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We will not hide our love

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People don’t understand how much we love each other. So what if she’s 10, if you don’t like it then screw you.

Whenever I’m out with my girlfriend and hugging and kissing her, we both get strange looks from people, they look at me like I’m disgusting, a pervert, some people have even called me a paedophile, even though I’m only 15 and still a child myself.

My girlfriend, Kelly, is only 10 years old, I know that sounds bad with me being 15 but our mom’s know about our relationship and fully support it, its other people that have a problem.

Our moms are very modern, they raise us to be who we are and we’re allowed to do what makes us happy, we all live in the same three bedroom house, my mom and Kelly’s mom have their own bedrooms and Kelly and I share the small room and even sleep in the same bed.

You’re probably wondering why I would want a girlfriend that is so young, well, it has nothing at all to do with her age, we just get on really well, we click, and we enjoy each other’s company.

All my friend know that Kelly is my girlfriend and they also support me, some are even jealous of us because we have such a close relationship, while most of my friends are still single, I get to have fun with a girl I love and adore.

Our moms know that we fool around, sexually, and they have no problem with that either, if it makes us happy, they do have one rule though, we’re not allowed to have penetrative sex until Kelly has started her periods, everything else we do is entirely our choice to do it or not.

Let me tell you about the other night so you can get an idea of just how close we are.

Kelly and I were taking a shower, we always shower together, every single night before bed, after washing ourselves and each other we’d stay in the shower and have some playtime, we’d kiss for a long time, Kelly would be jerking on my cock and I’d have my hands down grabbing her little tight ass, she is amazingly good at cock-play, the way she tugs on my cock is perfect every time.

Last month she got the courage to finally suck on my cock and now whenever we’re in the shower she likes getting on her knees and sucking me off, it took her quite a few tries to get used to the taste of spunk and now she really likes it, she’d tug and suck on my cock until I ejaculated in her mouth, then she’d swallowed every single drop with a big smile on her face.

After that we got out of the shower, dried off a little, then we’d play fight and we’d race out of the bathroom naked, I chased after her and caught up to her on our bed, I rolled her up in the duvet like a sausage and I tickled her feet while she was trapped, that always made her laugh.

When we were done play fighting I unrolled the duvet and we laid on the bed, Kelly was on her back, I kissed her and then licked my tongue all the way down her naked body and in the crack of her soft bald virgin pussy and she’d lay there, groaning happily while I licked and ate her pussy out.

Her mom brought up a pile of our clothes that had just been washed and ironed, she saw us playing on the bed and told us to cover ourselves up because we were naked and didn’t have a sheet over us, and then she left the room and closed the door behind her.

Kelly pushed me up and forced me to lay on my back, she straddled herself over my head, pressed her hands against the back wall and then rubbed her pussy against my face, telling me to lick it, she loved being on top while I held her ass she’d swing her hips forward and back, rubbing her pussy on my mouth and nose until she orgasmed, her juices always tasted so sweet.

That’s what we do most nights but we both really badly want to have sex but we know we’re not allowed, at least not yet, we’re both virgins but when it finally happens I know Kelly is going to be so good at riding my cock and I can’t wait to get it inside her.

I’m not ashamed of having a 10 year old girlfriend, why should I be, people can just go fuck themselves.

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  • Reply John Ray. ID:blf5nmql

    Age is just a number so go for it.

  • Reply Vive-la-baise ID:vuf1myhm

    You are not child. You are pre teen. You are pidophile

    • F.B.G.M. ID:1dahlmke43

      You are dumb as shit. they are in love

  • Reply k ID:21z3s54k0c

    I will go fuck my girl who’s actually of age and can understand what these things are because I’m not a moron who’s a pedophile you could argue why am I on this app I don’t read anything with fucking minors because its disgusting sure you can enjoy each other’s time but whoever supports this is sick you guys should be separated for the sake of her growing up and realizing she doesn’t want this and that she’s disgusted she’s gonna she trauma and eventually herself because you a 15 year old groomed her into it admit you were a pedo attracted to her and you guys were close almost like siblings get a life you sick fuck I pray someone takes you to jail and you feel raft of the prisoners because once your out there the guards aren’t gonna protect you pedo

    • nzpedo ID:cq1wbaoid

      shut the fuck up and die of cancer you judgemental fuck.
      i know a 21 yo whos been having sex since she was 11. loves it. glad it happened and most importantly wanted it, mktherfucker id beat your ass bitch.

  • Reply lol ID:21z3s54k0c

    she doesn’t love you she’s not even old enough even if she was mature she still wouldn’t be able to grasp the concept of love because some people are in there 40s and still can’t you groomed her into that your a groomer and pedophile she doesn’t love you she’s just to young to realize your a sick fuck

    • nzpedo ID:cq1wbaoid

      read my comment above bitch. id beat your ass like i beat my mums for telling to kill myself.
      die of cancer cunt.

  • Reply Valiez ID:1ah770le49j

    Age does not matter in ur situation its a good story,u r not like some of us who r not proud of ur gfz

  • Reply Lady ID:dj4olvs43

    Not wrong

  • Reply Laura ID:1i2kovirk0c

    My husband and I allow our two daughters 11 and 12 to let boys sleep over. Our daughters have to practice the rhythm method and if they have sex on unsafe days the guys need condoms or pull out.
    Our daughters are little sluts like me. They are learning guys are different sizes and guys like different things. The guys they are with are usually junior or senior high guys.

    • Lady ID:dj4olvs43

      Very nice ❤️

    • Tabooman ID:fx7itck0b

      Did your husband get the honor to break them in . Its a Father’s privilege in my opinion

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

      The rhythm method, and pulling out aren’t reliable birth control. They can work, but not indefinitely. If they keep rolling the dice, eventually, they’re going to hit bust. Just make them use protection, and maybe get them some sort of Birth Control.

    • Dicky ID:1dazuemm9a

      How old are these guys who fuck your daugthers?

    • Dicky ID:1dazuemm9a

      Wkll you please answer me at [email protected]? Thanks

    • anal rp ID:21c6xftbd4

      this is a perfect family right here! young girls need to be trained that they are only here to b sluts for men and take their dicks in their holes! i hope your husband broke in their buttholes! i have two daughters, 12yo, 14yo. my wife knows what women are for and watched the night i broken in my eldest daughter’s asshole. she cried and cried, but i fucked her deep and fully with my 8″ cock. i told her that this is what men want her for, and she was to let them use her! after that, i fucked my daughter up the ass every morning before i went to work, and every night after dinner. some nights she slept in bed with me and my wife and in the middle of the night, id pull her pj bottoms down, and fuck her young butthole till i filled it up. my wifes only rule was that i coulnt fuck their pussys, but i was fine with that as i only enjoy boys and girls buttholes. my other daughter, she belonged to my 23yo son. he was brutal with her. the first night he took her ass, he come home drug after a fight with his gf. angry, he went into her room, pulled her to the floor, pulled her pjs down and raped her asshole with only spit as lube for the whole night. at one point i walked in to grab my eldest for a late night buttfuck, and he had her in doggy, ass up, face pushed into the bed and was hatefucking her asshole hard as he watched videos of him and his gf. my daughter was sobbing, and my eldest was pretending to sleep, but also had tears in her eyes. i was gonna fuck my daughters asshole downstairs, but couldnt help enjoying the show. i fucked my eldest ass and came hard. that next night, my son had several of his friends over, ages 16-28. all big, all built, most jocks or athlete like him. i heard them enter my daughters room, and shortly after the sound of muffles screams and whimpers filled the air along with male laugher, sounds of hole fucking, grunts and degrading comments about how tight my daughters assholes were, and how they were going to be ruined

    • anal rp ID:21c6xftbd4

      email michael.baker19692017@gmail for more

  • Reply someone ID:16d46qghhrj

    You should just fuck her. Don’t care about allowed or not.

    • Josh ID:p8vnler8i

      True. I’d not have stopped myself. I’d go right into that pre teen pus

  • Reply F.B.G.M. ID:2qkz794s8

    people are fucking brain dead i have seen people that are 23 years apart. you too are only 5 years apart i wish i had that type of love.

    • dll ID:2c3g7uer8l

      your right i agree some have bigger age gaps like 18 yr old with 50 and 60 yr old in other country and are perfectly happy so 5 yr gap is not that big and at least waiting for to start her period before intercourse maybe some time had 2 sisters youngest got her period at13 older sister at 15 i am oldest brother the oldest and very close she come ask me and tell me things she was 2 yrs 11 month younger then me youngest was 14 yrs 7 month younger oldest only had sex with 2 guy before getting married youngest was raped at 15 then 18 had 2 kid with control freak boyfriend lived with long time she does not talk with family oldest has 3 children.

  • Reply CHINGATUMADRE ID:bo201mkjh

    You should do part 2