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My Niece the orphan 2

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Megan had decided to go along with my plan for her so it was time to try her out

After our talk last night I could here her crying in bed, so I open her door ask what’s up, she looked said why you doing this I looked at her well it’s either a life here with money holidays whatever you want as long as you do as your told or easy go into care with strangers and nothing ..You sleep on it and come to my room in morning to let me know.
I was lying in bed next morning when the door opened and in walked Megan dressed in a white t shirt and denim short skirt she walked up to me and said would you like a wank my eyes lit up she has realised what’s good for her life. I acknowledge her by pulling down the sheet she reached over and got hold of my soft cock with her little hand rubbing it up and down. I looked and asked so your staying, yes she said and I will do as you say as long as you do as you said clothes, holidays etc. Yes I said and when anything happens to me you can have it all. She was finishing me off I was ready to shoot everywhere when she lent forward and placed me in her mouth i instantly shot. It was marvellous o looked at her with cum dripping down her chin and I said thank you and today we can go to the mall shopping for clothes but I need you to not to wear panties and wear white trainers Denim skirt and white blouse .
She asked why I just said no asking just do that’s the rules she didn’t look happy but she agreed and we were going for 11so be ready .
11 o’clock came and she came down exactually as I wanted no panties so teasing as we left for the mall in the car I could not help myself I reached over with my hand and slid up her leg and fingered her pussy today was the start of a new life for Megan and she didn’t know what she had let her self into .

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  • Reply edward ID:145e5w3dt0d2

    wow i ate out my 4 year old niece was delicious

    • Cal ID:7zv0gult0b4

      Please more details and how it happened with your 4yr old niece

  • Reply Slut ID:4keucgxidr

    Please tell me there’s gonna be more