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the first communion part 3

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the first communion part 3 Giovanna (Giò), see something and she get turned on

I can’t fall asleep. The heat and weariness of this day has suddenly descended upon me, and now I am lying on the bed with my eyes wide open. I’m wearing only a silk nightgown, I don’t want to feel strings or rubber on my skin: I feel tense, and I wonder why. Obviously Luigi came to the party: he was invited by both me and Nancy and it is quite right that he attended, since Nancy is his daughter, even if she does not know it … so why do I feel this tension? I known him for years and I can recognize his animal gaze: that gaze excites me, causing me a primal sensation that I cannot stop: even as a child he was able to do so. Over the years he has learned to hide it, but he can’t fool me. I always know when he’s excited, and I feel his gaze on me even without looking at him …. and today I can swear I saw that beast-like gaze of his aimed at Nancy. Is it possible that …. I can hardly imagine it …. Is it possible that he is attracted to her? her daughter? No, it can’t be. Nancy is just a child … it is true that she has grown up a lot, and she has already grown two sweets little tits, but it is not possible that Luigi wants … A perverse thought crosses my mind. An unspeakable image full of excitement and sensuality forms in my head, without i’m able to stop it. My mind shows me, with a painful clarity, Nancy and Luigi together naked and embraced … this vision does not get out from my head and, against my will, my body reacts, igniting a languor in my lower abdomen. I instinctively move one of my hands, to my pussy. Among the manicured and soft hairs I already feel a warm moist … Should I have made him come to sleep with me? Maybe we would have ended up fucking, but at least I would have been sure that Nancy … suddenly I hear a noise. The house is in absolute silence, so even the ligthest noises are clearly heard, and what I heard came from Nancy’s room. Another nois. This time I can’t be wrong: this is surely a moan. What’s going on in that room? no … I don’t want to believe it is … but I have to know. My legs move by themselves and drag me out of bed. I walk towards Nancy’s room, from which more and more intense sounds come. I don’t want to look, I don’t want to know …. but I keep moving forward. The noises from the room are unmistakable: moans, sucks, creaks of the bed, kisses … ther’s any doubts. A crack in the door casts a blade of soft light and, even if I don’t want to, I go over to look. Despite the dim light, I see them with terrible clarity: it’s happening! This is really happening! That unspeakable gesture, that thought that I could never admit is in front of my eyes: Nancy is on all fours like a beast and she is taking Luigi’s cock in her mouth! That pig is lying beneath her with her face between her thighs, and he is slurping into her pussy!
I have to go in! I have to end to that abominable act … but I can’t move: the scene excites me too much! Luigi knows how to lick pussy better than any other man I’ve known, after all I was the one who taught him how to move, how to use the tongue and lips … and now he does it with her: my little girl … my baby, is suffering the cravings of that pig ….. No, it is not true. Although these are my thoughts, my eyes show me the opposite: Nancy really seems to enjoy it! In her movements there isn’t the slightest fear, nor the slightest inhibition nor a shred of hesitation: she moves as if what she does … that filthy and incestuous act … was right and natural! As if it were the most beautiful thing in the world! Suddenly my thoughts break: Nancy arches up carrying her head up, and I see her face. Her expression is contracted, her eyes are narrow as if she were about to cry: she is in the throes of extreme enjoyment. A long and intense moan come out from her mouth and I see her tremble in the throes of an overwhelming orgasm, and then dive with her open mouth on Luigi’s cock, making grotesque sucking and swallowing noises. A fire breaks out between my legs and spreads to my stomach. My pussy gets so wet until it drips between my thighs …. I came … I didn’t want to, but I came! I came looking at Nancy enjoyin Luigi’s tongue …. I’m shocked and excited at the same time.
I feel my hand crawl between my legs and my fingers begin to rub my pussy. I look at them again and see Nancy try to ride Luigi’s dick. Won’t she really want to get that dick? She is so small, if she takes Luigi’s cock she will tear her little pussy …. I can see her starting to lower her hips! -No, don’t do it! – I scream in my head -You’ll hurt yourself …- I hear her squeak with pain and withdraw.
“No, I can’t do it …” says Nancy, and for a second I hope this nightmare will end … but the next moment my blood freezes again …
“…. you have to do it”
-WHAT? – I scream in my head … Luigi’s voice echoes me.
“what? What should I do?”
“You have to get inside ….” Nancy’s voice startles me … how can she even think to ask such a thing?
“I’m afraid of the pain, but I want it ….” I am stunned … such a willing tone does not even seem come from my little girl, but once again my eyes show me the opposite: Nancy let Luigi get up from the bed, and with a disarming ease, she lies down on her back bringing his knees to her chest. I can’t see all from where I am, but Luigi’s erect cock approaching Nancy’s ass is enough. My fingers are wiggling in my cunt: I’m wet like a slut. Instinctively I lean forward, grab my tit with one hand starting to titillate the nipple already hard as a stone, and spread my legs to let my fingers go deeper.
“Oh well… I’ll try to be gentle” says Luigi.
-Liar! – I think angrily
– Bloody lousy liar! You don’t want to be gentle, I know it! You want to break her! you want to split her in two like you do with me! Can’t hold back, in front of that show, can you? You’re a lousy pig!- I see Nancy’s face almost in profile, and I know she’s afraid of her. That bastard will break her …
“We can stop if you want”
Luigi’s voice startles me … I had forgotten how calm and persuasive his voice could be. I feel a rush of wam through my chest, and my fingers return to massage my soaked pussy.
“No … I want it … I feel burn inside …. put it on! Put it all in! ”
these words surprise me … hearing that from Nancy makes me even more excited … after all, I understand her: I am burning with desire too.
I see Luigi bending down between Nancy’s legs and sinking his tongue inside her. She twitches herself in a sinuous way and lets out a few moans, but it lasts just few seconds. Luigi grabs his cock and points it on Nancy’s pussy … inside my head I hear a chorus of screaming voices that overlap itsefls: a part of me screams in anger -NOOO! STOP, YOU ANIMAL! YOU WILL RUIN HER FOR THE REST OF LIFE! –
another part moans loudly, as if it were experiencing a crazy orgasm: -YYEEEEEEAH! FUCK HER, YOU FILTHY BASTARD! FUCK THAT WHORE OF MY DAUGHTER, AND THEN COME FILL MY CUNT ALSO-
Nancy’s moans get louder and louder, until I hear her voice “come on …. come on …. put it inside! I want it ”her pleading voice is irresistible, even for me: if I were now in Luigi’s place I would take her hard ….. But you don’t know … my sweet baby, you don’t know what you’re asking for!
“Don’t worry, if you want to scream, just do it.”
What? Luigi’s sentence takes me by surprise … he won’t want to … no … I see him pushing slowly … thank goodness, I thought he wanted …
But Nancy’s voice chill me …. “Push it, it doesn’t matter! Push it hard ”
I see him withdraw for a moment, as if to charge a blow, and then, with a feral thrust, he enters all inside her.
Nancy’s choked scream causes another orgasm to explode in my fingered pussy. I find myself on my knees shaking in spasms, and cursing Luigi and myself … he really did it! He plunged his cock into my daughter’s pussy, ripping off her virginity! And he also hurt her! Bastard! Why didn’t I stop him? What kind of mother am I? i’m just a filthy bitch.
“Now it passes … now everything passes! Take a deep breath! ”
Luigi’s voice reaches my ears … he is trying to undo the damage. At least this! Once again his warm, reassuring voice dissolves my anger …. I hear Nacy breathe deeply, and I walk over to the door to see what’s going on.
“You should have let me do it”, he say her … asshole! As if she could even know! I see Nancy’s little hands resting on Luigi’s face
“Don’t worry, It’s passing by … ah..AHI … just give me a few moments ….”
What a good girl, my Nancy …. Good sweety… relax and let yourself go: soon you will be good…
I see Luigi starting to move slowly: he withdraws the blood stained cock from her, and then he penetrates her again … I see Nancy’s pussy: her redded lips open and close on Luigi’s cock as if she were squeezing it… my cunt doesn’t stop getting wet, it’s such a perverse yet so exciting sight! Against my will, absurd thoughts make their way into my head: I wish to be there next to Nancy, to reassure her, to tell her how to do for do not feel pain, and I wish to massage her clitoris and her puffy little titts, to make her enjoy more. .. What am I thinking? Am I really such a slut? But my body is more honest: I am furiously fingering myself with one hand, while with the other I am squeezing my tits … and I don’t even dare of going inside the room to stop them. Luigi’s movements become more energetic and strong, and, as far as I can see, Nancy is more and more turned on … I would like to see her expressions better
“can you feel me? Do you feel how I plunge into you? ” Luigi says in a triumphant tone … asshole!
“Ah … ah …. yeah … yeeeeesss … that’s why my girlfriends said “he broke me apart”…. you split my pussy …. ah …I thought I was dying …… ”
Her girlfriends? What kind of girlfriends does she have? I never noticed it …
“still it hurts?” Luigi says …
“Just a bit …. but I like it … it hurts, but I like it … I love it!” her tone is no longer in a whisper, she’s enjoying it …. and I’m enjoying this moment too!
Luigi closes Nancy’s legs and puts her feet on his chest …. he really wants to make her feel all of his cock! And, of course, I hear Nancy moan: “ah, ha …. I feel it all even more …. you’re so big …” I feel my pussy tighten on my fingers: I’m enjoying this… I’m enjoying so much! It’s pointless continue pretending that this is not like this… I see Luigi bending over Nancy, bringing her kneels close to her chest. She is so flexible that for sure she will feel no pain, and in that position Luigi will reach her uterus … just like he does with me!
“HAAA” Nancy shoots out a sharp squeal, and Luigi kisses her.
“Little slut!” Luigi says. “I want to fuck your brain out! I want you to remember me forever! Are you my bitch?” Damn you …. you know how to impose yourself, right? After all, you always do! But with Nancy?
“Yes, yes! I’m your bitch! Fuck my pussy hard!” this sentence, said by Nancy pierces my mind: she said it with a sly and proud tone. The same one I use when I talk dirty while Luigi fucks me …. My daughter is really a slut! like mother, like daugther! Obviously these words trigger Luigi, who leave himself from Nancy and makes her stand up; she staggers for a moment, but she does not even the time to speak, that immediately he turns her over and puts her back on all fours.
“such a good doggy!” Luigi says with a proud tone, before dipping his face on Nancy’s little ass … she swing her head back, and I can see her face properly: her expression is a grimace of intense pleasure that makes her narrow her eyes and panting as if about to cry. Her breathing is interrupted by sighs so intense they sound like sobbing … seeing her like this brings me back to the verge of orgasm.
“Ah .. OH, OH UNCLE …” her moans become louder, and suddenly Luigi stands behind her and penetrates her from behind her …. “AH!” Nancy moans, but not so hard: he fucks her in her pussy doggystyle. Luckily he still doesn’t want to fuck her in her ass, but he is still turned on like hell, and I understand that so far he had restrained himself. He begins to give short and quick strokes to Nancy’s pussy, grabbing her hips making his pelvis slam against her buttocks, in an obscene “clap clap” sound …. with one hand he grab her hair and then pulls it back the head. Nancy gives short cries and screams, as if she were singing, straightening her arms, so as to arch even more.
My fingers are sinking relentlessly into my pussy, which is now soaking wet.
“Do you like it, little bitch?” Luigi says, and I think -yes .. yes … YYEEEEEAH, I like it! Fuck her hard! – and this time there are no other voices in my head.
“Aaahaaaaahhaaaa ….yyyeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah” moans Nancy.
The scene becomes even more feral: Luigi grabs Nancy’s arms and pulls her to him. For a few seconds Nancy is almost suspended, while she vibrates under Luigi’s cock strokes, then she throws herself back, resting her hands on the mattress. Luigi is half stretched out under her, who keep to strike from beneath her, and suddenly I see his hands grabbing Nancy’s legs, from under her knees, and spread them widley. My breath stops, and my eyes widen: I see Nancy, my daughter … completely exposed! Her baldy pussy has her lips open, her clit exposed and soaked wet, filled from Luigi’s cock (her father), who is impaling her like a whore. I can almost make out the shape of Luigi’s cock that makes its way into Nancy’s belly… she has placed her feet on he mattress and follow those movements of him, with her hips and legs. She is drenched in sweat, with erect nipples and her face contracted in an expression of extreme amazement and enjoyment … the scene is perverse as magnificent, obscene as sensual, slutty as refined … the celebration of the worst carnal sin I could to imagine. I feel the orgasm mount like an earthquake in my pussy and belly … I see Luigi’s hand approaching Nancy’s pussy and rubbing her clit! -no …- I think, knowing very well what an enormous reaction it will bring … Luigi’s fingers continue to caress her with skill, until … it happens.
Nancy starts moaning loudly and shaking: “oooooooHOOOOOOoooAAAAAAAAAAHHH” she starts to squirm, shake her head in spasms as her orgasm overwhelms her. Luigi continues to strike into her until …. “AAAAAAHHH” … Nancy cumes again …. and so do I. A deep, copious orgasm explodes in my pussy …. I clench my teeth for not to screaming, while I collapse on the ground in the tremors, and waves of enjoyment that fiercely cross me …i cum… i’m cumming I’M CUUUUUMMMIIIIIIINNG. After eternal moments of absolute pleasure, I hear that Luigi is getting out of bed. He doesn’t have to see me like this! My body, still shaking from orgasm, drag me into the room, where, somehow I manage to get on the bed without making any noise.
I don’t understand nothing anymore, I just feel the feelings of orgasm that don’t go away. If Luigi saw me now, I couldn’t help myself, and I’d let myself be fucked like a whore! It doesn’t have to happen: I can still fix what happened. I can still do ….
“Gio’? Are you awake?” Luigi’s voice almost echoes in the room. I pretend to sleep, maybe … no. The footsteps approach the bed … now he get on the mattress. The sheets are thrown away leaving me almost naked, lying on my side with one leg folded over the other, and my pussy totally exposed … I can’t move! I can’t talk! I am too excited, too scared, too confused … Luigi approaches: I feel the intense and warm smell of him on me, and a hand caressing my inner thigh. “I knew … you’re soaked wet” his voice pierces me! If now he fucks me I will never be able to resist him again! “You enjoyed the show, didn’t you?”
I would like to spit all my anger on him, I would like to slap him until I tear his cheeks, but I remain silent.
I feel his glans resting on my thigh, next to my pussy … no … you can’t do that! I can’t let you do it! My body doesn’t move, my pussy starts to get wet again … No … DON’T COME CLOSER! NO …. NOOO …..

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