fun with my doggie

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I was at my room alone, watching furry porn. The sight of girls being knotted excited me… I liked the idea of being owned and breed by a beast, it got my pussy wet in no time.

I’ve been thinking about my dog for some time… he’s a mutt, very similar to a german shepherd. Horny and drunk, I put my phone down and went to the kitchen to get some peanut butter. I spread some of it on my tits and he immediately jumped on my bed to lick it all off. It turned me on even more, which caught his attention. He started to sniff between my legs, so I put some of that peanut butter on my pussy.

With no hesitation my boy started to lick it off, eager and horny, I could see his dick sticking out. Drunk and needy, I didn’t waste any time. I stuck my butt out, my pussy wet and desperate and he jumped me. I had to lead his dick into my pussy, but when I did… holy shit, it felt incredible. He pounded my pussy hard and fast, with not preparation or whatsoever, taking what’s his. I let him knot me, the feeling of him growing inside of me… it’s hard to describe it. But it felt amazing.

I want to do it again.

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  • Reply Disturbed 1 ID:7zv3ebbgd12

    Why would you do something like that!?

    • AP ID:bqlsxs4m1l

      Disturbed 1, no one made you come to this site and no one made you read the stories you read. You did it by choice. If anyone seems to have a problem it’s not the writers of the fiction but you, who are appropriately named, Disturbed 1

  • Reply linda ID:21zg5n2qrc0

    have you sucked him or fucked him again?

  • Reply Kylie ID:cq1wbbem4r

    I wish I had a boy dog

    • Theone ID:7ylrenmqrj5

      What have you done with yours

    • JepC. ID:bo2qeo7qml

      Hi Kylie shoot me a text I have one

    • JepC. ID:bo2qeo7qml

      Hi Kylie shoot me a text anytime I have one 918-848-1200

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      I got one for u

  • Reply Beast ID:15qcccye209n

    welcome to the lifestyle

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    I would definitely love to talk to you….

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