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Tent Peg

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I never looked at my brother the same way, after I caught him, and his friend playing with their boners.

I was barely starting to think about boys in general, but that was 6th grade, and then it turned summer. My brother just finished 1st grade, so he was 6. I’d never seen him hard before, or at least waving it around, and making “Boing boing!” Noises.

Gary came over to camp in the back yard, and I was in charge of the fire. So mom, and dad could go to bed, I just had to make sure they didn’t play with it, burn themselves, or knock it over, until the marshmallows were gone, so I rolled it over to the hose, and put it out.

“Goodnight boys,”

“Goodnight.” My brother came over for a kiss goodnight, but didn’t ask me to tell him a story. He was still wetting the bed, occasionally, but other than being little brother, the biggest thing was I remember him potty training, and mom changing his diapers. I helped, but it was mostly getting her clean things like diapers, and wipes for her to get stinky.

I don’t remember much more than that, but I went to bed exhausted, and pretty much passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow. I saw them in the morning, when I got up to shut the curtains.

Planning on going back to bed, but when I saw them in the corner, I rushed downstairs, and yelled out the back door. “What are you doing? Pull your pants up, and put some clothes on. You better go home, Gary.”

“Okay,” they didn’t even whine, nor argue, just pulled up their PJ bottoms, and went to take down the tent.

“Oohh!” I went to change out of my night clothes, but all I had on was a teeshirt, and a pair of panties. For summer, but now I was wide awake, so I pulled some jeans on, and brushed the bedhead out.

“You have to take me.” Gary was just pouring a bowl of cereal, “I can’t walk home on my own.”

“Okay, just.” I pushed the cereal over to my brother, who already had the milk carton out, but mom, and dad were home, and still in bed.

So, I walked him home, but “You have to hold my hand across the street.”

I had to ask, “You’re not gay, are you, Gary?”

“What’s gay?” I forgot where I heard that, they “Always knew,” some of them in kindergarten.

“That means you like boys.”

“He nodded.” Of course, he like boys, he’s a boy, “And not girls?” He shrugged, and let go my hand when we got across the intersection, but there was like no traffic.

“You seem nice.”

“Well,” I tried to think, “What about the girls at school? Do you think any of them are pretty?”

“Not like you.”

“Oh thanks, but.” I had to think again, “Okay, when your. Pisser.” He laughed. “Whatchamacall it.”

“My weeny?”

“When it gets hard, what do you think about?” He shrugged. “Okay, well what were you thinking about this morning, when you’re playing with my brother? You both had your weenies out?”

“Iano. Stiffies? Oh, and puppydog tails.”

I laughed, when I realized he was wagging his back and forth, while my brother was hopping up, and down. Saying “Boing boing.”

I nodded, but before I could think of another question, he asked me, “What do you think, when you get a stiffy?”

“Oh, I don’t. I’m a girl.” I nodded, and he nodded, “And we don’t have weenies, we have.” Pussies? “Well, flowers.”

“Oh, how do you pee?”

“Uh, well. It just comes out, but we have to sit down.”

“Oh,” he thought, “Is it pretty?” I didn’t know how to answer that. “Does it smell nice?”

“No, but it’s not like an actual flower. Just like when I call it a boner, your stiffie. That doesn’t mean it’s actually got a bone in it.”

“Oh,” so I got him home, and handed over his sleeping bag (With his PJs rolled up in it,) but my brother had a tent. So, he wanted to camp out ever night, and the set it up every day. Sometimes out in the yard, but the rest of the time he put it on his bed.

It was one of those you could roll up, if you knew the trick, but it was tricky. You had to hold the sides, and twist one end into the other like you’re tying a Lark’s Head? (I had to look up what that knot’s called,) So, that took 4 hands, unless you could figure it out yourself, but it’s awkward to say the least.

Then Gary came over again, and I kept a good eye on him. I guess to make sure he didn’t molest my brother. Ironic, I know because he was little more than half my age (11) when I started. He went to take a nap on the couch, when mom, and dad were at work. So, I was babysitting, and my brother went up to sleep in his bed. (No tent, that was just for at night.)

I went to grab a snack, and he practically snuck up behind me, to tug on the back of my top.

“What, Gary?”

“I got a stiffy. Oh, and I had a dream.”

“What kind of dream?”

“Panty Flowers!”

“Oh, okay.” I set my sandwich on the table, and sat down, so he was closer to my height standing up. “I saw this girl, and she had flowers on her panties, but I thought they were stars. They were yellow.” He nodded, “And sky blue, and pretty!”

“Yeah! Baby blue, with yellow flowers?”

“Uh huh?”

“5 pointed petals?”

“Uh,” he held his hand up, turned it over. Tried to stretch his fingers out like a star, instead of flowers. “Iano.” He shrugged.

“I think I know the ones you’re talking about.” We called them the Lucky Charms pack, even though they weren’t. They had Pink Hearts, no clovers, little Rainbows, blue bows, and the flowers looked like stars, on a baby blue background.

They were cheap, and they kept making them, for years. I had several pairs of each, because mom could buy them in bulk. “Um,” he came back, “Is it gay to play with it?”

“Your stiffie?” He nodded. “Not if you think of girls.”

“Big girls like you.” He pointed, but at least I had a training bra on. He said big, but I wasn’t even into A-cups. I had a bra, just one, and half size aa inserts to pad it out, but it was too hot to wear in summer.

Also, at least other girls notice if you go up, and down half a cup size, to tease you for “Stuffing.”

So, a long story short, my brother broke the tent out, and they went to set up camp in the back yard. Mom asked if he was staying, and patted out another burger for him. Dad grilled them, and that became the campfire, but mom would buy a bag of marshmallows every night.

So, for desert, I cut up hot dogs for them to roast instead of “Marshmallows,” and stayed up to watch them. I wasn’t afraid of him getting gay with my brother. In fact, I fantasized about it, and stuff I’d never do with my brother there.

I shouldn’t have with Gary, but it was so cute, and he wasn’t my brother. Yeah, I had to make sure he was straight, but I wanted to see his little stiffy again. Knowing he had a boner for me, and maybe touch it.

Who am I kidding, I wanted to molest him, and I spent at least an hour trying to convince myself, it wouldn’t be molesting a child. I’m not grooming him, he’s just curious about boys, and girls, but I bet he wanted to see my flower.

I dried it with my panties. I wasn’t soaking through, or dripping, but I was definitely getting juicy enough to have to dry it, frequently. More, and more thoroughly until I was obviously playing with myself, and thinking about his cute little stiffy.

Then, I had to hold my breath, as long as I could, and then I gasped for air until I could breathe. So then, I flattened out a lounger to lay down, and fell asleep before the pleasure faded. Not my first orgasm, and I’d even had more intense ones, but obviously the taboo there made it extra dirty.

Like I didn’t plan to be there when they woke up, my brother went to take a leak in the corner. (The grass was dead at that point.) Then, he saw me, and I told him to “Go up, and grab some breakfast.”

Gary came out right after, and I snuck right up behind him in the corner. “So,” I laughed when he jumped. “What were you dreaming?”

“Idano.” He shrugged, and finished pissing. Shook it, and buttoned his pajamas back before he turned around, but I saw in a glance that he wasn’t hard. Maybe a little chubby, but that went away when the pee stopped.

“Well,” I patted his butt, and bit my lip. “You better go get dressed, so I can take you home.”

I picked the tent up, and dumped it out. Then, I rolled it up, and then I picked up to smell his sleeping bag. I smelled his shampoo (Pantene) on the open end. It wasn’t still warm, but I rolled it up before someone saw me doing something embarrassing.

They were eating cereal when I went in, but Gary was dressed in the same shorts he wore last night. When he took a nap, and woke up to tell me he got a stiffy dreaming about panty flowers.

The little pervert was already looking up girl’s skirts, but I went up to my room, and changed out of my pants. Took my training bra off, and put a dress on with straps wide enough to hide bra straps.

If I was wearing any. Then, I got out my prettiest panties, with pink hearts, a ribbon around the waistband and a bow sewn in the front. I saw him out in the back yard swinging his panama pants out, to lay across his sleeping bag, and roll up to go out with me.

I sat down on the porch, with my elbows on my knees to hold my dress stretched out, and give him a good look at my pretty panties. He had to look up the stairs to climb up the porch, but I had to get up, to let him in through the kitchen.

“I’m going to take Gary home.” I told dad, and he yawned “Hokay,” poring himself some coffee. I took his hand right out on the porch, and asked him “You like my panties?”

“Yeah, they’re pretty.”

“Well, you don’t have to go straight home. Would you like to see my pee flower? It’s pretty, and it’s pink, too.”


“Don’t tell your mom, I took you to the park on the way. It’s not on the way home, but here.” I pulled him over to a fence. “I know a shortcut. Oh! You’re heavy.” I had to pick him up, even though the fence was only hip high. I looked around, and hopped over. “I have to pee, just a second.” I popped a squat, and held my knees together to get my panties down. Then, I put my elbows up, on my knees to spread them, and stretch my dress tight across them. “Hm.” I had to push a little, but then I felt it come out, and took a breath to push again.

He bent over, and even lifted the front of my skirt to watch.

“Where’s it come out?”

“Huh!” I stood up, bent over, and pulled them up to dry it. “I’ll have to show you somewhere else.” I just pissed in someone else’s yard, and flashed a 1st grader. “Come on.” I had to pick him up, and hold him over. Then, I had to climb over, and take his hand, across the street. He lived around the block, but then he stopped.

Pulled my hand, “The park is this way.”

“Okay, but you know you’re not supposed to look up girl’s dresses?” He nodded shameless, and didn’t even blush. “It’s okay, I won’t tell your mom.”

“I won’t tell mommy if you take me to the park.”

“Deal,” I let his hand go, and took his pinkie. “I pinkie swear.”

At the park, I had to find a dirty ditch. Well, that’s the most private place I could think of, but with all the dirtier things I was thinking. There was a pipe under the street, and not really a bridge, but a ditch for the water to run between 2 yards, and some tiny trees. Saplings they hadn’t cut back.

So, the piney smell kinda helped with the rotten wood and leaves smell running out of the pipe like a muddy black paste. I dropped my underwear, and took off my dress as soon as we’re out of sight. He forgot all about me showing my pee-hole, but I already planned to tell him the wrong one.

Instead, he just stood there staring at my nipple cones, for a minute. That’s about the best thing to call them, my nipples started growing, or at least getting a little darker than my pale chest first. Then, they got lumps, and those slowly grew like anthills, but he shut his mouth, when I bent over to take his little hands, and put them on my body.

He felt my nipples, gently. So, I told him, “You know what these are for, sucking right?” He nodded, “I don’t have any milk yet, but you remember how to suck a nipple from when you’re a baby?” He shook his head, “Well, it’s easy, you just kiss me right here.” I traced a circle around one, “Then, you suck it. Huh, yeah. Just like that, now get the other one.”

I thought it would feel more intense? I don’t know why, I touched them when I played with myself, but I realized that was just foreplay, and I couldn’t get any more turned on at that point. “That’s good,” I patted his head, “Now,” I went for his crotch, “That give you a stiffy?”

“No.” I stopped, “You’re not supposed to touch my like that.”

“Well, I won’t tell your mommy you sucked my nipples, you know you’re not supposed to suck anyone else’s nipples, but I have an idea. I know one way to give you a stiffy for sure.”


“Take your pants off, and let me suck it.”

“Oh, that’s a blow job?”

“Where did you hear that?”

“At night, I was supposed to go to bed, but daddy told mommy to give him a blow job.”

“And did she?” He nodded, “And it gave him a stiffy?”

“No, a boner.”

“So, let me give you a blowjob, please?”


“Don’t tell your mom, and dad, though.”

“Okay.” I was wrong, it wasn’t a sure thing. I sucked him hard that first time, but then he pulled out, and crossed his legs. “I haveta pee.”

“Okay, let me help you.” I came around to reach over his shoulder, pinch it, and stroke it, with his little butt squirming. He took a deep breath, and grunted, but I didn’t know a boy could actually pee, with an erection. “Huh!” His butt cheeks relaxed, so I wiggled my finger in there, and he jumped. Thrusting his hips, so his pisser slipped, and sprayed droplets up before he quit pushing, so it petered off. “I can’t”

“It’s okay, you’re doing great, just let me help you.”

He shook his head, “You touched my pooper.” He covered his butt, and god damn it was so cute.

“I know, I’m sorry but I thought it would help.”

Then, he made a face, and sighed. “Hhuh!” Shivered, and pissed out of his dangling little weenie. “Huh!” He shook it, so the drop clinging to the tip fell off, and bent over to pull up his underpants. I bit my lip, and resisted the urge to touch his butt, but I got away with so much, and almost ruined it a couplefew times. So, I walked him to the park, and watched him run around, until he heard his mom calling.

“Mommy, mommy! Can she come over and play with me some more?” He didn’t seem to remember his promise not to tell her I took him to the park, but it was okay. She knew to look for him at the park, because he liked to play there. (With some supervision, of course.)

“I’m sorry, I’m sure you want to go.”

“Oh no. I’d love to come over and play, at least he can show me his toys.” I stuck his sleeping bag under my arm, so she said okay, and I could molest him at home. Right under his mother’s nose, because I could get away with it.

He went to his dresser, and pulled out a pair of pants. “These are my favorite,” he turned around, and bent over to moon me. I bit my knuckle, but then he wiggled it, and turned to look back. “You want to touch my butt again?”

“Okay,” I leaned over, to whisper in his ear. ‘but don’t tell your mommy.’ Then, I slipped my fingers between his legs, and touched his balls.


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