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I’m 12 and I love my Nan so much

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My Nan used to be a dominatrix, and she used her knowledge to teach me everything I now know about sex. Thanks Nan.

Most kids my age don’t like hanging around with their grandparents, but I absolutely love sleeping over at my Nan’s house on a weekend, she totally drains me.

My Nan used to be a dominatrix in her younger days, which I found out when I was 12 years old and got my first boner whilst staying over at her house.

She only has one bedroom so I slept in the same bed with her, I couldn’t sleep because I had an erection, my Nan was laid on her side facing away from me and she was asleep, so I started to jerk myself off, it was the only way it would go away and I could get to sleep.

As I was jerking off my Nan suddenly woke up and turned around, she asked me what I was doing but I was too embarrassed to say, she put her hand under the covers and discovered my boner, “You naughty boy.” She said, but she said it in a nice way and then she took over and she jerked me off until I ejaculated in to her hand.

“Well, you’re growing up rather fast.” She said, pulling her hand out from underneath the sheets, she showed me the puddle of spunk in the middle of her hand, “That’s a big load for a boy your age.” She said, then she put it in her mouth and ate it, which grossed me out a little, “Tasty.” She joked.

The following Friday my Nan opened up to me and told me about her days as a dominatrix and she showed me a cupboard where she kept all her old bondage things and sex toys, “Would you like to have some fun with your old Nanna?” she asked me, “I can make you feel really good.” She added.

Doing sex stuff with my Nan never entered my mind until that day, I remembered how good it felt when she jerked me off the last time, so I was curious how much better she could make it feel, “Yes please, Nan.” I said, feeling very excited about it.

That night she made me go to bed without my pyjamas on then she tied my hands together and to the bar on the metal headboard above my head, I thought that was a bit weird but allowed her to do it, then she put a small black rubber ball in my mouth which was tied around my face with a leather strap, I started to get worried but she kept reassuring me and calmed me down.

Then she took a stick which had a bit of leather on the end of it and she gently rubbed it over my naked body, it kind of tickled but wasn’t so bad, but then she hid me with it, she was whipping me and gradually getting harder each time, “Ouch.” I muttered from behind the ball gag that was in my mouth.

I was in pain and I was scared and yet somehow it was turning me on, I got an erection and she smothered lube all over it and she jerked on it and squeezed my balls quite hard, it didn’t take me long to ejaculate the first time, literally seconds, “Oh, someone’s in a hurry.” She said, as my spunk squirted all over my stomach, “It’s started flowing now so let’s keep it going.” She added.

She put a vibrating cock ring around my shaft and left it humming while she continued to whip me and she started to grab and twist my nipples which really hurt, I was thrashing around on the bed, my body reacting to the pain and stimulation, my brain was confused, it wanted to get away from the pain but at the same time it was enjoying the sex play, so I just continued to move around and my legs were sliding all over the place while the vibrator got me hard again and made my balls ache.

Nan then brought out a silicone tube thing that was in the shape of a pussy at one end, she slipped my cock inside it and used it to jerk me off, she’d pump it a few times and then take it off, she repeated that motion over and over again, the tip of my cock was so very sensitive at this point and I quickly ejaculated again.

She licked my spunk off my stomach and allowed me to rest, but only for like 2 minutes, she left the vibrating cock ring on me and when my cock hardened for the third time she then added a very tight fitting rubber ring which restricted my ball sack, she flipped me over on to my front, my cock was so hard and hurting I couldn’t lay flat on my front.

“Such a cute little ass.” She said, then with my arse raised up in the air, keeping my cock from pressing against the mattress, she slapped and whipped my bare ass extremely hard until it was red and sore, then she flipped me back over.

She went down on me and slipped my cock in to her warm mouth, she had removed her false teeth and she was slavering all over my cock, but again it felt awesome, her lips were clamped around my cock tightly and she was tickling and teasing my balls, then I ejaculated again, this time directly in to her mouth.

“That’s my boy. We’re getting a lot out of you tonight, aren’t we. This is good. Do you want to keep going?” she said.

I was in a lot of pain, my cock and balls were in agony and I was quietly crying with my cheeks red from my tears, but I told myself to be brave, even though it was incredibly painful I was really enjoy it, so I nodded, telling her I wanted more.

She removed the vibrating ring from my cock and the rubber ring from my balls, which was a huge relief, but then she brought out another one, this one was like the number 8, it had two rings connected, she placed one around my cock at the bottom and then pulled on the other one, she put my balls through the other ring and it felt very tight, she’d trapped the blood in my cock preventing it from shrinking.

She lube me up a little more and then she straddled me, she lifted her night dress and I saw her pussy, it was a bit hairy but not too much, my Nan was old but she was surprisingly smooth down there, no wrinkled skin or anything, she held my cock with her fingers and I watched as she lowered herself down and slid my cock inside her old pussy.

I had no frame of reference as to what a pussy should feel like inside but it did feel nice, I could feel bumps rolling over my cock each time she moved up and down, Nan rode on my cock for about 10 minutes until I ejaculated, but the rings she had put around my cock and balls prevented it from coming out and it was painful as hell.

Nan got off my cock and proceeded to jerk me off, both using her hands and the silicone pussy she used earlier, I ejaculated again but still nothing came out, my cock was now slowly turning purple and I could feel all the spunk that was backed up and trapped inside it.

She kept going and tormented my cock for a further 15-20 minutes until my body began to thrash around from the pain and torment, I could feel the enormous pressure building up inside my cock, Nan knew I was about to ejaculate again so she quickly removed the cock and ball rings and jerked on my cock really fast.

“Come on, love. That’s it. You can do this. Come for Nanna. Come on.” She said.

I could feel tremendous pain in my balls and a sharp stabbing feeling in my cock, I couldn’t lay still, my hips moved fast and I was bouncing my ass up and down off the mattress, I could feel it coming, then it happened, and oh my gosh it was huge, so much spunk shot out of my cock it took me about 2 minutes to shoot it all out, I swear to God you wouldn’t believe the amount of spunk that came out of me.

It shot out of me like a never ending water fountain, my Nan’s hand, my cock, my balls, my stomach and my upper legs were absolutely covered in streams of white spunk.

When it was over I burst in to tears, sure they were tears because of how much it hurt shooting off that much spunk in one go, but also because I was happy, it did feel good, so very good, and it was probably the most intense sexual experience any 12 year old had ever had, ever!.

And that is why I love sleeping over at my Nan’s every weekend, she has opened my eyes and taught me so much about sex, and how much punishment a cock can take, we now do this every weekend and the pain has gotten easier to put up with so now it’s almost just pure pleasure each time.

I love my Nan.

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