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Forced to marry a child

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I was forced to marry my child bride and consummate the marriage in front of my father and uncles.

Very many years ago I was forced to marry my now wife, I was 18 years old and she was only 10, barely, it was a marriage arrange by our fathers and due to our culture and religion it was perfectly legal at the time.

The story starts on a bad note but ends on a good one.

I should have got married at 16 but the girl that was chosen for me was deemed unsuitable, by the age of 18 I became an embarrassment to my family because I was unmarried, it brought shame to my father and so a very hasty marriage was arrange for me to marry my cousin, Aysha.

Before I knew what was happening I was standing surrounded by hundreds of family and friends, all staring at me and my bride to be, I was a towering 6’3” tall and she was so small, the top of her head barely reaching my waistline.

She looked very pretty in her traditional dress but it all felt so wrong, I wanted to stop it from happening but I knew if I did, with all my family around me, something terrible would happen, bringing shame to your family is not something easily forgiven, and the punishment was severe.

So I kept my mouth shut and proceeded, the ceremony completed, we were married and headed off to a big celebration, Aysha did everything she was taught, bringing me food, drink and catering to my every whim.

That night we were driven back to the house and it was like my father knew what I was thinking, he, along with all my uncles, came with us and followed us in to a large room, rugs were laid out all over the floor and the middle of the room was a large bed covered in silk sheets and pillows.

Both Aysha and I sat on the bed with our hands together, after a few minutes of remaining motionless, my father ordered me to proceed with the consummation, traditionally we were meant to be left alone but my father somehow knew that I wasn’t comfortable with having sex with such a young bride.

My family already felt shame that I’d married so late, now my father demanded to witness the sexual consummation and give him a grandchild.

I refused, for the first time in my life I disobeyed my father’s wishes, he got angry and my uncles grabbed Aysha roughly and dragged her away from me, they were hurting her and she was crying out, I couldn’t allow them to hurt her, I told them to stop and I took her from them and held her close to me, “I will do it. I will do it.” I said.

We were forced to undress in front of them, seeing Aysha naked, she was so beautiful, such a beautiful young girl, but that’s what she was, just a young girl, a child, so sweet and innocent, I almost threw up I was so uncomfortable about all of it.

“Do it. Now!” my father yelled, raising his fist to beat me if I refused.

As we approached the bed, my uncles removed all the sheets, leaving us with no privacy at all, we laid on the bed side-by-side, Aysha was trembling so I held her hand again, my father and uncles were yelling at us to begin, they picked up sticks and threatened both of us.

It was hard to get in to the mood for sex with all that was happening, but I knew if I didn’t do it they would harm us both, or worse.

I rolled over and carefully laid my body over her, she was so small, so very small, I laid with me head on hers, “I am sorry.” I whispered, we kissed and I rubbed my hands over her little body, my hands were large and when I spread out my fingers my hand was as wide as her tiny waist.

My erection formed and I was ready, but I hesitated and my father hit me, then I crawled up the bed, positioning my cock next to her pussy, because of our size difference her head was all the way down under my chest, my knees pushed her tiny skinny legs wide apart, I looked down to check the position we were in and I could see my thick cock resting along her stomach and chest.

My cock was very long and thick, it was thicker than her arms, I swung back my hips and my cock glided down her soft skin until my tip ran down the crack of her small virgin pussy, then I held it in place between her delicate flaps, I looked down at her and our eyes locked together, I can tell she was confused about what was happening, “I am sorry.” I whispered again.

Then I pushed forward, Aysha screamed very loud as my enormous cock forced its way inside her, I was hardly an inch inside and I could already tell her tiny pussy would not accommodate my enormous size, but with my father and uncles watching I had no choice, so I continued to push.

Aysha was screaming and crying, with half my cock now firmly inside her pussy, I started to thrust and have sex with her, I closed my eyes and I could hear her screams, cries and moans from the pain of my cock stretching her pussy out beyond its limits.

All I could do was close my eyes and fuck her doing my best to ignore her screams, but after a couple of minutes it went quiet, I opened my eyes thinking something terrible had happened, I quickly looked down and was amazed at what I saw.

Aysha was staring back at me, and she smiled and was gasping lightly, she had somehow overcome the pain she was in at the start and now she was enjoying us having sex, she bounced her hips on the bed causing my cock to move inside her, she wanted me to keep going, so I slowly continued to thrust my cock in and out of her.

She smiled a lot and had her hands pressed against my stomach and now the sounds she was making were happy ones, I still wasn’t happy about being forced to have sex with such a young girl, but now that I knew she was enjoying it I decided to make the most of it, soon we were both smiling and occasionally she giggled as I humped away at her little pussy giving her my entire length.

Ten minutes later it was all over, I came inside of her, my father and uncles had witnessed the consummation and they cheered and were happy, thankfully they all then left the room and left us alone.

We were laying on the bed on our backs recovering when Aysha suddenly sprung up like a little frog and jumped on top of me giggling, she started playing with my cock and she wanted me to fuck her again, her pussy was still slightly stretched out and bright red from the pounding I gave her, but she still wanted more.

My initial worries about our marriage and her age quickly faded, I was happy with my new bride and we had a lot of sex that night and the days and nights that followed.

She didn’t get pregnant until she was 12, now we have 5 children together and have never been happier.

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