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I love my new mommy

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Anne is the greatest step-mother ever. She taught me everything I know about sex from the age of 11 and we still fuck in secret to this very day.

Hi, I’m Toby, and I’m still having a sexual relationship with my step-mother that my father still doesn’t know about, and it all started when I was 11 years old.

I’ve lived with my dad since I was 4 years old, and when I was 6 he met his new wife, Leanne, but she liked to be called Anne, she was 19 a bit young for my dad but it didn’t bother either of them much, and I really liked her.

Anne was a proper mother to me and one of the many things she did for me was bath me every couple of days, when I was 6 that was fine, but you’re probably wondering why she kept giving me baths when I was 11 years old.

Well, I was born without a right foot and right hand, my arm and leg was there but I just didn’t have a foot or a hand at the end of them, Anne would also help me with my bathing because I struggled to get in and out of the bath by myself and she was worried I would hurt myself if I slipped or something.

The fact I didn’t have a right hand or foot is the reason why I was sent to live with my dad in the first place, my real mom couldn’t cope with having a disabled son, so she abandoned me completely, but at least I had Anne now, and she was a much better mom to me than my real one could have ever been, I loved Anne so much, she was and still is my mommy as far as I’m concerned.

Now you know my circumstances and about me and my family, let’s get on to the sex stuff.

Whilst dad was working late at the office, it was my bath night, Anne took me upstairs and helped me bath in the tub as she always has done, she helped me wash and then she helped me out of the bath as usual, whilst I held on to the towel rail she took the towel and started drying off all the soap bubbles and water, as usual.

Anne had done this hundreds of times over the years and it was never weird or sexual until this night, she was drying my crotch area and I experienced a strange sensation that I’d never felt before, my balls tingled and I got a small erection, it came as a surprise because I hadn’t started puberty yet, I had no pubic hair and my balls hadn’t even dropped.

She looked up at me and then back to my cock, before I knew it her head fell forward and she put my cock in to her mouth.

After sucking down the length of my erection, twice, she quickly stopped, then she quickly stood up and looked at me in horror, I had never seen her look so scared before, then she dropped the towel and just ran out of the bathroom crying.

Anne ran off looking scared and crying and I was also a little scared because I didn’t understand what just happened, or why she reacted the way she did, although it made me feel pretty good when she sucked my cock.

I picked up the wet towel and wrapped it around my waist and I hopped across the landing and in to her bedroom where she was sitting on the side of her bed with her head in her hands sobbing.

“Mommy, are you okay?” I asked, hopping over and sitting beside her, I placed my hand on her shoulder because that’s what people do to me when I’m upset.

She lifted her head and looked at me, her face was red from crying and tears were running down her face, “Forgive me, Toby, I’m so-so sorry. I don’t know why I did that. Oh my god!” She sobbed.

“Don’t cry, Mommy.” I said, and I put my arms around her and she put hers around me and we hugged.

Whilst we were hugging my erection got harder and longer, I felt like it was me that was doing something wrong, so I let go of her and I stood up, but I stood up too quickly and my towel got caught under her leg only for a second and as I stood up came off and fell on to the floor, I was standing there naked with a throbbing erection sticking up between my legs.

As I quickly turned around to pick it up, Anne, at the exact same time squatted down on the floor to pick it up, she grabbed the towel and looked up, she came face to face with my cock, well, it was more her nose to my cock, she looked up at me and I looked at her, we just stared at each other for about a minute in silence.

Then her eyes rolled down to look at my cock, she threw the towel behind her and shuffled towards me quickly on her knees, as she put her arms around the back of me and grabbed hold of my ass, I placed my hand on her shoulder, she pulled against my ass thrusting my hips forward and at the same time she slid my cock in to her mouth and she started sucking it just like she did in the bathroom.

“Ooh – That feels good, Mommy.” I said, and it really did, I pushed my hips back and she pulled them forward, we repeated this motion over and over again for several minutes, then she stopped and began to remove her clothes.

“Oh Toby. My beautiful boy…” she said, breathing heavily, she held my cock and jerked it rapidly, “…Come for Mommy. Come in Mommy’s mouth.” She said, then she sucked it again, really hard this time.

A few minutes later I thought I’d pee’d in her mouth, but I hadn’t, I had ejaculated, it felt like peeing but a thousand times better, “Ooh – Mommy – Aaah.” I groaned.

She slowed right down and made “Mmm.” Noises, like she was enjoying the taste of it, and she slurped on the tip of my cock, sucking every last drop out of it.

My only good leg gave out and I almost fell over, she caught me and carried me over to the bed, “Are you alright, darling?” she asked me.

“Yes, Mommy.” I replied with a smile, her sucking on my cock made me feel so happy inside.

She grabbed hold of my cock again and rubbed it up and down, it had started to shrink down but quickly hardened again, “Let’s keep it going. Are you up for some fun?” she asked.

“Yes!” I replied, if fun meant her playing with cock some more then hell yes I was up for it.
She finished removing all her clothes and I saw her boobs and her shaven pussy for the first time, my birthday was still 2 months away, but happy birthday to me, “Wow.” I said, she let me touch her boobs and rub my finger along the crack of her pussy, then we got on to the bed, she laid down on her back and asked me to lay on top of her.

We were on the bed naked, I was on top of her, we were hugging, feeling each other up and kissing, my hard cock was pressing against her stomach, I was shorter than her so my cock didn’t reach down to her pussy whilst we were kissing, “I want you to fuck me, Toby. Do you know what that means?” she asked.

“No?” I replied, I honestly didn’t at the time.

She got me to move down her body and she put my hand on her pussy, “Slide your finger in there. Do you feel the hole?” she asked.

“Yes.” I replied.

“Good boy. Just, put your cock in that hole, okay?” she said.

“Okay, Mommy…” I replied, then I positioned myself with my cock on her pussy, I moved my hips to push it forward but her pussy was really wet and my cock kept slipping along her crack instead of through it, then she leaned her arm forward and helped guide it in for me.

“There, that’s it. Now, push.” She said.

My cock slid inside her pussy easily, it kind of felt like the inside of her mouth but her pussy was tighter, and it felt like a thousand tongues were licking my cock all at once, “Is this right, Mommy?” I asked, starting to thrust.

“That’s perfect, darling. Perfect. Fuck Mommy.” She replied, beginning to moan and gasp.

I slumped over on to her, with my head laid on top of her just below her boobs, and I swung my hips backwards and forwards, constantly thrusting my cock in and out of her hole, I preferred pushing it forward because it felt so good when I pushed it inside and I humped her faster and faster because I just wanted to keep experiencing that intense feeling.

I must have gone at least 15-20 minutes which was quite impressive considering I was totally knackered after the first 5 minutes, but it felt so good I just soldiered on, “Mommy, its happening again, I can feel it.” I shouted.

Her knees then lifted and she put her ankles against my ass, holding me in place, but with just enough slack so I could continue thrusting, but not enough for me to completely pull out, “Yes, Toby. Oh, my baby, yes.” She groaned and groaned.

“Uh – Uh – Uh – Ooooooooooh – Uh!” I moaned, as my body began to violently shake and I felt my balls pumping my spunk up the length of my cock and shooting it out of the tip, as soon as I ejaculated she dug her heels in to my ass harder and pulled me forward, my balls practically went in to her pussy she pressed so hard.
When I felt the last of my spunk squirt out of my cock, my whole body just collapsed, I could hardly breathe, Anne rubbed my sweaty soaking wet hair, “Good boy, Toby. Oh, I love you, my darling.” She said to me.

And that was the story of my first every sexual experience with my step-mother.

We kept on having sex, every time dad would be working late, Anne and I would be in bed fucking each other’s brains out, dad never found out and he still doesn’t know, even now, I’m 18 years old and I still fuck Anne on a regular basis, she’s like my secret girlfriend and it makes it so hot, I even continued to call her Mommy when we fuck.

I had the best childhood ever and the greatest step-mother any boy could ever wish for.

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