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I took my little sister dogging – Part 1

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I had to take my sister Natalie dogging with me because I was stuck babysitting her and didn’t want to miss a great night.

I absolutely love having sex, especially with strangers, my favourite activity is joining Dogging groups for random, night time sexual encounters, and basically loads of strangers meet up in a car park or out in the woods and have sex with others who turn up.

On one particular night I had pre-arranged to meet up with a Dogging group I got lumbered with babysitting my 12 year old sister, Natalie, at the very last minute, but I was so looking forward to getting out and having sex I couldn’t miss it just because of her, and besides she is 12 years old, it would be a good life experience for her, so I took her with me.

The meet was taking place out in the countryside after dark, I drove us there and we pulled in to a car park in a field often used for festivals, there were loads of people already there, lots of cars parked up, a fire pit in the middle of the car park and people standing around talking and drinking.

As we drove by some other cars, we could see that some people were already having sex in the back seats, one woman was naked with her hands and tits pressed against the back window, someone was drilling her from behind, Natalie didn’t know where to look and the look on her face made me laugh, “Did you see that?” I asked.

“Are they? – I mean – Are they…” she uttered, knowing exactly what she just saw but looking at me for confirmation.

“Fucking? – Yes, they are.” I replied, I parked up and we got out of the car and started walking towards the fire pit, I held Natalie’s hand as we walked, she looked so shocked at all the people fucking in cars and her face turned red from embarrassment, “What are you blushing for? – it’s okay you can look. They don’t mind.” I said.

We joined a few other people and a nice looking guy handed me a beer bottle, “Thanks.” I said.

“I don’t want to sound parental or anything but don’t you think she’s a bit young to be here?” he asked.

I chuckled, “Nah, she’s fine. I’ve been waiting for this for weeks, then I had to babysit but I wasn’t going to miss this. I’m Lucy, by the way…” I said, shaking his and a few other people’s hands, “…This is Natalie, my sister.” I said.

They said hi to her and she said hi back, but she was a little shy, hiding herself away behind my back and just looking out from the side, “I’m John.” The guy introduced himself.

I was eager to get started so I just came out with hit, “So, you wonna go back to my car?” I asked him.

“Sure.” He replied.

I squatted down in front of Natalie to her level, “Okay, I’m going to go talk to this man, okay. You wait here, there’s fruit juice on that table over there. I won’t be long.” I said to her, then I walked back to the car with John.

John and I were in the backseat of my car, removing our clothes pretty fast as things quickly got heated, he was sucking and nibbling on my breasts and really turning me on while I put my hand down his pants and rubbed his thick hard cock, then there was a knock on the window, “Lucy.” Shouted Natalie.

I tilted my head back and saw Natalie standing outside the car looking in through the window, “Oh my God.” I pulled an item of clothing over my chest and opened the door before wiggling out from underneath John and stepping outside, “What is it, what’s wrong?” I asked.

“I want to go home. I don’t like it here.” She said.

“Oh, sweetheart. Look, I know this is really strange, but I….” I didn’t know how to explain it to her properly, so I just said it, “…I need to get some cock. Do you understand?” I said.

“No.” she replied.

People were looking over at us so I told her to get in the car, I opened the front driver door for her and she climbed inside, I got in to the back and closed the doors.

“Should I go?” asked John.

“No, no, no!” I replied, I wasn’t letting him get away, “Natalie, just, please, just sit there, here play a game on my phone. We just need to do something, okay?” I said, handing her my phone.

“Okay.” She said, getting comfy in her seat.

“This is a bit weird. Are you sure we should be doing this with her in the car.” Said John.

I grabbed him and pulled him down on top of me, “Shut up and fuck me!” I said.

We got in to it again and soon he had his enormous hard cock between my legs, I moaned with pleasure when I felt his length and girth push through my pussy hole and enter my body, “Yes. Oh yes.” I moaned, he began to fuck me and it felt so good.

A couple of minutes later I opened my eyes and turned my head, I saw Natalie peering down at us over the back of the front seat and she smiled at me, at first I felt frustrated that she was watching and I was about to shout at her, then I remembered what it was like being 12 years old, she was just curious, so I smiled back at her while John pounded my pussy hard.

“She’s watching us.” Said John, puffing and panting.

“I know.” I replied.

John sat up and starting fucking me wheelbarrow style, he made eye contact with Natalie, then Natalie looked down and watched his cock sliding in and out of my pussy, I saw her bite her bottom lip, I knew that look, I looked the same way when I had my first cock, could it be that my little sister was getting turned on by watching us, “Hey, look at me…” I said, she turned and looked in to my eyes, “…Does it look good?” I asked.
She nodded.

I then looked at John and we both shared the same look and grin at each other, knowing what each of us was thinking, “What do you think?” I asked.

“If she’s up for it.” He replied, then he really rammed his cock in to me and he ejaculated, “Oooh fuck. God damn.” He moaned.

“Oh – yeah!” I groaned, feeling his lovely warm spunk fill up my insides.

John and I put our clothes back on loosely and I told Natalie to wait in the car while we had a talk outside, I knew my little sister was ready to take her first cock but I had to be sure he was willing to do it.

– Part 2 coming soon.

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  • Reply GFY ID:5lve276ufos

    wow 2 fukkn years and no part 2, what a jerk, normally and its pretty often, some turd post an incomplete story or series, well i then do what i can

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenbfib

    Nice and such a very perceptive sister just knowing she is ready for a grown up cock. Make me wish I was there watching or even partaking in the deflowering. Teaching them is so amazing just watching their sex face as they reach an intense orgasm is priceless.

  • Reply skimofkr ID:gnrzoz8ri

    waiting for part 2

  • Reply [email protected] ID:vuf1mt0b

    That’s hot, looking forward to 2. FYI, IDK how English kids are, but American girls stop being that shy around 9; very great story, keep up the good work.

  • Reply zandy ID:4qq1zdmrq

    Looking forward to part 2

  • Reply zena ID:c5rpuenm2

    You should have initiated Natalie right at that time – not fucking but getting her groped, kissed and fondled by strange hands… of females and males!

  • Reply Freddo ID:1gt0ngw9b0b

    Please please, w WE want to read chapters 2,3,4, and so on there is plenty of scoop here.

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    Please send part 2

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    When’s number two?

  • Reply Waiting and hoping ID:5az2cbk0a

    Any idea when number two is coming?

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    Whens lt 2???

  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

    Just a question, because I’m American, and “Dogging” is mostly a left-hand drive (England, Australia…) thing, culturally. So anyway, I’ve never heard of “Dogging groups.” To me, it’s mostly been Dogging Spots. Basically, anyone knows the car parks, back woods, and scenic overlooks, and a good time to go there. Usually weekends, though sometimes there’s a Tuesday/Thursday night thing to get through the week. Is it different wherever you are? The idea of having an organized group kinda defeats the purpose, because you’re going to have the same people show up, and get to know them eventually…