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Where did he learn to do that?

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I planned to abuse my little brother Henry’s cock, but was taken by surprise when he seemed to know more about sex than I did. Wow, what a ride.

“Henry, come down here please.” I shouted from the front room.

I gave him a few minutes to come down because I knew he’d just got in to his pyjama’s ready for bed, I sat on the couch as he came clambering down the stairs, he walked in wearing his comic style pyjama’s and big yellow slippers that looked like Minions characters and he was holding an action figure in his hand, “You know it’s your bed time?” I asked.

“Yeah.” He replied, looking nervous, probably thinking I was going to tell him off, he was 11 years old but still a baby compared to me, his 17 year old sister.

“Then why are you playing with your toys?” I asked, looking at him sternly but with a little grin on my face.

He swung his hands behind his back to hide his toy, but he knew I’d already seen it, I chuckled at his childish attempt to deceive me, I tapped the couch on the cushion next to me, “Sit down.” I said.

He sat down on the couch, his legs hanging over the edge barely long enough to touch the floor, I took his action figure out of his hands and placed it down on the arm of the couch, “Let’s just leave this here for now.” I said, I sat on the floor in front of him and placed my hands on his knees, I placed my hand on his face and rubbed his cheek, “I love you, you know that don’t you?” I asked.

He nodded and smiled at me.

“Do you love me?” I asked.

He nodded again and blushed.

I love him like any sister would love her little brother, but tonight I had more love than ever, the reason being because the other night I was walking by his bedroom and I saw him jerking off in his bed, I knew he was now able to get erections and I wanted to play with it.

I unhooked the buttons of his pyjama top, “Lift your arms up.” I said, and I removed his top, he sat on the couch very still, he trusted me so never questioned my actions, he was topless, with his hands clasped together on his lap, wondering what the hell I was doing, but all the time we were both smiling at each other.

I rubbed my hand all over his chest and stomach, he was a skinny boy but such a handsome boy, I took off his slippers one at a time, then I grabbed the fabric of his bottoms and began to pull them down, when they slipped beyond his hips he reach out and held on to his waistband to stop me, “I’m not going to hurt you, don’t worry.” I said, reassuring him.

He hesitantly let go of his waistband allowing me to completely remove his bottoms, his little cock and balls squashed between his closed legs, I pried his legs apart, his cock and balls dropped down a little, he had the cutest cock you’d ever see, it wasn’t fully developed yet but still at least 3 inches long with a tiny red mushroom head on the end.

I removed my top and let him see my firm bouncy D-Cup breasts, his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree, “Do you know what these are?” I asked.

“Boobs.” He replied.

The way he said it made me laugh, he was so adorable, “Yeah, that’s right. Boobs. Would you like to feel them?” I asked.

He nodded so I told him it was okay, I held his hands and placed them on my breasts, he was so curious and had a good long feel of them, even pinching my nipples between his finger and thumbs at one point, which was a nice feeling.

His cock started to lift off his hairless balls as it slowly began to grow, “Oh look your little willy is growing, aww.” I said in a baby speak tone of voice, Henry’s face turned bright red, he was so embarrassed but I eased his mind with a hug and kiss.

Then I reached between his legs and gripped my fingers around his little cock and began to tug very lightly up and down, it made him smile and he took a deep breath with arousal, I rubbed it until it stopped growing, its current maximum length was just over 5 inches long, “Do you know what sex is, Henry?” I asked him.

He shuffled himself forward and nodded rapidly with a big grin on his face, “Yes.” He said excitedly, and he was looking down at my legs.

I was taken by surprise because I wasn’t expecting him to be so eager, I stood up and took the rest of my clothes off and stood in front of him, my pussy was at the same level and just inches from his face, I could tell he wanted to do something but he was reluctant, so I stroked his hair, “It’s okay.

Do whatever you want to do, darling.” I told him.

Moments later he grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled me towards him, slamming his face between my legs he drove his tongue deep in to my pussy and licked me out, it was so good, “Ungh – Oh my god, Henry – where did you learn how to do this?” I asked, gasping with orgasm.

He didn’t answer me, he was too busy chowing down on my pussy, so I held his face and lifted off away, “Fuck me, Henry. Lets do it, baby.” I said, he’d turned me on in a way I’d never experienced before in my life.

I bent over with my head and arms on the couch, Henry ran behind me and grabbed my hips, then I felt him push his cock between my flaps and then he thrust his 5 inches in to my hole, “Oh, Henry – Wow.” I moaned.

I know for a fact he’d never had sex before, probably never seen a naked girl before, and yet somehow he knew exactly what to do, everything he was doing was perfect, the way he pinched my nipples, the way he held on to my hips and my ass, and the way he was thrusting his cock in to me at just the right angle for maximum pleasure.

He fucked me real good and I lubricated his cock when he made me leak from orgasm, and I felt his chubby cock swell up inside me when he ejaculated his pre-pubescent seed in to my void.

We were both sweating and out of breath but I didn’t let him pause for a rest, dear god I wanted more of his incredible sex, I pinned him down on the floor and I straddled his skinny little body and I slipped his cock back in to my pussy before starting to ride him.

His cock quickly hardened again and I was bouncing on him like I was at a rodeo, it took nearly half an hour of incredible sex before he ejaculated again, this time I felt it and quickly got off of him, I pulled his cock in to my mouth and took the rest of his load down my throat.

Henry and I discovered a new way for a brother and sister to love each other, we continued the night upstairs, he had an amazing level of stamina, he fuck me twice more and once in the ass, what an amazing little stud he is.

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  • Reply TvT ID:1djio03dvg9l

    Absolutely gorgeous

  • Reply Danny ID:3057hz2fii

    Possibly the best story I’ve read

  • Reply AP ID:on8so7lk0d

    Damn, great story!
    Please put an author name on your next offering so people can follow your work.
    PLEASE give us a part 2! The mystery of the source of Henry’s knowledge needs to be told, what else he knew, and what you did with him next.

  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

    Sick, but hot. *****

    In answer to the question, when a girl is horny enough to molest her little brother, it doesn’t take as much. A lot of the foreplay, and technique involved is to get her ready to orgasm. He might have gotten lucky, and found the sweet spot (Just follow the labia up to where they cum together) or he might have read enough on the internet, to have some idea what to look for, and where.

    My money is her being so worked up in the first place that she was already on a hair trigger. So to speak…