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Evil Dad

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I am not bad, I am worst. This the confession of an evil dad,

What happened once, I never thought would happen. I am a married man of 45 and father of two children. My son Joel is 21 and daughter Carolina is 19. A year ago my son joined a university in another town. My daughter kept living with us. I am a sexually active man and not shy of a having a clandestine affair. I had a brief affair with a neighbour woman but my wife ignored me despite getting suspecious. However, Once my wife saw me looking at a young maid and told her not to come to our house anymore. She reprimed me for ogling at a girl young enough to be my daughter. The mention of daughter made me realise that she too is becoming very beautiful. My relation with her was intimate but not sexual. It changed, however, one day.

One day I had a squabble with my wife, and in anger I went to sleep in my daughter’s room. My daughter welcomed me by hugging me. When I felt her breasts on my chest … I couldn’t hold it and I got up all at once. She felt my erection but said nothing. We decided to sleep by keeping a distance btween us. I was pretending to sleep but don’t know why I had become so excited.

Later In the night I got up for toilet, and on return saw her sleeping soundly. She slept upside down so slowly I raised her skirt to see her little thong. I uncovered her buttocks and looked inside. Her panties were tight and the lips of her cunt were noticeably marked. I was very excited, it was the first time that I was excited with my daughter. I started to pass my hand through her legs until I reached to her crotch. Suddenly she started to awake and quickly I got my hand out. Nothing more happened that night but my view about her changed.

Next evening I saw my wife resting in bedroom and my my daughter washing dishes in the kitchen. I went around her back and hugged her. She got startled and I apologised by saying, I took you as my wife. She said, its OK as she knows she resembles her mama. I don’t want to force anything on her but knew that Carolina will never agree to my immoral request of sleeping with me.

Then an opportunity came my way by itself. One day my wife was gone to meet her mom and I was alone with Carolina. I kept watching TV very late. When I switched it off I saw light in her room. I got closer to her door and realized that she was not asleep. It was past midnight but she was sitting on the bed with her tablet. She noticed my presence and was surprised. “Excuse me dad, did I wake you up? I wonder.”

“No, my love”, I told her, I just went to have a glass of water in the kitchen and I heard a noise and entered to see what was happening. I said. “Ah ok dad,” she told me. “What happens is that I’m not sleepy, I don’t know why, and I started chatting with my friend for a while”. I approached her and told her that she never bothered me, and that she never will. She smiled and sitting up she hugged me around the waist.

I told Carolina. If you want I can give you a pill so you can relax and sleep peacefully, I mostly take it to sleep myself. She accepted without hesitation, and I realized that this was the opportunity I was waiting. If I can make her sleep soundly then I can release my bad instincts against her. I went to kitchen to grab a glass and fill it with water. I went to my room and took out a sleeping pill from a drawer, the pill I mostly took half. I wanted to make sure she falls asleep completely. She very confidently took the glass and the pill and swallowed it. I told her that tomorrow she will wake up very relaxed and fresh. I kissed her on her forehead and she kissed on mine. I get out of her room, while she thanked me. Back in my room, staring at the ceiling, I waited for the pill do its job and have an effect on my daughter.

About 30 minutes passed, and then I got up from my bed and went silently to her room. I opened its door slowly without making noise, and saw her sleeping with the light off already. I approached her bed, and saw her lying on a side covered with a sheet. Delicately I remove the sheet and noticed that she was wearing only a white thong, and a loose shirt. She was not wearing a bra and her tits felt free. I was excited and scared too thinking that Carolina would wake up but no, she was completely doped. She moved for a while but nothing, she didn’t make any uncomfortable gesture. I approached her and decided to put my hand on her leg slowly in case she wake up but she was sound asleep.

I grabbed her little thong and started to take it off, leaving her naked from the waist down. I continued to touch her little slit and I couldn’t take it anymore I had to eat her little cunt and I began to kiss that little hole, her smell was unique. I began to lick her vagina while,
I opened her shirt from front and sucked her nipples. Slowly I opened her legs and spit on her vagina. My cock was very hard, I accommodate it finally over the entrance of her vagina. I began to sink my cock inside her entering the head first and then little by little. When I had all of it inside I started a slow onslaught. I moved all my cock until my balls collide with her hips. With her entrance from her vagina, I left her inside her for a while, and I saw that she made a gesture of pain, between her dreams.

To my surprise there was no bleeding or excessive pain, that made me think that I was not the first to enter that beautiful pussy. I put one hand on top of my daughter’s head and the other grabbed one of the tits and I leaned back on her on top between her legs and I began to ram her wildly, colliding with her walls of her vagina, I began to ram her strongly making the bed rattle, and making her move. I kept pumping her for a while until I came. I took my member out of her hole, to finish outside. I kissed her on lips. I got off the bed and brought a wet towel to clean her. I put her dress back and left her room.

In the morning I was sipping tea in living room when she appeared from her room. “Dad!!!!” She told me, “when I woke up, today I had a somewhat strange dream, and I felt my skin sticky, with a strange smell like bleach, I looked at her and smiled, she went to shower and I continued on having my tea.

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