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Taking Matters into My Own Hands 01

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The warehouse manager renders the pretty reporter unconscious

Working as a shipyard warehouse manager and at the same time under the employ of one of the city’s narco-kingpins, Anton Vasquez, can be quite exhausting.

Yes, the pay is good, but being forced to live in the warehouse can be frustrating. My job is simple. Hide my benefactor’s stash until further notice. Every day was the same until a month ago when I caught one of the forklift operators snuck inside the warehouse in the dead of the night and took photos. I hit him with a bat and called. Vasquez himself.

Turns out the forklift operator was actually an undercover cop. The boss executed the guy in this very warehouse and dumped his body under the sea.

Ever since that night cops have been visiting my office, asking me about the ‘missing’ forklift operator. I kept telling them he never came back to work.

I was under surveillance, but since I was a good actor I somehow convinced them that I had no idea about the operator’s disappearance.

About two weeks ago, somebody leaked to the media that the missing forklift operator was actually an undercover cop. Once again, my life has been exhausting.

Reporters frequented my office, asking about the cop’s disappearance. I told them what I told the police. Everything was fine until that pretty reporter stepped foot inside my office last week.

Her name was Lyana Taylor. Of all the reporters who interviewed me, she was the hottest, and she was the only one who asked about Anton Vasquez.

When she asked about Vasquez, my heart stopped beating and I stammered. That was so stupid of me.

Yesterday, she visited me and asked for a copy of all the shipments going in and out of my warehouse, and for a copy of the employee list for the past six months. Hell, she even threatened me. She told me that she knew a cop who would be willing to ask me some questions.

“I’ll give you until tomorrow to decide.” She told me. And that was yesterday.

I was so nervous I had trouble sleeping last night. Fortunately, my scheming mind concocted a plan that will solve my problems for a while.

After I showered this morning, I paid a visit to a friend of mine who is working as Vasquez’s lab chemist to procure the most important tool for my plan tonight.

I came back to the warehouse and gave Lyana Taylor a call.

“I can tell you something, but promise me this will be off the record,” I told her, trying my best to sound grim and nervous.

“Great. When can I meet you?” She answered

“Come see me in my office at Nine o’clock tonight. The warehouse will be empty by then.” I told her and hung up the phone.


My feet tapped on the floor as I sat and waited anxiously for my beautiful visitor. Looked at my watch and it’s already five minutes past nine. What’s taking her so long?

Just as I asked myself that I heard a knock on the door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me.” A female voice answered.

Upon hearing her voice both nervousness and excitement filled my body. The door opened and my heart skipped a beat when my eyes gazed upon Lyana Taylor’s graceful form. Her auburn hair matched perfectly with her blue, collarless, shirt and gray pants. I ran my eyes up and down her body as she entered my office.

Damn, she’s so beautiful.

I tried my best not to stare at her chest. Guessing by the bulge on her shirt, that’s gotta be a C-cup at most. My eyes were glued to her chest, and I felt my cock harden. Dirty thoughts filled my mind, but I pushed them away. First, I need to take care of her, then I’ll think about what happens next.

“Please, have a seat.”

Lyana walked gracefully and took a seat in front of my desk.

“Good evening, George. What is it that you want to tell me off the record?”

I paused for a while before answering her.

“Are you wearing a wire?”

“I promised you that this will be off the record, so no. I’m not.”

I gave a heavy breath to make it seem I am nervous.

“Very well,” I began. “It is true that the missing operator was an undercover cop.”

I paused again and fidgeted my fingers nervously. I can tell by the look in her eyes that she bought my act.

“No, thank you.”

I stood up and pointed at the bottle of whiskey on the cabinet. “Do you mind if I get myself a drink?”

“Sure. It’s your office.”

So I stood up and poured myself a glass. I faced her again and I intentionally put up a worried face and gazed at the door.

“Let me lock the door and I shall continue telling you what I know.”

I walked to the door and opened it to check the hallway. After I ‘checked the premises’, I closed the door and locked it.

I looked at Lyana and her back was on me. I’m guessing she’s looking at the stack of papers on the cabinet behind my chair.

I smiled. Perfect. I slowly walked towards Lyana’s unsuspecting body and reached for the syringe inside my pocket.

With every step I take my heart is pounding faster.

I uncapped the syringe, my hand is shaking in nervousness. This is it. I gotta do this now.

I placed my free hand on her shoulder.

“Does anyone know you’re here, Miss Taylor?”

She looked up to me with a confused look, “No, why?” and looked at my hand on her shoulders.

“Perfect,” I answered as my right hand plunged the syringed into her neck swiftly.

She jerked in pain, “Ow! What the hell?!” and looked at me in surprise.

I smiled at her as I emptied the syringe’s contents into her system.

She grabbed my arm and I dropped the syringe on the floor. She looked down and saw the object that pricked her neck.

“What did you do?” She screamed at me as she tried to stand up, but I placed my hands on her shoulders and shoved her down to keep her in place.

“Oh, I just injected you with something to knock you out.” I smiled at her in a creepy way.

“Get your h-hands off m-me.” She gave a stuttering protest as the drug in her system is taking their immediate effect on her. She struggled and tried to pry my arms off her shoulders weakly.

Lyana kicked her legs frantically and tried to stand up, but I pushed her down harder on the chair.

“H-h-help. H-help me.” I chuckled as I heard her weak cries for help – knowing that no one can even hear her.

I felt her struggles getting slower every second. I relaxed my arms on her shoulders a bit. Yeah, she’s definitely getting weaker.

Lyana tried to wriggle her hips to get herself out of the chair. She gave a croaking moan as the drugs coursed through her system.

I moved beside her and grabbed her chin.

“That’s it, Lyana. Don’t worry, you’ll be out soon.” I looked into her eyes as I tried to soothe her.

Lyana gave one last moan. Her struggling body finally relaxed and sagged on the chair. Her head lolled backward, her eyes slowly rolled back and she lost consciousness.

Wow. The drug’s effect was instant. It took merely a minute after I injected Lyana with the sedative to knock her out.

I left Lyana’s side, sat on my chair, and reached for the telephone on the desk.

According to protocol, no one can talk to the boss directly. Instead, all business must first be consulted to the boss’ trusted secretary, Grant.

I dialed Grant’s number to have me and Lyana picked up. The boss will surely be glad by my deed. Every snooping nose must be apprehended.

It took 3 rings for Grant to answer.

“Speak.” The voice on the phone said.

“Evenin’ Grant. Look, there’s trouble at the warehouse and I somehow took care of it. I just need some assistance. Can y—”

“Look, George. I appreciate the call. You said you said you took care of it. Then take care of it. I have more important things to attend to now. I can trust you to solve your problem, can’t I?”

“S-sure, Grant,” I stammered. “I can take care of this myself.”

“Good,” Grant replied and hung up the phone.

Damn, that lazy bastard. My plan was just to knock the pretty reporter out, deliver her to the boss, get rewarded. What am I supposed to do now?

I poured myself another glass of whiskey and tried to think of something. I was deep in my thoughts when I was brought out of my stupor when Lyana moaned softly.

She’s still out. She’s just probably feeling the headache the drug is giving her.

I watched Lyana’s limp form drooping on the chair. I watched her beautiful, white neck exposed to me as her head was lolled backward. I watched her chest rise and fall with her breathing.

Damn, she’s so beautiful. Somehow, I cannot avert my eyes from her chest.

Damn, those boobs sure look nice. I wonder how they look underneath her clothing.

Suddenly, a thought crossed my mind. Why wonder, when I can just check it myself?

It’s just now that it dawned on me!

I’m here in my office. Alone. With the unconscious pretty reporter in front of me. Unconscious. I can do whatever I want, right? I can do whatever I want with her.

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    Very good build up. I am going to read the rest