Homemade sex videos leaked to Net

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My husband have filmed our sex act during various occasions which he enjoys while in bed or bathroom and have also shown it to me on our TV stating that it is better to view as pornography and thinking us as porn stars acting in it.

It is true, I too feels horny while watching us in the action from various angles and different positions which are not normally possible while having sex. He says he loves to watch them when I am not at home rather than viewing the porn over the internet. Before filming fresh sex act he says the previous ones have been deleted feeling bored off old action.

I do not believe him, off late I am having the feeling that he may have uploaded our sex videos over the internet with his face blurred and myself sucking his cock and enjoying the sex in all dirty positions.

Returning from Office he is seen always uploading /downloading something on the laptop and internet. I am worried about the embarrassment I may face if someone knowing us or even unknown persons confronts me with the claim of having seen myself in sex videos in various Porn sites.

Is there any way to find out if such videos are there in internet. If I upload my photo image and have a face search, are there any possibility to trace out such videos matching my photo face ? Any suggestions please.

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  • Reply AP ID:on8y0l020ap

    Go to your laptop and look at the browser history and the Download history.
    If you still aren’t sure or have reason to think he’s uploading you in action, lie and tell your husband how hot you think it would be to upload your videos to the net to try to get him to confess. Tell him while you’re having sex so he’s too horned up to think clearly.
    If you find something or he admits he did, you are pretty screwed. Once something is on the net it’s almost impossible to fully remove it. Have him email the sites and ask to have the vids deleted.
    If they are out there you may as well get something out of it, so look into setting up an OnlyFans account and charge for them.
    Then tell him as his punishment all new vids have to show his face fully and not blurred.

    • noname ID:97djmvm2q

      Dear AP, Thanks for the idea. I think it worth a try. May hope everything will go smoothly. Thanks a lot.

  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4o

    Not really. As far as finding them over the internet, you’re better off checking his devices for history, or maybe catching him in the act. I assume he uploaded them to look at, as well as show off. So, it’s going to be easier to find on your end, having access to his devices. While there are ways such as Facial Recognition, those aren’t really going to work if he crops them at the shoulder, or blurs your face to prevent you being identifiable that way.