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My Screwed Up Family

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I knew my family wasn’t like other kid’s families but I didn’t know how strange we really were until…

I was just a kid, no more than 6 when I heard my parents yelling at my brother and sister.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” Dad yelled

He continued to berate them both while my mother sat quietly with her arms crossed. I had no clue why my parents were so mad at them until I got a little older and found out for myself.

My brother, Erik and sister, Erin are twins. They’re both 5 years older than I am. They are also attached at the hip. Figuratively, not literally. Despite being opposite sex, they spend a lot of time together and are rarely apart. My parents wanted two kids and one of each sex, they just weren’t expecting to get them both at the same time. When I came along I was not planned but still very welcomed by my parents.. not so much by my siblings. They treated me horribly and always took any opportunity to humiliate me in front of others, especially my girl cousins for some reason.

As I said I had no idea what they were getting yelled at about but I have been blessed with an eidetic memory. The common term for it is photographic memory but it’s not an accurate description of how my brain operates. To put it plainly.. I remember everything.

Fast forward 8 years.. I’m now 14. I’m a very unpopular freshman in high school and I spend most of my time gaming, or masturbating. My siblings still live at home while they attend college.

I have an eidetic memory and that has made school easy but socially I’m utterly confused. My siblings are the opposite.. stupid and popular. I decided I was going to ask them for some help in meeting people and not being so awkward and weird around them. I didn’t expect help but I had to explore all options.

They never knocked on my door when they barged in my room so I thought I’d grant them the same courtesy. In my 14 years, I had been in their rooms 5 times and not recently. As I opened the door to my brothers room, I saw him sitting on the end of the bed, pants around his ankles and my sister on her knees with his cock in her mouth!

They both jumped up scared to death that they had been caught, and I was shocked beyond belief so much that I couldn’t laugh or run away which is what I wanted to do, because my brother was charging at me. He punched me in the shoulder so hard that he broke my clavicle. Erin was screaming so loud at me that I never heard the thud of his fist hitting me or my bone snap. Fortunately for them, my parents were both at work and there was no one to come running at her screams and see my brothers pants still around his ankles.

When everyone calmed down, both Erik and Erin came in my room and begged me not to tell mom and dad what I saw. I certainly wasn’t going to forget it so it meant keeping a secret which I’m not good at and don’t relish the opportunity to do so.

It was in their begging of me that triggered the memory of them being yelled at 8 years earlier. When I asked them if that’s why mom and dad were mad at them, they, to my surprise came clean about everything. For the past 8 years they had been carrying on a sexual relationship with each other. They had been caught a few times but not in over 2 years so mom and dad were beginning to think it was done.

“If mom and dad find out, they’ll stop paying our tuition.” Erik begged. “What can we do for you to keep you quiet?” He added

“You can start by taking me to the hospital. I can’t move my arm. I think you broke something.” I pleaded

They did take me to the urgent care and began making up a lie that involved me falling down the stairs.

“Dad’s not going to believe I fell down the stairs. He always says I’m just as fleet footed as he was in high school.” I protested

“Anyone can fall down stairs, just go with it!” Erin urged

This was the first time I had ever been included by them and even though it was predicated on a lie and I had to break a bone, it still felt good to be included by them and not blindly taking my parents side when they did something wrong.

Somehow the lie worked. My parents bought it and so did the doctor at the hospital. I was now apart of their secret…

Another year went by and there was no mention of any of this in our house. Erik had accepted a baseball scholarship to a 4 year college and had to transfer out of state. Erin still attending her community college. She seemed very sad when Erik left. It wasn’t driving distance so we only saw him once or twice a year.

As the year went on though, Erin started to adjust to life without Erik at her side. She even started dating a guy. He was nothing like Erik.

One night I hear a knock on my bedroom door. I had assumed it was mom since she’s the only one in my family that ever knocked.

“You can come in.” I answered.

Erin entered the room frantically. She had a towel wrapped around her head, her makeup was done very attractively,
and she was wearing a little black dress but it wasn’t zipped up in the back and the straps were hanging off her shoulders exposing most of her cleavage. I stood stunned. So stunned that I didn’t hear her ask me if I’d zip her dress up.

“Hello?! Can you quit staring at your sisters tits and help me?” She asked sternly

I nodded as I snapped out of it and helped her zip her dress up. As she turned her back to me I caught a whiff of her peach body lotion she used that smells unbelievably good!

“You got a date or something?” I asked

“What is it you always say to people you think you’re smarter than?” She said as she turned to me. “Stupid questions get stupid answers?” She added as she smacked me in the forehead and left.

As she closed the door I stood there enjoying my eidetic memory, the image of her cleavage in my mind and her scent still lingering in my room. I also noticed that my dick was rock hard!

I immediately jumped in my bed and started stroking myself. I barely got warmed up before my door swung open again…

“Hey, thanks.. OH MY GOD, SORRY!!!” Erin said as she opened, then quickly slammed my door.

Nothing kills a boner faster than being 15 and getting caught jacking off by your sister… even if she was why my cock was hard.

Erin and I avoided each other for 6 days. Not a word, no eye contact and never in the same room for more than 3 seconds.

It was a Friday night and my parents were going on a double date with another married couple down the street from us. I assumed Erin had a date or was hanging with some friends so I had a big night of masturbation planned. It was my date night too so to speak.

I was going to leave this detail out but seeing how this story is called My Screwed Up Family, why the hell not right?

One of my favorite things to do when I was home alone as a teen is snoop through everyone’s dresser drawers. Never found anything too spectacular in my siblings drawers, just some shitty weed, condoms and some pregnancy tests. My parents drawers on the other hand were quite nice. My mom had a wonderful assortment of lingerie, bras and panties. I’m not ashamed to say I loved dressing up in her lingerie and underwear. We have very similar bodies so it fit quite nicely. She also had a small collection of dildos and vibrators. Yes, I did experiment with them while dressed in her clothes.

My favorite thing about snooping though was that my dad had a rubber pussy. It was shaped like a woman’s ass and had a life like looking pussy and asshole on it. It simulates doggy style sex and the ass was nice to grab ahold of. Yeah, I used that thing! When ever I was alone, I’d run to my parents room and fuck that thing! It was incredible!!! It never crossed my mind that my dad fucked it as well. I thought maybe it was a novelty item for some reason. I mean he had my mom to fuck and based on the amount of lingerie and sex toys she had, they probably fucked a lot more than I know about and did some pretty awesome stuff to each other.

Anyways, back to the story… I was so excited for some alone time in the house! Then Erin knocked on my door…

“Do you got a minute? I’d like us to talk.” She asked closing my door behind her

Again I nodded and said nothing. I was still very nervous and embarrassed.

“Look, I don’t know what to say. Obviously you know about Erik and I. All that’s done now. You shouldn’t be embarrassed I guess. I mean you’re 15 now.. ugh, I’m rambling aren’t I? Sorry I’m nervous as well.” She rambled

“How do you know I’m nervous?” I asked

“I have eyes. You’re fidgety and still not making eye contact with me. Why?” She asked

“Well… I guess it’s because I never forget that image of walking in on you and Erik and then you came in my room and your dress was needing zipped and I could see things and you smelled good and for once you needed my help and now I’m rambling.” I said

“How much did you see?” Erin asked me

“Nothing major. Just you know, you’re cleavage.” I explained “..how much do you see?” I asked dropping my chin to my chest and covering my face in embarrassment.

“Probably a little more than you did.” She said laughing “..we don’t have to be embarrassed. Would it help if I showed you my tits?” She asked me

Inside my head I wanted to scream out “YES!!!” But what I actually said was “what’s that gonna do? That’s why I was jacking off in the first place!” Immediately regretting the diarrhea of the mouth.

We sat in silence for a few minutes before she got up and left without saying anything. A few minutes later I heard her leave and despite having the house to myself, I was too depressed to enjoy my alone time.

An hour later I heard the front door open. I assumed my parents were now home and immediately regretted not fucking that rubber pussy once or twice. Twenty minutes later there was a knock on my door.

“You can come in.” I mumbled

As the door opened, I saw Erin standing in the door way wearing a bathrobe. The swinging of the door opening cast a light breeze towards me and I caught a quick whiff of that same peach body lotion.

“Hey.” She said

“I thought you were Mom.” I muttered

“They’re not home, and you need to stop feeling sad and embarrassed.” She said entering my room and closing the door behind her.

“I can feel whatever I want.” I responded

“How does this make you feel?” She asked as she removed her bathrobe and dropped it on the floor.

She was completely naked, and 3 feet away! Her long black hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her perky 34B breasts pointing right at me. The peach body lotion still glistening all over her body. The scent now permeating throughout my room. She had the smallest well kept strip of pubic hair just above her pussy. She stood with her hands on her hips and her legs just a bit spread apart.

“We’ll? Feeling better yet?” She asked

“Yeah.. yes, I suppose I am.” I said sitting up straight and casually adjusting my boner

“That’s not the reaction I was expecting. I thought you’d be a little more excited.” She said

“I am… honest. I’m really excited if you know what I mean.” I said still embarrassed to be here, not just uncharacteristically talking like that but to my sister nonetheless.

“Show me!” She said

Here’s how dumb a smart person can be sometimes. My response to her saying Show Me, was to smile at her and say woohoo!

“Wow. For someone with as much brains as you, you sure are dumb.” She said annoyed but laughing a bit. “..do I really have to spell this out for you? Take your dick out!”

I was shocked at what she said, and even more shocked at how dumb I must look to her right now.

I scooted to the edge of the bed and put my feet on the floor. Unzipped my jeans and pulled my dick out.

“Keep going! Take it all off!” She demanded

I had never been naked in front of anyone other than my mom as a toddler taking baths. The closest I had come to sex was a hand job from a girl that I wasn’t even attracted to at a party.

I slowly took off my shirt, threw it on the end of the bed and then even slower, pulled my pants down to my ankles and kicked them off. I never made eye contact with her, just stared at the floor.

“What the fuck is that?!” She yelled

“What?!” I responded finally making eye contact

“Stand up!” She demanded as she grabbed my wrist and pulled me up. “What the fuck? Your dick is huge! Oh my god! How big is that?!” She asked

“I don’t know.”

“Bullshit, you know it’s big, you’ve measured it.” She said as she reached out and grabbed the tip of my dick.

A shockwave of pleasure went through my entire body as her soft hand gently squeezed my head.

“I don’t know, like just over 9 inches” I responded trying to gain my composure

“Jesus! Way bigger than Erik. Thicker too!” She said smiling and putting her hand on my chest and pushing me back down on the edge of the bed.

She got on her knees and slid between my legs just as she was with my brother when I caught them and all this started. Her hand squeezed the base of my shaft and then I felt it.. her soft lips, warm breath and swirling tongue on my cock. I let out an awkward moan as my head fell back and my eyes rolled back in my head for a moment.

“Oh man, I’m gonna cum!” I moaned

Erin didn’t stop though. She kept my cock in her mouth until I exploded. It felt like I was cumming for the first time all over again! My body went tingly and numb and I couldn’t breath. I was light headed as she looked up at me. She had cum and saliva all over her chin and lips.

“Can you keep that thing hard for a few minutes?” She said as she stood up.

I nodded, not sure if I could or not. The truth is, she just gave me my first blow job and I would’ve agreed to anything she said blindly at that moment.

She straddled my legs and grabbed the base of my shaft and pressed it against her pussy. She was soaking wet and despite my above average size and her petite 105 pound frame, I slid all the way inside her.

“Oh shit! That’s deep!” She yelped

She wrapped her arms around my neck and began to grind on my cock. Her perky little tits bounced in my face and I couldn’t resist sucking on her nipple.

“BITE IT!” She demanded as she put her hand on the back of my head. “HARDER! Oh fuck!!” She screamed

My hands were holding on to her tiny little ass if only to hold her in place.

“Smack my ass!” She demanded once more




“Oh god yes!!! Oh, OH OH OH FUCK YES YES YES RIGHT THERE!!!” She screamed out.

Her grinding came to a slow and then eventually stopped. She sat there on my lap for a minute trying to catch her breath. I could feel my balls, legs and bed was drenched.

Erin finally stood up and my cock slid out of her. Immediately, bead after bead of cum and sweat trickled down her legs.

“What the fuck?!” I said looking down at the mess she made on me and my bed.

“Sorry, I sprayed everywhere. I’m messy like that.” She said with a giggle. “..it’s your fault.” She added

“Was I good?” I asked like an idiot

“Stupid questions get stupid answers! Oh my god, how are you not fucking every girl in that school?! You should be more confident. You got the good little brother.” She said kissing me on the cheek and picking up her bathrobe.

She left my room and didn’t come back. I laid in my bed completely naked all night, never washing her cum and scent off me. Every time my cock got hard in the night I stroked it until I came and I never cleaned that off my stomach either. I jacked off 5 times in the hours after we had sex, every time to the images of her sitting on my lap screaming in my ear at how good I was!

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