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My name is Vivian and i was with my twin sister Rebeka we were 10yearsold,playing in swings in a playground.Before we were at beach some meters away i was wearing a blue top and bottom bikini and Rebeca a red top with yellow bottom but when our parents doesnt look at us we stay topless,we like this free,we knew why we must wear a top bikini but our chest were still small so we havent something to hide.
At the same time we have take our favourite ice cream granita that we were like to lick with our tongue,these actions had the attention of many people but we doesnt care until we hear and see a stranger take photos of us and we smile we didnt found something strange only when he ask us to open our legs we resist a little but we open them and when he ask us to show him a little of our ass,we say no but after please us we do his favor and after we were sure noone was around we stand in our legs and our back to him we lower a little our bikinis but he want to reveal all of our ass and slowly we reveal him all of our all and after thanks us he leave.
Rebeca ask me if we do right what if our parents learn that a stranger take us photos,i think and i aswere what bad can happen and we continue playing in swings, until dad come with our clothes scold us that we were again topless but in end he give us the clothes to change so we go to cabins.There was only one free and my sister go to others.
The door couldnt close very good so i fast put down my clothes to changes,suddenly i hear door open and someone get inside i go to stop him but he catch me with his one hand while the other in my mounth and whispere in my hand that he dont want doing something bad to me only a little fun and i will enjoiy it only not scream.
I was really scare but he had something in his voise that tell me trust him,so i move my head positive and he whispere again in my ear good girl and he left free me and my mounth and his hands go to my breasts starting rub it with his hands.I could hear him say how much he loves girls with flat chest,he was doing it so good where i start moan it going worse with plaing with my nipples,i could hear him saying some words in a language i couldnt understand.
His one hand start going lower and trying slide in inside my bottom bikini but he couldnt because i had close my legs,he please me to open my legs,i had surrender in all this and i open them feeling his hand slide in and this time rub my personal area doing me jump,dont worry he say,my god i say all this feelings noone had toush me again there,in the same time his other hand had doing my nipple red.All this couldnt continue for a lot i had to return my family will search for me i say but the stranger wanting more.
I undrstand it when he put me to bent over with my hands in wall,there i really scare more when he put down my bottom but just enough to free my ass,with his hands grab my asscheecks,he tell me how crazy doing him the tan lines,i must go i say again,not yet he aswere.i feel him taking his hand and little after something hard and big moving up and down my ass,what is this i ask him,i will not doing you something bad and he suddenly bend above me.
He was taller than me but i could feel very good the menace in my ass he had starting moan and going faster and suddenly hot liguid in my back and ass.he thanks me with a kiss in my neck and he leave alone.I stay a little there thinking what happen until i hear my sister voise, now i come out i aswere her what are you doing all this time we were waiting you and we return to our parents,i didnt tell anything and i try forget it but it was imposible because i meet him again and he was wanting more.

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    Horrific story. it sounds like English is not your native language and I bet even in your language it still sucks.