick, when I didn’t even bring any.

I was late, but the teacher was just shutting the door, and she didn’t send me to the principal’s office, just for that. Then, the girl next to me (Not naming any names) sniffed, and shook her head. She wrote [You stink like sex] then rubbed it out with her eraser before anyone else saw it.

I texted [How would you know what sex smells like?] back, and erased it with my hand up to cover it. We can’t get our phones out in class, but we’re supposed to take notes. So, if we write something, or even look over at each other’s notebooks, the teacher won’t notice.

[Because, my mom, and dad are still married, and have sex.]

[Oh, my mom just gives my dad hand jobs, blow jobs, and boob humps on Friday, if he’s good.]

[So,] she kept writing at the same time [I smell it when she comes out after a good pounding to use the shower, and douche.] She looked over, and shook her head. [That’s it?] she asked, [She doesn’t want to get boned, or anything?]

[I don’t know, maybe on special occasions, like her birthday. She doesn’t talk about there love life very much.]

[Then how did you find out about the Friday night boob-jobs?]

[Oh, no. I walked in on them this morning, they didn’t wait for tonight.]

[Oh, so that’s what caused] she wrote my brother’s name[‘s “Runny Eggs,” accident this morning.]

[You heard about that?]

[Yeah, on lunch, but it didn’t look like runny eggs. I know what those looks like, too.]

[What about sperm? Did you find your father’s used rubbers, or something?]

[Ew, no. The internet?]

[Oh yeah, I can’t look up any of that sort of sexy stuff on my phone, because it’s blocked.]

[Well, maybe I can show you some on my phone after school?]

[I don’t know. RU already getting dick pics?]

[No, but they have plenty of big dicks on the internet. Not just pictures, neither.]

[I know, I heard, but that’s okay.] After a while, we just stopped trying to erase the sext, because nobody noticed. So, I still had pages of notes from writing back and forth, but I have to remember her part. Still, it’s nice to know I’m not alone. I figured there might have been other girls like me in 4th grade, but that helped me get my story straight.

I didn’t tell her about how my brother wound up with a lapful of goo. He could get in at least as much trouble for letting me do it, just because he’s a boy, and the older one. So, they hold him responsible for it, even though I molested him. I guess it’s a good thing that we got away with it too, but I just want to tell somebody so bad, it feels like I’m about to burst, and not finishing on lunch just made my horniness even worse, but I guess sexting with my friend wasn’t helping either.

She offered to go look at porn together after school, but I told her I had to get home. Maybe she’s bicurious, and maybe she truly wanted to show me dirty pictures without getting gay, but I wasn’t sticking around to find out. Who am I kidding? Now that I know that my brother might let me touch him, and play with it again, who wants to look at pictures any more?

All though, they’re probably bigger. Full grown, and maybe I should have stuck around to see if they have any circle jerks on there. Of course they should, Rule #34, but imagine all those dicks, shooting all over the place, and buckets of cum to pour all over the last one to finish. I heard that sometimes they use a cookie or something. The last one has to eat it, that’s the rules, but for some reason I imagined a big 5 gallon bucket.

It would take a whole lot of boys to fill up 5 whole gallons of nut juice, but imagine it poured all over his head like Gatorade, so it runs down his face, and sticks in his hair. Yeah right, like that would ever happen. She had my number though, so she texted my phone, and sent me pictures on her bus, to my bus. Something I can show my brother, to get him hard and horny again, but not because he’s been good all week.

Because I’ve been thinking about being naughty all day. I couldn’t wait to get him home and his pants down, but I better. It was too big a risk this morning when everyone else is half awake, but after they saw the evidence. Yeah, he said it was “Runny eggs,” but that didn’t fool anyone.

So, we had to wait, but I got him good and horny all the way home. So, I know he can’t say no, but he kept asking about my friend. I know, I shouldn’t be jealous, because he’s my brother, and not my boyfriend. I shouldn’t even have fooled around with him once, but he made me promise to give him her number, as long as he finds some other boys to beat off with me.

Fair deal, he gets to sext with a horny girl that likes to sext, and I get to play cum bucket for my own private circle jerk! At least I hope that’s what happens, but probably not. Most 6 graders are probably shooting blanks, but a girl can hope, right?

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  • Reply Jack ID:2wdpvwnrfii

    Are you still going to fool around with your brother?

    • Author Pen Dragon ID:1fr6k6ud4

      No, this is a fantasy. She’s not real.

    • Scott ID:28arh4j7qj

      The spelling and lot of it didn’t make any sense.

    • Jenn18 ID:23suy9741

      Way too many single sentence paragraphs with no punctuation. I couldn’t follow it at all.

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

      ID:23suy9741o AKA “Jenn18.” Have you figured out how to change devices, so it totally looks like somebody else making these same comments, yet? Keep trying, under the assumption that nobody can tell.