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Ashley’s Tale Part 4

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Here goes another one of my adventures into a wild sex life. In one of my earlier stories I mentioned that I had tried anal with my brother Trent and his friends. However there is one friend that stands out. His name is Blaine and I had a major crush on him, let’s just say that whenever he wanted to fuck me I never said no. on this particular day my Trent, Blaine, and I were hanging out hitting some local shops and having lunch. After lunch we decided to get out of the heat and so we went to Blaine’s as he said his parents weren’t home and we could have some fun.
The mere thought of having his cock inside me made me wet as we walked to his place. When we got to his house we immediately went to his room and it wasn’t long before I was slowly riding Blaine’s cock enjoying how he felt inside of me. Trent was watching and talking dirty which just made it hotter and it wasn’t long before my body shook with an orgasm. As I sat still recovering from the orgasm Trent said he wanted to try something he saw in a porno. I said sure I was always willing to try something new with him.
He told me to stop and lean forward which I did and I began kissing Blaine. While I was distracted with Blaine, Trent joined the pile and then he slid into my ass. I cried out in pleasure as I had never been penetrated like this before. I laid there for a few moments and then they both started to fuck me. Sometimes both were going at the same time and other times alternating. It felt absolutely amazing I liked anal and vaginal sex but at the same time this was incredible. It wasn’t long before I was screaming in ecstasy. I was so full of cock and found a new favorite way to get fucked. It wasn’t long before I was bucking against them where they stopped and I controlled the pace.
I did everything I could to get every inch of both of them inside me. I couldn’t get enough and I came a few more times. Trent told me to stop for a moment they were getting close and didn’t want to cum yet. I stopped and just enjoyed the feeling of 2 cocks inside me, Trent then told me he wanted to try something else. I wondered what he could have in mind as this felt so amazing I didn’t want it to stop.
A few minutes went by and Trent pulled out my ass which made me feel empty, and then I felt the head of his cock against my pussy. Before I could say anything he slid into my pussy with Blaine’s cock still inside me. I moaned loudly as his cock filled my pussy stretching me, then they both started to fuck me. I began to move with them and climaxed a few more times before they told me they were going to cum. I went faster I wanted their cum inside me and I wanted to know how it felt to have 2 cocks filling me at the same time. Not long after that they both groaned and pushed me down on their cocks as I felt them filling me. It felt amazing and they stayed inside me until their cocks went soft and slipped out. I was trembling and could barely move, Blaine gently turned to his side and laid me on the bed where I stayed catching my breath and wondering when we could do that again.

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