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my neighbour’s farm

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Here’s a position any zoophilia animal lover can only wish for, I live in a small town and it’s so happens my neighbours own a farm

for someone who loves and enjoys zoophilia beastiality ,for me it’s a dream come true ever since I’ve discovered a woman getting penetrated by numerous different animals online made me very curious to what men can do when given the opportunity well for me after watching multiple vids of men penetrating numerous different animals made me crave to try a so bad ,,
it was easy so I have a neighbour that I live near whose owned his own barn and farm animals ever since I was young ,, and it just happens he lives on the end of town so there wasn’t much residents near him and My neighborhood is located just across woodlands that separate my neighborhood from his farm land,, I’m not very good at measurements but if I were too guess the woods were at least 1foot ball field apart from my neighborhood so it would only take me at least 2 3 minutes to get there… anyways after watching and discovering everything I can online it wasn’t till a week and a half ago I realized that I can maybe get close enough to a few farm animals so that day I waited for the call of night to sneak my way across the woods towards my neighbor.. the walk there boy was my blood pumping and heart beating almost felt like I was having anxiety how bad I was thinking about it has I finally walked out the woods I stopped for a moment staring and examining the barn I was at the end of his fence and was lucky that our house was located behind because now I had a clean path towards the barn and just hearing multiple farm animals making noise inside started to get me hard to make things less attracting I wore all black so I could blend in with the night ,,,,making it to the barn was so easy the barn was positioned inbetween me and my neighbors house making it impossible for them to see me if they looked out there windows so all I did was casually walk to fulfil my wish as I got too barn door there was much light which made it perfect so I slowly opened the door and walked in right away I was greeted by confused stares by the animals has I walked down the the barn has I gazed apon these beautiful farm animals my boner was literally twitching inside my joggers I started stroking it lightly while admiring the animals I knew there wasn’t much time so I began looking and thinking which one to try I’ve had chooses between cows,mares and goats but there was one particular farm animal I had my mind on already and it was a sheep I’ve read online that sheep are very weak when it comes to physical strength and are obedient to taking orders so I made my way towards the sheep area and I was surprised with being able to close between multiple of them it only took me a few seconds to realize that these were all male so I felt kinda bummed out but has I was about to choose another I came across this nice slim sheep in a stable alone so I came to look and to my hopes it was a female sheep and by the looks of it she may be a few years old but at the time I didn’t really care I just wanted to find the perfect sheep that won’t make no fuss I stood there and pulled my pants down too my knees and started jerking off infront of her I did this for about a minute as she just sat there looking I couldn’t wait I crept into her stable cock fully erect in my hand and she gave me the most confusing look ever I almost felt bad for what I was about to do with her at the time I was so horny I just wanted to fulfill my sexual desires I wasted no time i walked right up to her while getting down to my knees here I grabbed her with my right arm and wrapped around her stomach holding her in place like a football thats when I used my other free hand to slowly slid my middle finger up and down her cunt she was very still in the beginning so I then used my 3middle fingers and started rubbing harder at that moment that’s when she started getting alittle jumpy and even tried walking away and I tell you know at this time I was thinking I just wanted to fuck so I then chance my position so that I was now kneeling vertically on knee and I place her stomach laying firmly on my knee keeping her back legs up from touching the ground and I continued ,,not rubbing her but rather entering my middle finger only into her cunt this was the moment I rubbed her clip up and down a few more times then aimed my finger right into her and she gave out the cutest Yelp that my cock was just twitching now I rapidly finger fucked her so fast that again she tried walking away but I had to much of a good grip on her she wasn’t going no where and that kinda made me loose alittle control over myself I stopped fingering her and let her go that’s when I started looking around the barn for a specific item thinking about it made me more horny that’s when I found what I was looking for it was a stack of hay I quickly grabbed it and returned to the innocent sheep there I just slammed the hay infront of her and i almost felt bad cuz she was huddled right in the corner and a soon as I grabbed her she started yelping again and that when the aggression came out I gave her a few steps across the face and told her to shut up and listen to my orders I grabbed her by her two front legs and she unwillingly followed that’s when I grabbed that stack of hay and positioned it on its higher side that’s when I pulled her front legs over the stack of hay then I proceeded behind her grabbing hold of her back legs then pulling her up over the stack of hay and my theory worked
I had her on her stomach laying over the stack of hay that was the right height enough to keep all 4 off her legs of the ground this is we’re I felt really disappointed with myself I didn’t realize all the other animals watching me has I stood behind her she was just struggling to move around at times she tried to look back at me but can’t how immobilized she was like she couldn’t run away from me if she wanted but I didn’t care,,like my fleshlight I got at home I was gunna fuck this sheep like she was my personal sex toy came up behind her and started licking her wet cunt I gave her helpless body oral for at least 3 minutes before I started pounded her and even tho she didn’t like it her pussy was reacting amazingly to my cock her fuck hole kept tightening around my shaft pulling my forsaking right back and over my cock head it was unbelievable and every time I pulled out her cunt feels like it’s trying to suck me back in I was lost in pleasure I even started to spank her butt and calling her dirty names the weight of her helpless body moving motionless against me,,my aggressive trusts even made the stack of hay I had her on tilt back and forth making her fall back into my cock with more force that’s when I felt myself reaching my climax I pulled my pants right down to my ankles and stuck My dick right inside her and moved her facing looking at all the other animals I wanted them all to see this sheep I turned into my sex toy I continued to give her hard aggressive thrusts till I filled her up with my cum that’s when I stood there realizing what I just done to this sheep and that nobody even knew what I was here doing I quickly pulled out still erect but knew I had to start making my way home I cleaned her pussy off with my socs while putting the stack of hay back we’re I found it ever since then I only went back twice I’m not sure if my neighbour’s are catching on yet or noticed anything I hope not

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