What to do? Not sure what is right?

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I know that that this is not the place to ask for help but what do I do ?

My girl of 3 years is so cute, super in shape small little thing . Love her to death . But she cheated on me while I was away for work . That is not her , she’s super shy not the cheating kind .
We talked about it , what happened and how things went . She had a quicky with a hot swimmer at the beach . One time thing with a stranger . She said that it’s will never happen again . And I truly believe that .
But it still bugs me and I’m hert .
This is where it gets messed up . I can and will forgive her on 1 condition . I want her forbidden area ! Her little tight butthole . Anal sex . I want to fuck her ass . Then I’ll forget about what she did and take her back .
I told her this , she knows I truly love her and that is what I want to for give her . She crude a little , told me my dick is average sizes and that she so small and that I’ll hert her . But in hert and want her to feel pain .
She agreed to it ! I can fuck her virgin butthole and I will take her back and never say anything about her fling .
She’s coming back home
Am I out of line ?
Should I feel guilty ?
Do I follow up and take her ass ?

If it happens , I’ll share

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  • Reply AP

    Buy lube & read up the right way to have anal sex
    Spend the money on couples therapy.

  • Reply Someone

    Take her back but know she is a dirty girl and she may do it again, butt you can do some stuff with a dirty girl 🙂 As you are here you must like the stories about the other dirty girls so enjoy you got a girl you can probably have a lot of sexy fun with and enjoy. Maybe there’s some K9 fun in her future.

  • Reply Psiberzerker

    Yeah, this is something to work out with her. Honesty, if she’s willing to give up her AV for recompense, that sounds like a keeper.

    Lust happens. Okay? She promised it will never happen again, but she wasn’t planning on giving in to a boy she just met on the beach. With what little I have to go on here, she sounds like a Pleaser.

    She seems to like pleasing men, and if you can get over your jealousy, she may even get to please multiple men (Including you) at once. So, my extremely limited advice is this: Talk to her about the possibility of group Sex, maybe a threesome with one of your friends that you trust, then who knows? Possibly working your way up to gangbangs down the line…

    Nothing cures your jealousy quite like sharing her with your friends, and I just bet she’d get a lot of pleasure out if it, too. however, it’s your relationship, so you’ll ultimately have to work it out together.

    I seriously doubt you’ll find another girl like her in a million years.