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My daddies and me

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I’m a 12 year old boy who was adopted by 2 gay men. On a camping trip I found out I was gay after having a threesome with my daddies.

I have 2 dads because I was adopted as a baby by a gay couple, and they raised me in a safe and happy environment.

I didn’t realise they were gay until I was about 8, I was getting bullied at school because I had 2 dads, so they sat me down and told me about straight, gay and lesbian couples and that there was nothing wrong with loving someone of the same sex and I should just ignore the bullies.

For my 12th birthday my dad’s took me on a camping trip to the seaside, we pitched out tent up on a remote part of the beach, far away from the tide, then we had an amazing day at the theme parks and stuff, I won’t tell you about all that because this is a sex story so let’s get to it.

After having a BBQ on the beach and watching the sun set out in the sea, we got in to our large tent, that was big enough for all three of us, we stripped down to our underwear and got in to the large sleeping bag, there was a wind blowing in from the sea but it wasn’t cold, it was nice and warm still.

My dad’s slept next to each other and I slept on the far left, in the middle of the night I woke up to see one of my dad’s underneath the sleeping bag sucking off my other dad, I knew what he was doing because I saw the lump from his head bobbing up and down.

I turned on my side and faced away from them but the moans they were making kind of turned me on, I didn’t know what my sexual orientation was at the time and they never forced me to think “gay”, no offence meant by that to any gay readers, but their sounds gave me an erection so I began to jerk myself off while listening to them.

I was really getting in to it when I felt a hand rub across my hip, down to my crotch and then grip around my cock, it was one of my dads, “Are we keeping you awake, Son?” he asked, while tugging on my length, I shook my head, I didn’t know what to say to him.

He turned to my other dad, “Our little boys growing up.” He said, then he threw back the sleeping back to have a look.

“Wow. You are growing up.” Said my other dad, impressed by the size of my cock, even though my balls hadn’t even dropped yet and I didn’t have any pubic hair, my cock was only about 5 inches long.

My dad who was still tugging on my cock, asked me if I wanted him to stop, I said no because it made me feel really good, so he kept tugging and then my other dad came over and laid at the other side of me and rubbed his big hands all over my skinny body.

Their combined tugging and rubbing made my entire body tingle with joy, “Do you want to play with us?” they asked.

I nodded repeatedly because I so wanted to experience more of this happy feeling I was having.

The dad who was rubbing my body suddenly bent forward and slipped my cock in to his mouth and sucked on the tip, swirling his tongue around in circles around it, oh my god it was intensely satisfying, and my other dad went down and started to nibble at my hairless balls.

“I think we should break him in.” they said.

I didn’t know what that meant but they stopped sucking and nibbling, they told me to turn over and get on my hands and knees, so I did it, one of my dad’s laid on his back and slid himself underneath me, he grabbed my cock and pulled it so it was pointing downwards and he put it in his mouth and sucked on it.

Then my dad went behind me, I heard and felt him spit on the crack of my ass, then I felt his long thick cock trying to force its way through my tiny ass hole, it really hurt but I let it continue, it took him a few minutes to get a decent length inside of my butt, the feeling was strange, it was like I wanted to have a poo and a wee at the same time.

A few minutes later I came, I looked down underneath me and saw my white spunk running down the sides of my dad’s mouth, then a few minutes later my dad who was fucking me up the ass pulled his cock out and moved around to the front of me.

He held my chin and lifted my head up and told me to open my mouth, then he put his cock in my mouth and ejaculated on my tongue, I could feel there was quite a lot of spunk in my mouth, “Swallow.” He said, so I closed my mouth and knocked it back and all ran down my throat, it made me gag a little but it was okay, it was nice and warm.

My dad who was underneath me crawled out and laid on his back, he grabbed me around the waist and lifted me on top of him, so I was straddling him, I had a leg at either side of his hips and my palms pressed against his hairy chest, he told me to lower myself down, “Get my cock up your hole, Son.” He said.

I lowered myself down on his 8 inch cock, both my dads were hung like horses, I knew it was going to hurt but I was in the zone and really wanted to feel it inside me, I got a couple of inches up my ass then I started to bounce on it and gradually it all went inside of me. I could feel his enormous size inside me, “Ouch – Argh.” I cried.

“You okay, Son?” asked my other dad who was watching.

“Yeah!” I squeaked, then I bounced harder and faster, I figured the quicker I do it the less it would hurt, and I was right, plus it felt so much better, I bounced up and down on his cock and loved it.

My dad’s cock was pressing hard against my prostate and gave me a really hard boner, I ejaculated twice while riding him, squirting my spunk all over his stomach, my other dad licked it all up and kissed my cock a few times, which was amazingly stimulating I have to say, my cock was extremely sensitive by now.

Suddenly my dad sat up and put his arms tightly around me, and with one single thrust he rammed his cock deep up my ass and I felt it swell as his spunk exploded out of his cock and filled my ass, “Oor – Jesus Son – Fucking hell – Oooh.” He groaned with orgasm.

I couldn’t take anymore that night, I just collapsed on to my back with stuff seeping out of my ass and a belly full of warm spunk.

Turns out that I am gay and my daddies and I all sleep in the same bed now and we have regular threesomes, I love sucking and fucking their big horse dicks, I love my daddies so much.

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  • Reply zigmatta ID:1djwst6p4gel

    I was 9 and a hired hand on our farm showed me the pleasure of man sex.

    • Jack. [email protected] ID:1dfilgf18zh4

      I had a chance with a 13 year old boy a few years ago.. he came onto me, telling me how his daddy abandoned him.. he told me he thought I was nice looking, I did not try anything with him. I didn’t want to go to jail. But if given a second chance with a young one these days I would most likely go for it, if the boy was onto it.

  • Reply Jason ID:1ftmsntk0k

    Love it, I was 7 and a similar thing happened to me with a father and his two 15 and 17 year old sons

    • Cdubs ID:2atx32aphi

      Mmm seven is a nice age

    • Baaab ID:2zixleq6ic

      Would love to hear that story!

    • Marc ID:gy73iizumf7

      He’ll yeah 7

  • Reply Dan ID:10zhlx7x20j

    I wish that was me but it’s not too late now

  • Reply Steviebabe1973 ID:1coxmrlim9c

    They most likely adopted a boy with this exact outcome in mind ,to one day use you as there fuck toy…wish they had adopted me ,they wouldnt of needed to wait until i was 12 though

    • [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

      man i hope they did! so much sweet, tight boy pussy going to waste in foster care!

  • Reply anywhisper ID:2qljdj58i

    God I wished this happened to me

  • Reply Danny ID:3057hz2fii

    So hot

    • Cdubs ID:2atx32aphi

      Hell yes

  • Reply MMDSage ID:14s76leq6ia

    Damn if only I was lucky enough to have two dads and a brother like you we be having foursomes almost everyday!

  • Reply Zyj ID:2vqwui0r20j

    As I previously mentioned one gets extraordinarily more coverage due to the fact that it’s cool and trendy to hate on the church but god forbid one says something against the gays. I also never said that everyone in the church is a saint. But to answer your question: Arthur Gary Bishop

  • Reply Dubious ID:11avi4jahrb

    Well now this gave me a morning erection…..

  • Reply Zyj ID:2vqwui0r20j

    Gay “people” doing what gay “people” doing the best, that being grooming children.

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

      So “people” aren’t people if they’re gay? Never mind the fact that Priests and Parents are better than homosexuals at grooming children. That would make homos 3rd best, at best. (An argument could be made for Teachers grooming children better, but they can be gay.)

    • Random ID:6cdlq4rd9d

      This is why im heteropobic 😭

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

      @Rando. Yeah, it’s not like there’s gangs of gays looking for closet straights to beat up, and possibly kill for being straight. We actually have something to fear, other than deep down, there just might be something “Wrong” with us.

      All straights have to be afraid of is the lies they tell each other about gay people. Once they’re too old to be sexually abused by their parents, teachers, and priests that is…

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

      What’s really fucked up is coming here, and pretending that anyone hasn’t read any of the other comments from pedophiles asking to snapchat with a bunch of guys pretending to be 10-12yo nymphomaniacs, and wannabe pornstars. Or Rules #29, #30, #34…

      Or asking if she got pregnant with her brother. Or her father… Look on the bright side, neither one of these guys are going to be inbreeding with their adopted son. But sure, all child molesters are homo. You bet.

    • Zyj ID:2vqwui0r20j

      Nevermind that the rate of sexual assault of minors is exponentially higher amongst the gays, but that priest argument is such a well constructed lie, due to its media presence and complete exaggeration. I’ll give you the teacher point though. Also implying that I said “All child molesters are homos” is a strawman because I never claimed that. You should go back to writing your mediocre stories and don’t start arguing because you only hurt yourself in the process.

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

      Sorry, the “Best” pedorasts are homos. Not all of them. It doesn’t take much time off from writing my mediocre stories to ask you to provide 1 case of a homosexual man molesting a boy. A documented one. The cases of Priests are well documented, by the Media, Courts, and their own Records since they stopped covering it up, washing their hands, and transporting serial sex offenders to new diocese. So if you want to play this “Media lie” game, let’s play. Give me the name of 1 homosexual child molester. Just one to prove your point. I’ve got buckets of Convicted, and Excommunicated Clergy in 3 different flavors. Would you prefer the Catholics, Methodists, or Episcopalians to start?

    • Random ID:6cdlq4rd9d

      @zyj catholic be getting away with everything and act like they were the one who being oppressed

    • Xzavier ID:22lqn164qm

      @Psiberzerker there are plenty of homosexuals and heterosexual that are Pedo’s. You can easily look it up instead of asking others to do it for you. Not agreeing with zyj but acting like homosexuals have never done this is wrong also. It’s a human thing, pedophilia doesn’t care what your sexual orientation is like. And you clearly never been jumped by homosexuals after visiting a gay bar and wasn’t willing to give it up. Was just wingmaning it for a friend and I get my shit kicked in as thanks.

    • Yungluvr ID:3zxjrennoii

      Ttly aggree