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Dr. Proctor

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My daddy got a special vibrator for his prostate, so he could pee easier. (Part II by request.) #Anal #Femdom

I had a whole week off from school, because I got sick, and the teacher had to make sure it wasn’t Covid. I think it was just a regular cold, but when I was at the doctor’s to get my blood drawn, he molested me, and played with himself right in front of me.

So, I had a lot of time to work on my Halloween costume. This year, I wanted to be a dirty doctor instead of a naughty nurse, but the difference is, a dirty doctor looks just like a regular one. Dr. MacDonald has been our family doctor for years, and years, but he never touched me like that before, or pulled his pants down to masturbate.

At least I’d never seen it before, but you know that if he did he could get arrested, and lose his Medical license for molesting one his patients. Especially me, because I was a 10 year old girl, but I didn’t want to get him in trouble. I wanted to play with it next time, and feel it swell with semen, and blood.

“Huh?” Mommy knocked, so I had to pull my fingers out of my pants before she looked in.

“I need to go pick your brother up from practice.”

“Okay, mom.” Good, the worst part about staying at home with her all week is she can always walk in on me, playing with myself. So, I got up, and took my clothes off until I heard her leave, get in the car, and drive off.

Then, I went in her room naked, and got in dad’s dresser drawer. I found out why he had medical lube on his dresser, along with hand sanitizer. I thought it was just in case mom was dry for sex, but it’s really for getting his thing up his butt, where he can massage his prostate.

It’s shaped really weird, in fact if you didn’t know what it was, you wouldn’t know what it was until you turned it on, and it let out a high pitched buzz. I giggled, and rubbed it in my pubes, then I took it in the bathtub, where I could pee.

I don’t have a Prostate gland, of course. I’m a girl, but the way the tiny little head is bent up, once it pops in. “Hhuh!” I can’t help it, the vibrations shake up my bladder, and it just gushes out. “Huh!” I saw a video of a woman fingering this boy, and he had a real hot body, but she looked old.

Her boobs were wrinkled, and saggy, but he was nice and young. Muscular with a waxed groin, and wrinkly balls. She found it with her finger right away, because a clear drop peed out, but it was sticky, and left a string when she touched it. Rubbed it around the pink head with her fingers until it was nice and shiny, then let it slip through her hand.

“Huh!” He hunched, but she didn’t speed up. She kept going slow, and he gasped, hunching each time it slipped through her fist. Her finger and thumb squeezed more out, or maybe she pushed it up with her finger on his prostate, but now my bladder was empty. So, rolling the head up and down didn’t make any more squirt out, like cum.

It also has a flat handle, down on the other end of the neck. So, it’s easy to turn it, so it rolled around, and twirls inside me. I pulled it out so the head buzzed around the inside of my pelvis, which made everything shake, especially my clitoris, so it felt like my nipples would shrink, and pop right off my chest.

“UH! HhuhH. Huh!” I just turned it off, and listened to the last of the pee, trickle down the drain. My breath was really echoey in there, but finally mom got home with Dustin, and of course he headed right for the shower.

“Oh,” I crossed my legs, and pulled it out behind me. “Inh!”

He pulled his stretchy shorts back up over his jock strap, but I saw that he had the cup taken out, after practice. I knew that he’d be sweaty, and head right for the shower, because it’s Tuesday, and the janitors clean out the locker room while they’re out at practice.

He looked back when the vibrator his the side of the bathtub, and I started climbing out. “Uh, you know where that thing has been?”

“Yeah, it’s dad’s prostate massager, so of course. He washes it with hand sanitizer, and he uses special rubbers with it, so it’s okay. I’m not going to get infected with Ecoli in my vagina.”

“He told you all that?”

“No, mom.” Of course, they’re married. So, they have sex, and you’d think she helped him out with his prostate massages, I guess. I don’t really know, I made most of it up as I went along, but it made sense, so he believed me.

“Uh, you’re going to take a bath?” He shrugged, and just squeezed by me, but I rubbed his butt on my back. Oops!

“No, you can have it,” but I left the vibe in there, hoping he’d get curious, and try it himself. He just put it in the sink, and got in the shower, so I grabbed it through the door, and put it back. Mom was downstairs chopping veggies, so I could hear that she wasn’t coming up to check on me for a while. I got one really good orgasm today though.

So, I went back to my room, and put on one of dad’s old white collar shirts. He doesn’t have a white collar job, but he wears them sometimes for court, or weddings, and stuff. It was long on me, so mom helped cut the cuffs off, and hem the sleeves, to make it look like a lab coat.
we ordered a set of baby blue scrubs for me, but those hadn’t been delivered yet.

After he got dressed, Dusty came to knock on my door, and ask if I was “Decent?”

I laughed, “Decent enough.” Lying, but it’s funny how he just walked in on me naked, and masturbating in the bathroom. Now, he was worried about me being dressed. We never did anything incestuous before, but he’s a teenager. So, he beats off, and since I started playing with myself, he heard my cumming next door.

“Uh, did dad say whether or not, he liked it?” He tried to catch me in a lie, as if I forgot just saying mom told me, and not dad.

“No, but mom says it sure rejuvenated their love life.”

“Huh, so you found where he keeps it?”

“Of course,” but now he was home, so we couldn’t sneak into their bedroom to show him. “Here,” I turned, and picked up the sky blue mask we made, to put it on.

“What are you wearing?”

“It’s okay, I’m a doctor.” I picked up the gloves I swiped from the doctor office, but they were too big for my hands. “Go ahead, and get undressed.” I gave him a painting smock, that wasn’t too dirty. It just looked dirty, because the paint and stuff wouldn’t wash off.

“So, you want to play doctor?”

“Yeah, I have to go check on something, so I’ll be right back.”

I went to mom, and dad’s room, but I told them “I ran out of sanitizer, so I’m going to borrow this one.”

“Okay, dear.” They went back to their talk show, but instead of the sanitizer, I made sure I got the lube. You don’t want to make that mistake, the alcohol really burns, but they buy it from the drug-store. So, they both come in the exact same bottle, including the white cap.

My brother went back in his room, but he put the smock on like a hospital gown, and that was good thinking, because my room is right next to mom, and dad’s. We practically share the same closet, or mine is right next to there’s, so they can hear me masturbate, too. Mom says that’s normal, to explore your body when it starts changing, but there’s nothing normal about this.

It’s incest, but the lube really made his dick and balls slippery in the lose rubber glove. The hairs stuck to it too, but he didn’t get it waxed like that boy from the TaniaMILF60 videos. Okay, I watched as many of those as I could find for free. On Pornohub, Xvideos, Xhampster, and XNXX, but I didn’t have a credit card to sign up for her paysite.

She’s old, but she really knows what she’s doing, and besides you mostly just see her hands. Sometimes her wrinkled saggy boobs, but she’s really good at it, and I never did this to somebody else before.

“Relax,” I felt down, and rolled his balls up, to slip my finger down to his anus. “Now, you’re going to feel a little pressure,” I just pressed it like a button, and rubbed circles around with my left pinky, since that was the hand I cut off all my nails on, so I didn’t scratch myself up inside.

“Huh!” He just relaxed, when it stretched out, and popped back out over my first knuckle.

“How does that feel?” I wiggled it in to my second knuckle.

“Not bad,” he shrugged, but he went flaccid. So, he picked it up, and tried to pull it turgid again. It kept slipping out, so he dropped it again, and again. “Uh!” He puckered up, when I slipped my pinky out.

“Now, I’m going to move up to the next largest one.” I flipped the cap up, to squirt a little in my palm, and stir it around with my pointer finger.

“Uh, huh. It’s really tight.” He laughed, “You’d think that I’d loosen up, after a decade, and a half of taking dumps.”

I shook my head, “It doesn’t work like that. I know, you’ve probably heard rumors, and myths about sluts being lose from screwing too many guys, and their meat curtains pulling out, but that’s bullshit. It stretches out.”

“SNH!” he arched his back.


“I’m trying, but it’s cold.” It warmed up, though. The funny thing is, every finger he got hard again, while I lubed it up. Then, he went flaccid again when I screwed him, only to get it up again while I got my thumb wet. Rubbing it around and round in my palm, and remembering how big the head was on dad’s vibrator.

I had to use at least 2 fingers to get it in, either hole. “Huh, hang on.” He kept spanking it hard, and fast. “Let me finish this time. Huh, huh, almost, ngh!”

I rubbed his sphincter with my thumb, and held his balls up, where I could see what I was doing, but only on the outside. The real trick is finding it, especially when it’s young, healthy, and probably drained from jacking off 3 times a day, because he’s a healthy teenager.

Not engorged, and inflamed like a middle aged man, so it cuts off the flow of urine through his urethra, and I think I’m starting to like the medical sounding words, now. Before, they were just long, and confusing, but now that I was getting into medical fetish, they’re starting to sound sexy to me.

Especially Seminal Vesicles. For some reason, that’s the sexiest thing I can think of. The sperms beating their tails excitedly, and swirling through the vesicles. “Ughn! Uph!” His sphincter relaxed, then stretched out, and clenched tight around my thumb. “Mph!” He held his mouth, so his cheeks puffed out, and his shiny wet softy twitched. Bulging, and spitting all over his pubes, before it rolled off down between his legs, dripping on my wrist.

“Snh!” He wiped his mouth, and his cheek was wet with lube, but we used almost half the 5 oz bottle. well, it wasn’t completely full, so maybe 2 ounces, but that’s what it takes to fingerfuck my brother, while he beats off with it, and I didn’t even find the P spot. Not yet, but the next chance we got, I showed him where dad keeps his vibrator, and the special rubbers for it.

Then, I showed him how to use it! I asked mom, “Mom, if a woman has an OB/GYN, then what kind of doctor does a man have?”

“Just a regular doctor.” So, I had to go through their contacts, to find which one dad went to for his prostate.

“Oh.” A Proctologist. So, I got out a sharpie, and carefully wrote [Dr. Proctor] on the patch we sewed on the lab coat.

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