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I had to fuck my daughter. I had too

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I’ve always been attracted to young girls and my 14 year old daughter caught my attention. I couldn’t help myself, I had to have her.

Since I went through puberty at 13 I’ve always been attracted to young girls, obviously it was fine when I was 13, there was nothing wrong with a boy that age being with girls age 12+, I did have sex with a few 12 year old girls.

But as I got older, in to my 20s, 30s and now my 40s, I’m still attracted to young girls.

I’m married and should be happy with my wife’s athletic figure, good looks and huge breasts, I do enjoy fucking her but I’m not actually like properly attracted to her, my 14 year old daughter, Mikayla, on the other hand, now she’s a different story.

Ever since she became a teenager and her body started to blossom I’ve been having thoughts and even dreams about her, the provocative outfits that she wears, like most girls her age these days, really drives me crazy, she even walks around the house in her underwear sometimes, I guess kids are comfortable doing that around their parents.

But she has no idea that her daddy harbours incestuous sexual desires for her.

She got a boyfriend last year, he’s 16 years old, and only recently their relationship has gotten very serious, her mother allows her to have her boyfriend stay over at night and I constantly find myself lying awake in bed listening to them having sex through the thin walls that separate out rooms, it had got so frustrating listening and picturing that 16 year old son of a bitch banging my baby girl just feet away from me.

But the sounds she makes when they have sex is just heavenly, she sounds so innocent and adorable, I just had to have her, I needed to fuck my daughter.

Luckily and opportunity presented itself when she came home early from school complaining of a headache one afternoon, I was at home that day and whilst she went up to her room I told her I’d get her something for her headache.

I was about to take her up some paracetamol when I stopped in my tracks thinking this is perfect, I went back to the medicine cabinet and swapped out the paracetamol for strong sedatives and I took them to her and watched her swallow them, then I tucked her in to bed, gave her a kiss on the forehead and went downstairs.

I paced up and down for nearly an hour, trying to get the thought of what I was doing out of my head, but I couldn’t fight the urge, dear lord I just had to have her, so I rushed up the stairs almost tripping on the steps and I burst in to her bedroom.

She was fast asleep, the sedatives I gave her had knocked her clear out, I began by pulling off the sheets and rubbing my hands up and down her body, she had changed in to her night shirt and I could rub her bare legs.

She was laying on her side so I swept my hand up her leg, lifting the bottom of her night shirt as I reached her thigh, then I pushed my hand down her lace panties and I gasped when I felt the slit of her smooth warm pussy.

I quickly pulled off my t-shirt and frantically removed my jeans and kicked off my trainers, I got my cock out and climbed on to the bed, then I rolled her on to her back and lifted off her night shirt, god bless her, she wasn’t wearing a bra, I cupped her bouncy breasts in my hands before leaning down to bite on her perky little nipples.

I couldn’t hold it off any longer, I tore off her delicate lace panties, ripping them to shreds of fabric, I went down on her and tasted her sweet honey pot, crawling up her body like a snake about to devour its prey, I slid my hips between her legs and within seconds my cock was inside her tight tunnel.

She unconsciously lifted her arms around me and began to moan sexually while I pumped my cock in to her, “That’s my girl. Daddy is here, baby. You are so beautiful.” I whispered to her.

“Ungh” she’d moan.

“You can feel daddy’s big cock inside you, can’t you, baby. Daddy’s going to make you come.” I said.

I fucked her tight pussy fast and hard and her body reacted from the intense orgasm I gave her, for a split second she opened her eyes and looked directly at me and she opened her mouth and moaned loudly with ecstasy, and then it was my turn, I pumped my big cock faster and faster, holding back for as long as I could, allowing my spunk to build up and up until the pressure got too much.

“Ooarrgh!” I groaned, firing off load after load of my hot white seed in to my little girls pussy.

I enjoyed nibbling on her breasts for a few more minutes and then wiped my cock clean using her mouth, then I got some panties from her drawer and put them on her and put her night shirt back on, I got dressed and left, I was finally happy that I got to live out my fantasy and fuck my baby girl.

4 weeks later my daughter and her boyfriend came home and told her mother and I that she was pregnant, we weren’t happy that she had got pregnant at 14 but we accepted it and were happy for them both.

Then she explained that was completely unplanned and that they were both very surprised that she had got pregnant because they always, ALWAYS, used a condom and they don’t remember having sex at the time the doctor said they probably conceived.

Later that day I did the math and, holy shit, my daughter is pregnant with my baby.

I fully intend to keep my mouth fucking shut and allow them to believe the baby is his!

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    I was pregnant by my dad 2 days after turning 13. I’m 23 now and just had our 2nd baby. HOT story

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      @Lauren I like to talk to you more if thats ok. Let me know how I can get ahold of you

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    Great Story Do Part 2

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    Good story. Keep breeding her. But one inconsistency though, at age 14 no Dr would examine a young person without parental knowledge

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