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Got dicked next to my sleeping girlfriend

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I had sex with a guy nextdoor to my sleeping girlfriend…

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a year now and have become pretty serious. She identifies strictly as a lesbian but I like to think of myself as more bisexual, but definitely have always leaned more towards women. Recently, I’ve found myself more interested in men for some reason. I’ve been watching a lot of straight porn and have even found it hard to have sex with my girlfriend. Don’t get me wrong, she is amazing in bed. But I just feel as if my sexual attraction has switched focus, and I am terrified to tell her what has been going on lately…

So about about three months ago I started talking to this guy I met online. We met in a local tattoo group on FB and have been talking everyday since. Not long after we met online, I told him what I had been feeling and going through in reference to my sexuality, and he was surprisingly really understanding and never once tried to force himself on me or try to insinuate that we should sleep together (which actually turned me on even more?). We ended up meeting in person a few weeks after that conversation and we just hit it off instantly, both in a friendly and sexual way. I could feel the chemistry between us, which made it hard because I already found him super physically attractive. A few nights later we ended up going out to the bar after we had both gotten off work and had a few too many. When he offered to drive me home we ended up making out in his car for a solid 45 minutes. I ended up giving him a hand job in the parking lot, but when he tried to touch me in return, I freaked out and just couldn’t do it. When I got home I felt sick to my stomach, knowing I had betrayed my girlfriend. Even worse, she knew I was friends with this guy, and would be devastated to find out I cheated on her with him.

So fast-forward about a month and I’ve been pretty much avoiding hanging out with this guy in person because I knew we would probably end up having sex. My girlfriend and I end up throwing a birthday party for each other (our birthday’s are literally one week apart). Because she didn’t know what had happened at the bar, she invited my friend over to our party. He didn’t show up until late in the evening, when I had already tossed a few back and was definitely letting loose. At this point, I was just trying to play it cool so my girlfriend wouldn’t notice the tension in the room. A few hours later, once everyone had mostly left, my girlfriend told my friend and I that she was headed to bed since she had drank a little bit too much.

After that, everything seemed fine at first. We just had normal conversation, and even smoked together, but then he turned and kissed me. Everything in my body went numb as I just let him kiss me and slide his hands under my clothes. He whispered in my ear that it was his turn to touch me, and I swear I have never been so wet in my life. We were sitting on my back deck, and this man just slid his hands down my pants and started playing with me. I feel like in that moment, half of my brain felt nervous that my girlfriend was going to walk outside, but the other was just taken over by pleasure.

The few times I tried to object and tell him I was unsure about what we were doing, he just kissed me and kept his fingers rubbing and touching me in a way that just made my body succumb to him. Next thing I know, I’m showing him down the hall, to the guest bedroom that’s literally right next to where my girlfriend was asleep in our bedroom. The second the door shut behind us, our clothes were off and he had me pinned to the bed. I don’t say this lightly, but it was the best dick, and sex in general, that I’ve ever had. He manhandled me so easily, and covered my mouth every time I would moan too loud. His dick felt so warm inside, and was hitting all the right spots, and I literally couldn’t control what was happening to my body. The worst part is, I was enjoying myself so much that I literally forgot my girlfriend was in the other room. He made me cum at least three times with his dick, and then ate me out before I had to tap out.

After he left, and once my euphoria faded off, I went and slept on the couch, feeling to disgusted to sleep next to her after what we had just done…

We’ve slept together almost on a weekly basis since this night, and I have yet to tell my girlfriend. I feel horrible about that night and what has occurred since, but at the same time, I’m experiencing a new part of myself that feels amazing and am getting more pleasure than I ever have before.

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  • Reply Robert

    If you have discovered that you enjoy having a dick inside you then just go with it. Have a threesome with your girlfriend and get his cock into her as well. After she has a couple orgasms your girlfriend will understand why you enjoy a hard cock.

    • Psiberzerker

      You realize this is a male fantasy, right? Let me put it to you this way: What of you just told another guy that maybe if he gave dick another chance, he might like it more, and then he can get his girlfriend to do threesomes with another man?

      Right? Oh, sorry. You though you’re talking to an actual bisexual woman who turning straight? Into talking her lesbian girlfriend into turning bi? Yeah, consider how it might sound, if you’re suggesting the same thing to another man.

      Just on the off chance this is actually a man, writing what you always wanted to read.

    • Honk

      Psiberzerker has spoken🙌🙌

    • Greg

      Psiberzerker is dead serious and wrote a research paper about it, unfortunate that there are no details in it

    • Psiberzerker

      Honestly? I co-wrote a study on “Boob Oogling” on a Graduate level Sociology Degree study (Not technically a Thesis) about the affect of neck knives on college hazing. #LookAtMyKnifeNotMyTits. Not that you read it.

      Just FYI, the effects of a Bastinelli “Diagnostic” seems to have the best affect. As far as reducing “Boob Ogling” by up to 87%. However, the sample size was small enough, and the reporting procedure was subjective enough to call the methodology into question.
      By College graduate degree professors, you fucking amateurs.

      My writing, and co-writing has been critiqued by professionals, thank you very much. However, FWIW, if you resent straight guys looking at your tits, the Bastinelli “Diagnostic” neck knife got the best results as far as making perps think about something else like castration angxiety, and look for an actual victim to dose with Rohypnol. (For context, this study was run on a college campus, NCSU if you care, and Hillsborough Street as well, in the mid 90s)

      Now, if you’re done checking my fucking credentials, maybe we can get back to fapping, and scrolling with one hand?