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Doctor Dingdong

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I was just a sniffle, it was gone by Monday, but the teacher wouldn’t let me come back without a note from my doctor. Just in case I got the virus.

It was trash day, but Mr. Johnson was late, so he ran out when the truck came bye in his underwear. His shorts were so short, I could see his dingle dangle out the bottom, but he missed the trash truck, so he had to take his trashcan across the street, and wait for it.

I ran out to tell him his dingaling was showing, so he put it up, but then mommy got me dressed, and took me to the doctor. The nurse showed me in to the office, and gave me a smock to wear, while I waited. She had a mask on, and a clear plastic thingy on over it so I didn’t cough in her face, and so did Doctor MacDonald.

He said that he was going to take some blood for testing, but it would take a week, so I got to stay home from school until the next weekend! I told him what I saw this morning, because it was funny, and he sat down on his little stool in front of the bed.

“How did that make you feel?”

“Funny,” I squeezed my hands between my legs. “It was funny, but also dirty, and naughty.”

“Well,” he pulled my knees apart, “I have to see if the virus got in there, so let me take a look.” I moved my hands, and he nodded. The smock barely covered my butt, so I could sit on it. Instead of the cold bed, and the paper rolled across it, but that warmed up. “Lean back, now I’m going to have to touch you.” He spread my lady lips open, and nodded, “Mhm.”

“Is it infected?”

“Just to make sure,” he turned, and pumped a little medicine out on his glove. “I’m going to give you some medicine.” It looked like hand sanitizer, but it didn’t smell like it. He stirred it in his hand with a finger, then he leaned down to wipe it in. “How does that feel?”

“Cold, and slippery, but I think it’s warming up, and can I get a fever down there?”

“It depends, what virus you were exposed to. Just relax, I’m going to have to check a little deeper.”

“Oh,” I squirmed.

“Try to hold still.” He wiggled his finger, then stopped. “Your hymen is intact, but I see that you have a little hair up here.” I nodded, when he rubbed it with his thumb. “How does that feel.”


“Just close your eyes.” I let my elbows slip out, so I could lay down, and put my feet up on his shoulders. “Have you experienced any other symptoms, such as bleeding, or swelling of your nipples?”

“I thought that was my period.” I nodded, but there was no pillow or anything on this bed.

“Of course, but that may mask other symptoms, so I have to check.” He untied the smock over my belly button, and his hand was still slippery from the medicine. “How does that feel?” He kept pushing his finger in, until it hit the dead end, then slipping it back out.

“Mhm!” I just nodded, “Good.”

“It’s going to feel better, and better,” he stopped rubbing the medicine on my nipples, and pulled out. Then, he stood up, and pumped more medicine on his hand. “Why don’t you try it?” I wiggled my finger in my pee hole, and felt the little skin inside it. I even felt the little holes that the blood came out of, but then he unbuttoned the bottom of his long shirt, and pulled down his pants.

His dingaling wasn’t dangling, but he pulled it down, and rubbed the medicine all over, so it was nice and shiny. “Is your dingaling sick?”

“Uh, huh. That’s why it’s swollen. I have to squeeze the pus out.” I just kept feeling the little holes, and I counted them. I think there’s 5, or 6 of them, but I can’t see in there, so I might have counted them more than once. He really rubbed it hard, and fast, until the pus squirted out all over the floor. He grunted, and I could tell by the look in his eyes, it really hurt.

“Huh,” he pulled his pants off, and took off his gloves. “Now, you better put your clothes on, but it’s too soon to tell what’s wrong with you, until the blood tests come back.”

“Okay,” the smock was already untied, so I jumped down to take it off, and I slipped in the pus on the floor. It was just as slippery as the medicine, but white. So, I knew not to get it in my lady places, or they might get infected. I sure don’t want to get what he’s got.

“So, don’t tell your mother about the special treatment, until you come see me friday. Until the blood test comes back, so we don’t give her the wrong idea.”

“Sure.” He was just playing a game with me. I know what he did, he molested me, and played with himself, but it was fun, and it made me feel so good, I just played along. He called it pus, but I knew that must’ve been his sperm, and if I got it in my babyhole, then I’d get pregnant, and I’d have to tell mommy who I got the baby from.

So, I let it be our little secret, but ever since I started my period, my mommy explained all that stuff to me. Why I was bleeding every month, and what all those ladyparts were for. She even told me all of the medical words for Vagina, and some other ones I don’t remember the names of, but not the boy parts. I remember that hymen is the word for virginity, though.

He knew all that stuff too, because he’s a doctor, but if I told on him, then mommy wouldn’t bring me back to play with him again, on friday. So, I stayed at home, and played with myself, until it’s time to go see him again. I have an appointment, and maybe this time, he’s gonna break my hymen. He’s a doctor, so he knows how to do it, I bet.

I hope it doesn’t hurt as much as the needle did when he took my blood in the first place. Maybe he can give me drugs for the pain? I don’t know, I’ll have to wait until friday to find out, but I bet that “Medicine” was just sex lube. Mommy and daddy have some of that, on their dresser, but be careful not to mix that up with hand sanitizer. That stuff really burns!

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