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Dirty Scrubs

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My wife started working from home, as a medical transcriptionist. Basically a Secretary for doctor’s offices, which means they’re Confidential.

So, she had a home office down in the basement, to protect the privacy of patient’s medical files. That’s it, the situation as far as you’re concerned. We had children, who aren’t involved, and a fairly normal sex life for our age.

Then, she started getting Zoom calls from men, and I picked up a few. “Oh, sorry.” The usual reaction to my face on the video was, “I must have the wrong number,” but after the 3rd, or 4th time it happened. Not to mention that it was always guys like me. Enough like me that it was almost, but not quite like my face appearing in a different background. Maybe with a mustache, different colored eyes, or shaved completely bald to hide his hairline.

Also, I’m a guy. I watch porn, and I got started at a legally young age. Before I was 18, knowing that I was underage for getting into my father’s DVDs. A lot of them had warnings about watching them under the age of 18, and dad hid them. Reasonably well?

I also caught him downstairs, when he was in “The Doghouse” for some reason or other. He kept them in a box in the closet, up on the top shelf. Out of reach of the kids until I was a teenager, and old enough to get it down off the shelf.

Mainstream stuff, mostly Harmony or Metro Presents: None of that [Orgazm Addictz] fetish stuff, but since they were DVDs. They had teasers for other videos, including that. Vinyl, latex, some guy held to a board with nothing but a mouth hole, and his dick sticking out.

So, finally, I went down to knock on her door, and stopped when I heard her. “Slow down.” Her voice sounded scolding. “Slow down man. You don’t want to blow it. Not yet.”

“UH!” I tested the knob, and turned it slowly, so it didn’t rattle. I was already rock hard (Without even taking the pill a couple hours beforehand) and bracing myself to catch her naked, camming with another man.

“UH! NGH!” He had his eyes closed, wrinkles in his forehead, beading with sweat.


“Ngh!” he loosened his grip, as if trying to hold back the orgasm, and started hesitantly rubbing it again.

“Don’t cum, don’t you dare cum, you sick little boy.” He shook his head, but that little boy part. It had to be part of this scolding mom, or teacher fantasy. I noticed that she still had her scrubs on. Leaning back in her office chair, her legs crossed, but she didn’t even pull the shoulders out to expose her bra strap.

“UH fuch!” If anything, he looked a little older, a little fatter, and balder than me.

“Don’t touch yourself! Sit on your hands, what did I tell you?”

“I’m sorry.” He kept twitching, hands free, and it ran down his pud in pitiful dribbles.

“Sorry isn’t good enough.” She just reached out, and cut the connection.

“Huh!” She panted, and pulled her hair back from her neck. “Huh!” Then, she leaned forward to reach up under the back of her top. “Hun!” Unhook her bra, but her neck wasn’t just red hot, it also had sweaty curls stuck to it from her hair. Dark sweaty curls, from the bleached blonde. She curled it too, but whenever she was swimming, or fresh out of the shower, it darkened to her natural brunette.

I unzipped my pants, and quietly stepped in the door, while she was putting her feet up, with a hand up her top, and the other one down the front of her bottoms. “Mhn!” She bit her lip, and her eyes were closed. Her feet up on the padded step under her desk, for a footrest. Barefoot, she curled her toes, and her knuckles pumped out the teal crotch of her scrubs. “Oh!”

She blinked, and shook her head, when my cock brushed her bangs off her sweaty forehead.

“Taking a break?”

“Hm!” She smiled, and her eyes drooped shut, but she just turned her head. I came around for her to kiss the tip, and suck it. Slowly, she teased me, but after almost 20 years, I’d grown to appreciate it. How skillfully she teased you into getting hard, and keeping me hard. For hours if we had them.

When I was younger, and inexperienced, I was always in a rush to the finish. So focused on the orgasm, I practically skipped right past the sex to the end, but she was patient with me. It took years for me to learn how to actually take my time, and actually enjoy sex. Instead of just a means to the end.

PWOP! A message popped up, and she shook her head. “Huh, sorry. I have to take this.” Her boss, Dr. [Name Withheld] I reached back to take the mouse first. Before she could reach around me, I moved over to the [Answer] button and clicked it.

“Hey doc.” My cock swung right on camera, and bumped her cheek. “Can you give us a minute?”

“Of course.” he hung up, and I grabbed her face. Running my fingers through her sweaty curls.

“What do you think you’re doing?” She shook her head.

“Don’t take that tone with me. I’m not one of your boy toys, that gets off on you talking to them like dirty little boys.”

“Huh!” She looked up, guiltily.

“What, did you think I didn’t notice? Open your mouth, and say ah.”

“AGLH! Guh, kah!” She shook her head, and coughed. “What’s got into you?” She grinned, and wiped spittle off her cheek. “Huh, you’re not normally so passionate. Jealous?”

PWOP! [Take all the time you need.]

“Get up,” I slapped her ass, and pushed her back in the den.

“You don’t have to twist my arm.” She looked back, holding her arm up across her butt, and shaking it.

“Huh.” I grabbed her wrist. “All right.” I bent her over the foosball table, and yanked her scrubs down. Sank into her in one powerful thrust.

“Uh, fuck! Not so hard, stop! Pull my hair.”


“Just pull my ah! AH AH AH AH AH!”

“Huh!” That was it. “Uh!” I almost fell over. “Huh,” I breathed on her cheek, and neck. Then kissed her gently. Pulling out, and flopping wetly against my thigh.

“Well, that was quick.” She pulled up her boxers first, then stood up. “But satisfying.” She kissed my cheek. “Can you fix my bra for me?”

“Of course.”

“Huh, I have to get back to work, but then we can talk.”

“Okay,” I kissed her one last time, and then went up to jerk off in the bathroom. Better than Cialis, it wasn’t catching her camming, so much as the relief that she was doing it. Well, CFNM, JOI, and humiliating them for her sexual urges. Teasing herself at least as much, judging by how quickly she had to masturbate after he got what he came for.

“HhuhHh!” I tried to shake that out of my head, but blowing my second cumming, in maybe 20 minutes like a newlywed on our wedding night. “Huhuh uh huh!” Humping the warm porcelain sink, and finally looking up. Smiling, at myself in the mirror.

Never having to ask myself what they had, that I didn’t? More hair? Not really. More gut, but she never really minded that. “As long as it doesn’t get in the way.” I rubbed it, the way she did sometimes. Through my shirt, then I took it off, and kicked off my pants to take a shower.

Think, that jealousy had nothing to do with my passion. Did it? I’ve never been that rough with her before, I was afraid to, I love her, and the last thing I wanted was to hurt her. Physically, but she begged me to pull her hair. Practically tricked me into twisting her arm, and I just have to guess the foosball table in the gameroom isn’t the most comfortable surface to waffle her breasts on.

I never had breasts to experience something like that, but then the water started falling in the tub, and I looked down. “Huh!” Already starting to stand out, cantilevered, and chubby with blood. I can’t believe it, honestly, I can’t remember if I ever recovered twice that quickly, so I closed my eyes, and wiped suds down. Turning around so the water didn’t rinse them off, and ran down my back.

So what is it? Honestly, she didn’t crush up my medication, and feed it to me in my scrambled eggs this morning, did she? “Cummon.” The seccond cumming usually takes longer than the first, but the third time? “Cummon!”

“Don’t cum.” For a second there, I thought I was either hallucinating, or she’d cum up to join me in the bathroom. Letting the shower curtain hang back, with a lot of the steam let out, I just shook my head, and put my hand up on the tile.

What’s wrong with you? Beating off like a horny little teenager. Young, dumb, and full of cum.

“Huh, yeah.”

Don’t cum.

“Uh, yeah.”

Don’t you dare cum.

“Fuch yrh. Bitch.”

How dare you talk to me like that?

“Mouthy, bossy fucking control freak!”

I’ll show you, you’re cut off.

“Passive aggressive manipulative bitch. Try it. Just try it. How long do you think you can go without the dick. Huh? I’m middle aged, I can hold out for months. Years now. I can go get the bottle right now, and flush them down the toilet. Is that what you want? Huh? Yeah, lets see how well you take it. You’ll be back tomorrow. I bet you a thousand bucks, you’ll come back tomorrow, begging me for it, and I’m going to say no. Your cu cuh!” Cutoff? Cuckhold?CUNT! Uh UH FUCK! UHHHHHHHHHHH!”


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