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Shower gone wrong

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I was 17 and home schooled and had parents who did not like to talk about sex . Then one afternoon I learnt the hard way what it was like

It was late in the afternoon . I had been outside playing around with the family rottwieler all afternoon . I decided I’d go and have a quick shower before getting dinner ready for when mum and dad got home . I knew I was the only one home so didn’t think of closing the bathroom door fully . It was going so nice till I was doing my hair and I lost my balance and slipped . Next thing I remember was laying on the bathroom floor in pain . I tried to move up and it hurt alot as my leg was really bad . Next thing I feel is a wetness at my pussy . I look around and her he is sniffing my pussy . I tried to move him away and for the first time since we had had him he growled at me . I was scared so I stopped still . I felt him keep sniffing at me . I then jumped as I felt his tongue start licking all round my pussy . I tried to move again and I felt him nip at my thigh and I knew I was in big trouble . This must of made him angry as the next thing I knew he was climbing on top of me . I screamed as I felt something big and hard poking at my pussy . I yelled in pain as I felt it push past my opening . I could feel my pussy stretch to take just head of his cock . He tried and tried to get more in. Me crying as he did. Then I yelled as I felt my pussy muscles give way. At that point I knew I was going to lose my virginity to the family dog . I cried as he pushed again and jumped and cried out in pain as I felt his dick push against my hymen . I heard him growl and pull back and then I think I must have nearly passed out as I felt so much pain as I knew he had just broken my hymen . The burning and searing pain . The then just kept continues to fuck my bleeding pussy . I could feel his cock growing as he fucked me deeper and harder . I felt him hitting me deep inside with each thrust . Then I could feel something else hitting at my pussy trying to get in . Latter to find out his knot . I could feel him trying harder and harder to get it in me . Then I passed out due to the amount of pain it caused as my pussy gave in and let the knot go in . I don’t know how long it was but when I can to I saw buck licking him self . I rolled into a ball in tears as I heard I voice say well looks like buck had fun . I couldn’t believe my dad was standing in the door way . I said I want mummy . He said she called and is working late tonight . But I don’t think buck should have all the fun . I saw him pull down his pants . The next thing I saw was the first cock I had ever seen and was in shock to how big it was . I said you can’t I’m your daughter . He said yes you are and you are mine . As he came to me I said please no buck has hurt me . He said don’t worry honey . I tried to fight him to no use . He picked me up and throw my top half over the side of the bath . I heard him say perfect position not knowing what he meant . Then I felt his dick poking at my ass . I yelled please no it doesn’t go there dad . Next I felt him pushing at me . He said sorry darling but this will hurt alot . Then I could a wetness in my ass . Dad says don’t worry your only bleeding as my cock is breaking your ass in . Then I felt it his cock ripped my ass as the head popped in . He pushed and pushed as I felt my anal ring break and his cock slide in more . I was screaming my head off and tears running down my face . Then then all I remember is the most incredible pain as I felt it all side in . I came to him standing over me and says now shower and clean up and you don’t speak of this again . For the next 3 years when ever mum would go out or work late dad and buck would use me . He even had buck do me anally . I had to suck both of them off . I ended up being dad and bucks toy .

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    always good to hear of a dad that put his daughter to proper use and fucked her ass! all dads should be the first dick to anally rape their daughters

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    good girl

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    Sexy story 😉

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      This story all girls should live with

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    Nice story

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    I would have given any to have had sex with my mom

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    Hey Emmy

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    I want to know what that feels like

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      How old are you. I’ll use you and I’ll get a dog to rape you

    • Tabooman ID:61md84jid2

      I’m 22

    • Emmy ID:61md84jid2

      That sounds so good

  • Reply NepaleseCock69 ID:rs2nn2k09

    That’s amazing! Post more if you experience anything else!!

    • Allan ID:8bvxeba9zk

      Yes, please. More…