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Simone Part 19 – Teddy bear’s picnic – Part 2

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As my pee splashed of Patricia’s golden brown skin, Danny started to whistle a song I knew well, and the other two joined in.

Joey finished pissing first and turned away from Patricia’s wet, naked body, dirty and sobbing on the ground. He strode over to a rucksack one of them must have dropped and pulled it open. I heard the distinct chink of glass and he pulled out a couple of beer bottles, just as Nico too shook the last drops of piss from his cock.

“Hey, give me one of those, mate.” He said to Joey, and walked over to his friend. Joey had already popped the cap off two bottles, one of which he handed to his friend. Nico immediately took a large swig whilst turning to look at Danny, who was now also shaking the last few drops of piss from his massive cock. They fell onto Patricia’s right arm, and ran over her beautiful golden skin.

I too had spent my bladder over Patricia. I was already feeling horny again, and I felt my cock twitch. I was not the only one.

“Come here fuck-bitch.” Danny exclaimed whilst reaching down to grab a handful of her hair. He yanked her violently to her feet, Patricia’s hands going instinctively to Danny’s wrists in a feeble attempt to stop the pain to her scalp. Danny was clearly a very cruel man, and he yanked even harder at the poor girl’s hair, this time slightly down over, forcing Patricia to bend at the waste. “Come with me you piss-stinking fuck-whore.” Danny hissed, and started dragging Patricia across the small clearing by the hair. He entered the bushes dragging her behind him and ignoring Joey’s protest.

“Hey dud, what the fuck are you doing man’” Joey objected. “You can’t go out there butt-naked dragging her raped ass behind you. The whole fucking world might see you. Get the fuck back in here.”

“Shut the fuck up, man,” Danny responded. “No one aint gonna see nothing, dude.” He added and disappeared with Patricia into the bushes. Joey looked at Nico. Nico looked at Joey, and then they both turned to me, and laughed.

“Fuck shit,” Joey said. “That dude is a head-case. He is gonna get our asses arrested one of these days.” However, as he spoke, he was actually smiling, and though I felt there was some concern and truth to what he was saying about his friend, there was also humour and perhaps admiration for Danny’s gung-ho way. Hey Kid,” he smiled at me. “Want some beer?” As he asked, he held out his own bottle. “Go ahead, fill your boots little fella.” He added, and I tentatively walked over to his and took the bottle.

My father had at times let me dip my finger into his beer froth and taste it, but had never let me actually drink the beer itself, so I was not sure what it would taste like. The first thing that hit me as I took the first mouthful was that this beer was warm from the summer heat. It had clearly been in Joey’s rucksack for quite some time. It was bitter and not pleasing at all, yet I took another mouthful and swallowed. The second was somehow better. I did not mind the taste at all, and as I swallowed, a warm sensation went up my spine and into my head. I felt my cheeks glow. I started to take another mouthful, but Joey stopped me, grabbing the bottle.

“Hey dude, not so greedy kurty fella. That is my beer.” He laughed and started to take another mouthful himself, but a sudden loud splash and a girl’s scream made him cough the beer out with a choked laugh. Most of the beer he spat out went over me, hitting my face and chest.

“What the fuck is that fucktard Danny doing out there?” Joey asked. “The whole fucking world will have heard that squeal. I hope the stupid cunt isn’t drowning our fuck-toy, because I sure as hell aint finished with that tight little fuck-ass, cunt and mouth, and I like my meat war and kicking, not cold and dead.” He added, and I remembered my initial fear that I, Patricia, or both of us might not live to see another day. I wondered if that was their plan. To rape and use Patricia and then kill her. To kill me? Just then, Danny burst back into the clearing, dragging Patricia behind him.

This time he was holding her arm not her hair. She was soaking wet, so was Danny. “Had to clean the little bitch up a bit.” He said explaining his short journey into the woods. “So I threw her sorry ass into the pond. The shit was that she wouldn’t come back out so I had to go in and get the little fuck-whore. But I was not going to touch her body with all you cunt’s piss on her.” As he said this, he grinned pushed Patricia down to her knees. “Now you can get back to sucking my cock, whore.” He hissed at Patricia, and pushed his half-erect cock at her mouth. Patricia knew it was pointless to fight and simply opened her mouth to engulf that massive piece of meat. “You do the work now, princess.” Danny said. Suck daddy Danny’s cock till it’s nice and hard again.”

I watched in amazement as Patricia got to work on Danny’s cock. Her right hand stroked his shaft whilst she cupped his huge balls with her left hand, squeezing and stroking them. Her jaw extended to the full in order to fit the bulbous glans into her comparatively tiny mouth. I had never even imagined a penis and balls could be so huge, and my own cock stood to attention as I pictured Danny impaling Patricia’s tiny pussy with his cock. Please let him fuck her with that giant cock, I thought to myself. I want to see him spread her cunt to the max.

Joey noticed my erection and laughed. “Hey Kurt, does that really turn you on? Do you like watching your pretty little girlfriend sucking another guy’s meat?”

“I told you, she’s not my girlfriend.” I responded. “She’s my fuck-whore and I don’t mind sharing the bitch with you guys or anyone else who wants to fuck her.” I added, and Joey laughed.

“I like you, Kurt.” He said. “You remind me of me when I was younger. I didn’t start as fucking young as you, but I would put my dick into any fuck-hole I could get hold of. Fuck, I still do.” He then laughed. “I’ll tell you what, mate. I am going to give you the chance to do your little fuck-bitch a massive favour. To save her a whole load of pain. Would you do that for her? Would you want to save her some really bad pain?”

“Yes.” I answered. “I think it’s okay to hurt her with your belt and stuff, but please don’t really, really hurt her or even worse.”

“Shit, Kurt.” Joey started. “We sure as Hell do not plan on killing her, dude. Don’t worry little fella. But I know my friend Danny here is gonna get bored of her mouth and throat. He will soon be at his full size. Then he is going to force that fucking donkey-dick of his into your fuck-whore’s tiny shithole. Sure, he might ram her cunt first for a while, but sooner or later he is going to tear that ass wide open, and that my friend is going to hurt like fuck. And that is where you, Nico and me can help the poor little girl. We can get her ready for Danny. We can stretch her out size for size so it’s not as painful. You up for it kid? You wanna go fuck her in the ass?”

“Sure!” I blurted out a little too enthusiastically, my cock jumping in anticipation.

“Go for it my boy.” Joey said. “Go butt-fuck the bitch. Give it your best, little buddy.”

I did not need to be told twice. The thought of pushing my penis into Patricia’s bottom was so exciting I thought I might come just at the thought. I walked over to her kneeling body, and knelt down behind her. I took her thighs in my hands first to pull her back a little so I could gain the access I was so yearning for. She had to adjust her position a little in order to stick out her butt and still keep Danny in her mouth, but finally both her beautiful fuck holes presented themselves, right in front of my throbbing cock. I took my hard shaft in my right hand and aimed it between her cunt lips. Joey had told me to fuck Patricia in the ass, but I thought he would not mind if I dipped into her warm wet pussy first, and he didn’t. I glanced at him and he simply gave me thumbs up, so I pushed forward into Patricia’s cunt.

She was still swollen and engorged for the heavy fucking she had already received, but she was also smeared with cum and her own juices. Her usually tight cunt was open and easy to enter. There was little to no resistance, and I fucked her easily balls deep for thirty or so seconds. I could sense that I was extremely close to coming so knew it was time to move on to my main target. I was going to stick my cock into Patricia’s butthole, and empty my seed there. Just the thought made my mind burn and my heart race. Even if I had not decided for myself that it was time to change holes, Joey encouraged me.

“Come on Kurt. Let’s get down to business here. My man Danny is just about up to full size. He will want to be there soon. We need to get this girl started. We need to open her up for him.” He laughed.

I pulled my cock out of Patricia’s pussy and looked down at it. It was pulsing just a centimetre from her dark puckered bum-hole, and I was going to fuck that hole right now. My glans and shaft were coated in cunt juices and sperm, but I emulated Joey anyway, spitting onto my right hand and rubbing it onto my cock. After three or four strokes, I grasped my rock hard cock and pushed the head into the tiny hole. I expected more resistance, but Joey had already stretched her sphincter and it opened easily around my small glans, which popped into Patricia’s butt. I was in.

“Don’t go too gentle on the bitch, dude.” Nico laughed from behind me. “You fuck an ass you mean for it to hurt the bitch.”

I was already in heaven. Only the tip of my cock was inside Patricia, but I could have stayed there all day. Her sphincter was pulsating over my glans, trying to push them out and I was keeping them in, but Nico was right, I wanted more, so I pushed harder. I felt rather than heard a low groan from deep in Patricia’s belly. Even my smaller cock was an intruder into this unaccustomed hole, and she groaned her discomfort over Danny’s cock. I began to fuck her, with deep slow thrusts. My balls were slapping her pussy with each thrust, and I started to increase both speed and pressure. This would not take very long at all. My spine was already tingling, my head light from both pleasure and the beer. I was going to spill my seed into Patricia’s anus, and I loved it.

“Come on dude.” Joey chipped in. “Make the bitch feel it. Your cock might not be the biggest, but it is big enough. Just ram the bitch. Hammer it into her shitter dude. Make her scream or there is no fun.”

He was right. I could do better and now I did do better. I grasped Patricia’s thighs and actually took a handful of skin in each fist as I thrust as deep and hard into her bowels as I could. Now she really felt it, and started to moan over Danny’s cock with every thrust. My assault on her anus clearly distracted Patricia from the cock in her mouth, which did not please Danny at all. He slapped her hard across the face.

“Keep sucking my fucking cock, bitch. Such that man-meat or I will fucking drown you in that pond.” He slapped her again and she cried onto his cock, which he was now pushing deep into her throat. Sobs shook through her body and her anus grasped at my cock. I was close, but just not quite there yet. I then noticed Joey had walked over to us holding his belt again. Was he going to start whipping Patricia again? I worried he might hit me by mistake, but my worries subsided as he once again looped the belt through the buckle around Patricia’s neck.

“Here you go little man.” He said handing me the belt strap. “Now you got your little fuck-bitch on her leash.”

I pulled back on the leather quite hard and Patricia’s head came up straight, just as Danny thrust deep into her throat. He was now holding her head in both hands and fucking her as deep as he could get. I could hear the gagging and chocking noises and knew the pressure I was now putting on her windpipe with the belt was making it even worse for her, my excitement grew.

“Okay little man. Let her have it” Joey whispered into my ear. “Empty your seed into this fuck-whores shithole and let me get at her.” I did. It was as though Joey had commanded me to come, and I came, I thrust as deep as I could go into Patricia’s ass and sent my seed deep into her bowels. Wave after wave of pleasure went up my spine and my head was spinning. I had never been happier in my life. At the very depth of Patricia’s pain, misery and humiliation, I found the most beautiful moment of my then still very short-lived life. My future was set. Then I was spent and pulling out of Patricia’s ass with a plop and small trickle of sperm that ran down into her cunt.

“That’a boy.” Joey said helping me to my feet. “You catch your breath dude, even grab some more beer. Nico and I are going to do the rest here.” They did the rest. Without hesitation, Joey knelt down behind Patricia, spat on his hand as I had done, and after smearing the spit over his glans he rammed his cock balls-deep into her butthole.

Again, Danny’s cock deep in her throat muffled Patricia’s screams, but there was clearly more pain now than I had inflicted. Joey also did not wait, he didn’t go slow and speed up, he simply started hammering as quickly and as deeply as he could. Patricia’s back was arched, from the pain and from Joey yanking on the leather belt around her neck. Danny was laughing as he face-fucked the girl and encouraged Joey to hurt her.

“That’s the way my man Joey. Rip that little asshole open. Fuck that bitch in the guts. Hurt her sorry ass so she gets a little pre-taste of what I am going to do to her once you are finished.”

Now at the latest, Patricia knew what Danny was planning and she must have been terrified. The thought of that piece of meat being forced into her anus must have blown her mind and she began crying wildly and try to fight. She balled her hands into fists and started punching at Danny’s thighs, clearly terrified at what was to come. At the same time, Joey’s brutal pummelling continued. That alone must have hurt a lot, she imagining the same treatment from Danny turned Patricia into a fighter, but only for a second. Danny let go of her head and pulled out of her mouth. He started then to slap her repeatedly around the face and head, swearing and spitting at her as he did so.

“You think you can hit me, bitch?” he hissed and then spat. Slap. “You wanna make this really hard on yourself? So you don’t just get your holes torn up but your face, too?” He was frightening as Hell. Even I was shaking. He slapped her again. “Hey, Nico, dude. Get the fuck over here and feed this bitch your cock to keep her quiet. Old Danny here is gonna teach you some manners fuck-bitch.”

Nico did not waste any time joing in. He was already pushing his cock down Patricia’s throat as Danny made Joey give him the belt.

“Give me that shit, man.” Danny demanded. “This little bitch aint had enough whipping to know here place yet.”

Joey relinquished the belt to Danny, who removed it from Patricia’s neck. He too now looped the buckle end round his right hand, and I was immediately aware of what Danny was about to do, but Danny was a brutal and very large man. Whilst Joey had held off a little on his lashes, Danny did not. The first blow took Patricia in the small of the back, but the belt whipped round and lashed at her side, too. The next blow was even harder across her shoulders, and repeatedly, Danny brought the leather down onto the poor girl’s skin. Her shoulders, hips, back and sides took the lashes, each delivered with maximum force.

“You fucking piece of fuck-meat. You wanna hit me?” He growled. “I will take every fucking piece of skin off your body and feed it to you, you piece of spunk-filled fuck dog. You are my whore, my bitch my dog. Do you fucking understand?” He screamed and emphasised the question with a lash of the belt across Patricia’s shoulders. “You will cower, you will fucking obey me and do my fucking bidding.” Anoth stinging blow across her upper buttocks, barely missing Joey’s hands.

“Hey watch that thing, dud.” Joey laughed as he continued to fuck Patricia in the butthole.

Danny was sweating from the exertion now, and poor Patricia saw no mercy. Then, he switched to uppercuts, flicking the belt under her body to reach her belly and breasts. He could not deliver these blows with the same brutal force as before, but Danny was good with his technique. He was getting the belt to flick wickedly at the tip, lashing her nipples and breasts with fiery whips.

Patricia’s body shook from her sobbing and screaming, but with a cock in her arse and another in her throat, there was no escape. Danny switched back to overhand blows, again raining down on her upper buttocks, back and shoulders, I could see welts rising and a couple even split and started to drip blood. Yet Danny did not let up. More blows shook the girl’s body, and despite myself, my cock was once again, rock hard.

“You will wish you were fucking dead by the time I finish with you, bitch.” Whack. Another evil lash hit full force across her shoulder blades and a trickle of blood ran down into the small of her back, to be splattered and spread by the next blow. If this went on, he would kill her. I was sure of it. How much could poor Patricia take? Yet I was thrilled and excited by it. I had an incredible urge to lick the blood from her back. To taste the salty pearly of sweat dripping from her pores, streaming down her face onto Nico’s cock and her own chin. All I wanted to do was take Nico’s place and force my cock down her throat. I wanted her to eat my seed and drink my piss. However, Patricia now had to swallow Nico’s sperm as he announced he was “Filling the bitch’s throat with batter.”

Not three seconds later, Joey let out a loud groan and sent his spunk deep into Patricia’s guts, pushing his cock into her ass as far as he could and releasing his balls into her. Yet, Danny still did not let up. Further blows fell across the poor girl’s body, and now there was a lot of blood. She was red raw and I struggled to tell what was red from welts and what was smeared blood, then she feinted. Or at least I hoped she had only feinted.

Only now did Joey react to the violence. “Hey big fella, let off for now, okay?” He said to Danny. Joey had stood and rested his hand gently on his friend’s arm to stop the next lash from falling on the girl’s unconscious body. Patricia lay motionless in the dirt, her body a mess.

“God-Damn!” Exclaimed Nico, as he walked over to the rucksack to pull out another warm beer. “That was some fucked up shit my man. Every scream you lashed out of the bitch was like electricity on my cock. You just got me the best BJ of my life my friend.” He was grinning as he popped the beer cap and took a large swig. “Your little friend here has got a hard-on the size of a rocket, too, my man Joey.” Nico added and pointed his bottle at me.

“You wanna get yourself some more? Joey then said to me, and indicated towards Patricia’s motionless body. “You get one last pop before she wakes up und my man Danny here finally opens her up.”

“What about Nico?” I asked. “Shouldn’t he stretch her firs like we planned?” I asked. Nico answered.

“Nah, no way man. I am done with the bitch for now. My balls hurt and I need to shit. Old Danny boy here can take the bitch in the ass then I am for splitting. What do you guys say?”

Joey had walked over to Patricia and rolled her onto her back. “Come here Kurt.” He said to me. “Kneel down with your knees either side of her head.” I knelt and my hard cock flopped onto Patricia’s forehead. “Watch.” He added, and as he said it, he used his thumb to push her chin down, opening her mouth. “See, now you got a nice little hole to fuck little fella. Wanna try?”

“Yes.” I said, and leaned my body to place my hard cock into Patricia’s mouth. It was weird because she did not close her mouth or suck. She was unconscious, limp and I needed to push deeper to finally find a point where there was some friction. Joey encouraged me.

“That’s it dude. Like this, you can fuck a bitch deepest in her throat. See how her neck and mouth line up? Now I know you are not quite there yet, but one day your cock will be much bigger. I can see it. For just nine you already have a good size, so then when you get any bitch on her back, you will be able to ram that motherfucker into her throat. Give it a try.”

I tried. I pushed deep into Patrice’s face and sure enough, my glans plopped into the back of her throat. Only just, but enough to excite me. I started to thrust in and out, and it felt incredible. I pushed deep, and she swallowed. She gulped, and coughed.

“Jo dudes, the bitch is coming round.” Joey said. “You fuck that throat little man. We have got a real treat for you now. Just don’t blow your load too soon. Take it easy.” As he spoke, Patricia started to move her arms, but Joey held her firm. “Don’t try fighting, fuck-bitch or my partner Danny here will use the belt again.” Patricia stopped moving immediately. I pushed deeper, and grasped her tits with my hands. Had my cock grown? I felt much bigger and was getting much deeper into Patricia’s throat. It was probably just the position, as Joey had explained.

“You ready my main dude?” Joey said, and I realised he was taking to Danny. “You bet your ass I’m ready smiled Danny and walked round to Patricia’s feet. Kneeling he spread her legs and raised her knees, shuffling forward with his massive rock-hard cock in his right hand. So he is going to fuck her pussy first, I thought, as she was still on her back not her stomach. He would want to turn her over to ass-fuck her.

“You got them arms my boy?” Danny asked Joey, “Sure I do man.” Replied Joey. “Give it to your bitch.”

Danny started to feed his massive cock bit by bit into Patricia’s pussy. There was no way it would go in alone, so he had to force it using his right hand and I took a deep breath as Patricia groaned over my cock deep in her mouth. Again, Danny pushed and again I reaped the reward of her moaning onto my cock. I pushed deeper. Danny pushed deeper, Patricia now winced rather than moan; that had hurt. Danny did not care, he forced deeper into her tiny cunt. She groaned, I moaned and opened my eyes to see Nico and Joey each holding one of Patricia’s arms with one hand, and playing with her breasts with the other.

I looked on as Nico forced Patricia to take his cock in her hand and start to wank him, he lowered his head to her left breast and started to lick and suck on it. Joey followed Nico’s lead, and moved Patricia’s hand to his cock. He too started to play with her right nipple with his tongue. Danny pushed deeper and now started to pull out and push back in. He was now fucking Patricia, who groaned and gurgled on my cock with every thrust. This was amazing, and I was in heaven, but there was more to come.

“Okay, bros.” Danny said. “Time to get this party started. You hold the bitch good and tight now while I open her up. Little Kurt up there might wanna pray she don’t go bite his tiny wiener off.” As he said this he grinned at me, and I knew he was about to hurt Patricia in a way she had never been hurt before. I also knew that it was hurting her that gave him pleasure. I felt sorry for Patricia, I genuinely did, but I also knew what her throat was about to do to my dick. “Go for it, Danny.” I said and grinned right back at his. “Hot damn, you little fucker.” He laughed back at me and pulled his swollen cock out of Patricia’s cunt. I had not imagined it was possible to fuck a girl in the ass without turning her over, Danny was about to show me otherwise.

Patricia did not just groan, moan, or even cry; she screamed, fought, kicked, and tried to pull free as Danny pushed a cock the size of my forearm into her anus. Again, he had to use his hand for support and it took him the best part of ten to fifteen minutes just to get his massive glans past her sphincter. I knew when he had finally done this, because Patricia stopped screaming and instead started hyperventilating through her nose, trying to control the pain. The short blasts of air were glorious on my balls as I pushed deep into her mouth, but that was nothing compared to her guttural screams of agony vibrating from her diaphragm up through her lungs and throat over my cock.

“Wow you fucking tight-assed fuck-bitch.” He growled as his cock finally breached Patricia’s tight opening. “This is the tightest fuck-hole I ever stuck my meat into dudes. Pity for the next motherfucker who wants some ass from the bitch cause after me she will be like a fucking shopping bag. As he said this, he started to push deeper and Patricia screamed, and again my cock took the benefit. A tingle went up my spine and I knew this would be a short-lived pleasure for me, but a very good one.

“How is that pain streaming over your cock feeling Kurt?” Joey suddenly asked. “You getting it now little brother?” He actually sounded like he cared, and I gave him an honest answer. “It is heaven.” I said. “Okay, Danny boy, give Kurt the full deal now dude. Go for it.” Joey said, and I felt Danny start to thrust in and out of Patricia’s butt. I did not need to do anything. I simply pushed as far as I could into her face, let her screams, and torment pulse over my swollen cock. Danny was tearing Patricia’s arse wide open and going deeper and deeper, and I was getting the pleasure. Then I exploded. I sent my seed deep into Patricia’s mouth, pushing as deeply as I could and telling my new friends it was happening.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck! I am coming.” I blurted out and Joey laughed. “Let it flow little brother.” He said, and Patricia continued to scream and groan over my pulsating cock. We were hurting her, and none of us cared. Then I started to soften as the last drops of cum dripped into Patricia’s mouth. Joey recognised the danger as her screams became louder.

“Nico, take over both arms, dude.” He quickly said, and jumped up to take over my position, pulling me off Patricia’s face and pushing his own cock into her throat to shut her up. I crawled backwards towards the rucksack, and simply stared at Patricia’s open legs. I could see Danny’s massive cock literally forcing her butthole open and him going deeper and deeper into her anal cavity. I was and am sure that something that big was never meant to be in that space. For me the day was over. Not for poor Patricia.

“You dudes ready to get real on this bitch’s ass?” Danny asked. “Ready to tear her wide open?”

“I’m keeping the fucker quiet.” Joey said, “So you do the honours, Nico.”

“I told you man, I am done with fucking. Why do you always do this to me, motherfuckers?” Nico complained, but rolled onto his back and started pulling Patricia with him.

No way, I thought. They are surely not going to make her take two cocks again when one of those cocks is Danny, but that is exactly what they did. Danny did not pull out of her butthole, probably for fear of not getting back in, but helped Nico turn poor Patricia over to straddle Nico’s hips. She was then forced down onto Nico’s cock, which impaled her pussy as she screamed around Joey’s cock. I understood the look on Joey’s face now for myself, and knew exactly what he was feeling, unbelievably´, my cock twitched and started to rise again. I stood and looked for the belt.

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