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My wife Tina is my personal pornstar. She loves for me to take pictures of her, and will fuck at any given moment.

I’m Joe 57 married to Tina 56 for 29 years now. My wife is from Germany, we met 30 yrs ago, while I was over there doing special ops. We have 3 grown kid’s. Tina is dark haired, wears glasses ,blue eyes. Tina is a medium sized lady 5’4″ 135 lbs big busted 38g ,nice butt. After our kids left the house, we started to play(sexual). I started to take pictures of her,it started in the bathroom, while she’s taking a shower. Tina’s removing her clothes, she starts off removing her pants,then her top,just leaving her panties and bra. Show me your pussy baby, as she drops her panties, that dark bush looking so good, now let me get a shot of you letting your big twins out. When she unhooked her bra her big titties fell out, for a Lady of her age, her titties are very nice, they don’t sag,her areolas are large and her nipple’s are big and now hard. So I now must get a good feel,it don’t take long before she grabbed my hand and led me to our bed. Ooh clean sweet pussy so I take some pictures then I slowly start to kiss that sweet pussy. As I eating my wife’s pussy, I started to play with her nipple’s, she started to raise up her hips and started to grind her pussy in my face,soon she has orgasm filling my mouth with her sweet cum. It’s only been about 5 minutes before I crawl on up I take a couple of pics, then I crawl into her and shoved my hard rigid dick inside her and start to fuck my wife, as she is moaning about bucking like a bronco it didn’t take me long to fill her pussy with my sperm. Tina is a wonderful wife and the best thing is she loves to fuck. If anyone wants to see my wife’s body just comment we live in Mississippi.

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  • Reply Joe ID:16m9jekyf6ns

    Love a hairy pussy

  • Reply andersc057@gmailcom ID:1i2lyuz0b0a

    I’d love to see those pictures email me 😊

  • Reply S ID:3hw98530hri

    Your both very lucky
    Beautiful story

  • Reply Debbie ID:7ylren3fij

    Love it

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  • Reply Random guy ID:153khf7cm9i

    sc: caiden_maxwell
    Would love to see those pics

  • Reply Random guy ID:s49dg0zl

    Love to see those big sexy tits
    Email or text

  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

    TBPH, I’m a little jealous. I wish I had a husband that appreciated my body like you, and I’m not even close to my mid-50s.

    • bbw lover ID:153l6viufii

      I love your stories! I’m a big fan

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

      I might have to do a BBW one just for that.


  • Reply GDC ID:28arh4j4v2

    Can I see it