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It’s for your own good. You’ll thank me later.

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I raped my granddaughter, but it was for her own good. She had to know and understand that cocks give pleasure. None of this lesbian crap.

I’m old school, 57 years old, some of you will hate me but I don’t believe in same sex relationships, I just can’t deal with it, I especially can’t deal with these transsexuals, if you are born male or female then that is what you are.

My prejudice towards these people came too close to home for my liking, my eldest son came to me one day, he’s 35, he was crying and devastated because his 11 year old daughter, my granddaughter had come to him and his wife and told them that she liked girls at that she was a lesbian.

Well, I fucking exploded, I arranged with him to have my granddaughter come over and stay with me for a couple of days and that I would talk some sense in to her.

The day came and she arrived at my house, my granddaughter is beautiful, she’s an absolute diamond, I love her with every ounce of my being, but I will not tolerate her being a lesbian, she is a girl and her job is to give her parent’s grandchildren and me great-grandchildren.

I told her all of this and let her know how I felt about it, she was angry that her gramps didn’t support her in this and we had a huge blowout argument for the rest of the day.

She went through telling me how she felt about herself and about other girls and that this is what she wanted, I tried to talk her out of it but she wouldn’t listen, late in to evening, having spent all day fighting and her getting me all riled up, I’d had enough.

I grabbed her arm and dragged her off the couch and upstairs to my bedroom, I lifted her up and tossed her through the air on to my bed and I slammed my door shut.

“Gramps, what are you doing?” she asked.

I kicked off my slippers and started to undress, “You don’t know what you want. You’re only 11 and you haven’t experienced all the pleasures in life. You said you don’t like penises, well, how do you know when you haven’t even fucking tried it.” I replied.

“What?” she asked.

“You’re going to try it right now. I’m going to fuck that lesbian shit right out of you.” I replied.

When I’d finished undressing and she saw my cock, she sprung off the bed and bolted for the door, I grabbed and dragged her kicking and screaming back to my bed.

I sat on her while ripping her clothes to shreds as I tore them off in rage, she was struggling and trying to fight me off but I was far too big and heavy for her skinny little arms and legs to do any damage to me, “Get off me. Get off. Get off!!” she screamed and started crying.

“You can cry all you want. But this is for your own good. I didn’t want to do this but you’ve left me no choice.” I replied.

After I got her naked I stretched out my arms and I pinned her hands down and I forced my head between her legs and licked her pussy out ferociously, her pussy began to lubricate itself as she continued to struggle and scream.
Then I crawled up her body, I took my cock in my hand and I pushed it deep in to her virgin pussy, she screamed so loud I thought the windows would shatter, once my cock was deep inside her I worked my hips and I fucked her hard.

“Stop! – Ungh – No – Ungh – Gramps!!!” she cried.

I fucked her for about 15 minutes, ignoring her screams and cries for me to stop, then she calmed down, apart from the occasional sexual moan, she was silent and stop fighting me, I continued to fuck her tight hole, my god it was the best pussy I’d ever had and I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of it around my cock.

“I’m sorry, darling. But this has to be done. You’ll thank me one day.” I said.

Suddenly her sexual moans got louder and more frequent, I knew what was happening, “That’s it. That’s it. Enjoy this moment.” I whispered to her softly, her back arched and her head flew back, she moaned intensely as she experience her very first orgasm, I felt her juices flowing around my cock.

I thrust into her faster and faster, intensifying her orgasm and about to reach my own climax, she held on to me for dear life as she battled through her orgasm and me fucking her with my cock now balls deep inside her, I pushed my cock so hard in to her it made the bed move across the floor and I ejaculated inside her.

My job was done, she’d now experienced the pleasures a cock can bring her and she never said another word about being a lesbian after that, in fact she didn’t speak to me much at all after that.

A few weeks after she went home my son came to see me and told me that they took her to the doctor because she wasn’t feeling well and it turned out that she was pregnant, I told my son what I had done, he was a bit angry that I’d taken such extreme measures but he understand my motives and he told me he would keep it between us.

My granddaughter has had her baby now, my baby, a little girl, I’m not sure if I should refer to her as my daughter or my great-granddaughter, I guess she is both, hopefully she won’t grow up to want to be a lesbian or I’ll have to sort her out as well.

I made my point.

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  • Reply John ID:2nhj65nozl1

    I raped my granddaughter for the first time when she was 11 years old. At first she didn’t like it, and screamed a lot. However, now she’s 12 she often askes me to fuck her.

  • Reply SnakeGuy ID:4ken15tv41

    Hopefully this is fake

    • evebroughtanaxthistime ID:1arfsxtqrk4

      You may sleep soundly.
      (1.) In real life, there is just no way that Mr Patriarch Pride would have mentioned his son crying and not complain about it. It did help to explain away some of the craziness with the son not mutilating Grandpops in the end though.
      (2.)Surely a child of that age would have ended up in a damaged and traumatized state and would have needed a trip to the doctor (in the least!).
      (3.)The child still speaks to him sometimes??? It is one thing keeping a dog after he killed all the chickens, but quite another letting him sleep in the coupe after the incident!
      No, even though things similar to this happens all the time – they call it corrective rape (don’t ask why, it corrects nothing, only reinforces the original perceived ‘error’) – this particular story is fictional. Just well versed.

  • Reply evebroughtanaxthistime ID:1ard99920a4

    I know. The bad guy won. And got away. Again!!! In real life, this character would not be invited to give pony rides at any kiddie’s party ever again But this IS a fap story. About a bad guy getting his dick wet In the middle of all the suspension in disbelief, the writer was so convincing, that even I had to fight the code of reality (thankfully for a mere second) from destroying my ultimate goal. i like completing tasks, so when it does happen, i thank the writer. Thank you, oh Writer (in need of your alias). Why, when one tries to vote – ‘failed to verify referrer’- pops up instead? Have to vote, have to vote…..
    To try and explain it to the people who felt hurt and insulted by the topics exposed in this story – this is a story about a very bad man, who prefers (insists upon)) not to think when something comes along that eludes his frame of reference. His total disregard for his granddaughter’s future mental health and happiness, combined with the war tactics he employs to try and force obedience, shines sufficient light on his unsavory disposition to conclude that the author does not agree with anything this man has to ooze. You:ll figure it out.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1zftzosim3o

    When i get old enugh😃 to get preg. Incest rape❤️ bring it on. Love thies storys!

  • Reply Irritated comment reader ID:2atw51exikl

    Can’t believe people are mad over this. These stories are pretty much 99.9% made up. Like the purpose of this site is to express what you like sexually for others enjoyment. Just shows how soft hearted some people are. It’s a fabricated story like damn. Even if the top about transsexual and homosexuals are the writer’s options that’s their right to have. Not everyone has to agree with the world. Damn boner killers. Don’t like the story don’t read or comment you came of your own choice and read it yourself.

    • HH ID:8d5fnvj9d0j


    • [email protected] ID:814qk9nzrjn

      You are have right

  • Reply Horneolman ID:80cptc0h6

    You are a disgusting piece of shit. Raped your own granddaughter and impregnated her because you didn’t approve of her being a lesbian. If she wasn’t before you probably pushed her now she’ll prefer that to some dirt bag pervert wanting to shove his cock in her. Your not fit to be called her grandfather or anything else. I hope they find you out and lock you up for a good many years.

    • Lannon ID:pvkvgx4m1i

      I agree

  • Reply Bruh ID:8k415bbgv32

    homophobic for no reason. And incest? God thats disgusting

  • Reply John fucking smith ID:60zt3erm9ik

    If this was my daughter that got brutally rape and pregnant by my father I would shot my father in head

    • Anon ID:5q5u79hrik

      Same if you don’t like that there into the same sex then fuck off out there lives simple as that