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My wand is magical

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I had a great time with my twin step-daughters while on a once in a lifetime magical trip.

20 years ago I took my 11 year old twin step-daughters on a once in a lifetime trip to Disney World, their mom was meant to join us, it was meant to be a family trip, but at the last minute something urging came up at work and she wasn’t able to come, the trip cost thousands and wasn’t refundable to we decided I would take them by myself.

We stayed in the main hotel, it looked like a castle, during the first few days we had a truly magical time, the girls were so excited and having so much fun, they were the happiest they’d ever been.

On the third night I bought the girls new hooded bath robes, the hoods were in the style of the favourite cartoon characters, Sadie had a blue Olaf one and Katie liked Minnie Mouse, they were eager to wear them so when we got back to our room they both rushed to the shower so they could wear their new robes.

They came out of the bathroom all giddy and excited, running around and just being happy kids, I then went and got a shower leaving the girls to play in the room, when I finished I put my robe on, it was just plain and boring and I sat comfy on my bed reading some leaflets that had been left on my bedside table.

It was one big room, the girls shared a large king-sized bed at one end and opposite at the other end was my king-sized bed, the girls were being loud and playing with their new teddy bears, acting out scenes from the favourite movies, but they were both sat up on the bed with their legs crossed, the sides of their robes had separated and from my side of the room I could see right up them.

“Sit properly, girls.” I said to them, trying to make them aware that they weren’t wearing any panties and I could see their little pussies clear as day, but they didn’t listen and just kept playing.

I tried to ignore them by dimming the room lights and burying my head in the leaflets but I couldn’t get them out of my mind, my step-daughters were so beautiful, they were both about 4’5” tall, small athletic figures, both had long straight sandy blonde hair that stretched down to their hips, the most adorable faces and cute button noses.

Seeing them both as happy and as beautiful as they were and now having their pussies flashed in my face was too much to handle, I couldn’t control my male instincts and I got the hardest erection I’d had in a very long time.

After enduring 15 minutes of my hard cock swelling and twitching underneath my robe, I couldn’t take it any longer, I jumped off my bed and walked over to theirs, “Girls, come here.”, they shuffled themselves to the end of the bed and sat with their legs hanging over the side, both looking up at me with such sweet innocence in their eyes.

“Are you having a good time?” I asked them.

They both smiled and nodded.

“You know that I love you both, right?” I said.

“Yeah. We love you too.” They replied.

“Lets have a real magical time, okay. Do you want to see my magic wand?” I said, they both nodded again, that’s when I loosened the belt of my robe and let the sides fall open, I was naked underneath and my cock sprung out at their eye level, “This is my magic wand. Please rub it and make me happy.” I said.

The girls looked at each other briefly, then Sadie was the first to reach out and curl her tiny fingers around my cock, she instinctively knew what to do and started to tug it slowly up and down, then Katie reached out and they both tugged on it.

“That’s good. Good girls.” I said, praising them and stroking the sides of their arms, after a few minutes I took their teddy bears out of their hands and helped them take off their robes and taking off my own, now we were all naked.

The girls sat back on the bed, “Who want to lick my magic wand?” I asked, Katie put her hand up, I stepped closer to her, she leaned forward and licked her tongue up the length of my cock and off the tip a couple of times, then Sadie tried it, I was taken by surprise when Katie slipped the tip of my cock in to her mouth and sucked on it, I didn’t even have to ask her to do that, she did it off her own back.

“Good girl, Katie. You do what comes natural.” I said.

Soon they were both taking it in turns sucking, licking and tugging on my cock, they were really enjoying it.

I picked them both up, one in each arm and I threw them on to the bed as I crawled on to it, we laughed and giggled, I started rolling around on top of them, giving them kisses and rubbing my hands all over their warm smooth naked bodies.

I rolled on top of Sadie, separating her legs and pulling her knees up at the side of my hips, I pressed my cock to her bald virgin pussy and I kissed her little neck which awakened her inner sexual desire and I felt her pussy making my cock wet, it wasn’t long before I felt her petals opening, her pussy was inviting me to come inside.

So I pushed and penetrated her pussy, “Ungh – Oh”, she moaned, her body temperature raised and droplets of sweat formed on her skin as the sexual heat kicked in, I slid my cock slowly in and out of her tight pussy and I had sex with her.

I then swapped and did exactly the same to Katie, getting on top of her, turning her on, getting her pussy wet and then taking her virginity too, I must have spent close to an hour alternating between them and fucking them both slowly.

Soon, while I was fucking Sadie, Katie rolled on to her side and started to kiss her sister and was rubbing her chest, the girls were seriously getting in to this, seeing them kissing each other was a massive turn on, these two sweet little girls kissing and feeling each other up while I fucked one of them was my kind of Disney World, this was the real magic right here, “Oh yeah, that’s good, keep doing that.” I said.

As I approached climax I got them both to lay side by side, I crawled over them both, pushing their heads together and opening their mouths, I tugged on my cock rapidly and then I ejaculated, I shot my spunk over their faces and in to their mouths, then I watched as they both swallowed and licked my spunk off their faces, “That’s it. This stuff will make you grow in to big strong girls.” I said.

We rested briefly and had some drinks and snacks, then they began to play with my cock again and got it hard, so I fucked them both again, this time I came inside them and flooded their little holes with every drop of spunk my balls were able to produce.

Strangely, the girls weren’t interested in seeing anymore of Disney World after that night, we spent the rest of our 8 day trip locked in our hotel room playing sex games and just constantly fucking each other’s brains out.

It stopped when we returned home because their mother was home, so we couldn’t do anything with her around, but I made a point of always being home early from work, long before their mother returned home, so I could spend a few hours every day with my girls and have incredible sex.

Sadie got pregnant with my baby when she was 17, their mother and I broke up, and I married Sadie was she was 22 years old, we have 2 kids of our own now.

Her sister Katie is married with a baby on the way, its not mine, we don’t have threesomes anymore but we do talk about those good old days whenever we get together, Disney World truly is a magical place where dreams come true.

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