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She looked so pretty sleeping

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My neighbour asked me if I could watch her daughter while she popped in to work, Suzie had the flu and was in bed. I took real good care of her.

I’m Joey and I’m 12 years old, I was out riding my new bike around the neighbourhood during summer school break, it was about 10am in the morning and the street was pretty quiet, most families had gone on vacation for the summer so I didn’t have any friends to play with and I was just minding my own business having fun riding my bike.

I was riding in circles when I heard a voice call out my name, it was Mrs Webster from down the road, I was friends with her daughter Suzie, she’s 10, so I rode my bike down to see what she wanted me for.
“Joey…” she said, sounding relieved to see me, “…I know you’re on your break love but you couldn’t do me a big favour could you, darling.” She asked.

She was a really nice lady and I didn’t have anything better to do, “Sure. What do you want me to do?” I asked.

“I have to dash in to work. Suzie’s not been well and I was hoping you could keep an eye on her for me while I pop out. I should only be an hour or two. Could you do that for me?” she asked.

“Sure.” I replied.

She smiled and gave me a hug, “Great.” She said, then she took me in to the house, “Suzie’s asleep so you don’t really need to do anything. Just keep an eye on her, if she wakes up she may need a glass of water or something. Watch TV, play on the Xbox, there’s soda in the fridge and candy in the cupboards just help yourself. I really appreciate this, Joey. Thank you.” She said, picking up her bag and car keys, then rushing out of the door.

I played video games for a while but I’d drank 3 sodas and was bursting for the toilet, so I paused the game and went upstairs to go to the bathroom, I made it just in time and I felt very relieved when I emptied my bladder, I flushed the chain and washed my hands.

As I was walking out of the bathroom and back across the landing, I passed Suzie’s bedroom and thought I should just peak inside and make sure she’s alright, I pushed the door open a bit more and looked inside, her room was painted bright pink, everything was pink and fluffy, even her bedsheets were pink and she had like a thousand teddy bears all around her room.

She was laying on her bed, her covers in a crumpled pile at the foot of her bed, bottles of medicine on her bedside table and used tissues thrown all over the place, I guess she had a bad summer flu or something, she was wearing a big pink and yellow night shirt but it had ridden up a bit and I could see her bright blue panties and her bellybutton.

Even though her nose was bright red and she looked a bit pale, I thought she looked really pretty just laying on her back sprawled out on her bed, her panties caught my attention because the front was riding up her crack and I could see the outline of her pussy underneath, it made my cock twitch and I felt myself getting a boner.

That’s when my thoughts began to turn bad, I walked over to the bed and quietly sat on the bottom corner, I whispered to her, “Suzie. Are you awake?” I asked, I got no response, her mouth was slightly open and she was snoring but not loudly, I touched her bare leg to see if she would react but she didn’t, so I rubbed it some more, her skin was very soft like silk.

My hand reached her stomach and I rubbed it, I was testing to see how asleep she was, she moved her head a little bit every now and then but she never woke up or anything while I was touching her, I figured all the medicine probably knocked her out.

I put the tip of my index finger under the elastic rim of her panties, using my finger like a hook and I slowly pulled the front outward then looked down them, I saw her pussy and I gasped to myself because it looked so good, I placed the index finger of my other hand under the rim of her panties and I slowly pulled them down to her knees.

My heart was racing, it was my first ever time seeing girls naked private parts and it was exciting but scary at the same time, I rubbed it with my hand and nearly came instantly in my shorts, I took my cock out and jerked it while rubbing her pussy.

After a couple of minutes she moved her head to the other side near the edge of the bed, her mouth was still open and it drove me crazy, my cock was doing the thinking for me now and it told me to put my cock in to her mouth, so I stood up and walked up the side of the bed and slowly slipped the tip in her open mouth, her mouth opened wider as her soft lips caressed my cock as it went in.

I don’t know if she subconsciously knew what I was doing or if she just thought it was a lolly-pop or something but she started to suck on it as if it was one, I rubbed her pussy while she sucked on my cock and less than a minute later I shot my load in to her mouth, she coughed, swallowed then licked her lips and began snoring again, maybe she thought it was just medicine I put in her mouth.

I slipped my cock back in to my shorts and left the room quickly in case she woke up and I ran downstairs and sat on the couch.

20 minutes went by and I had another boner because I couldn’t get the image of her pussy out of my head, I couldn’t stand it any longer and went back upstairs in to her room, I looked at her laying there on her bed looking so small and pretty, her pussy was still exposed because I’d forgotten to pull her panties back up before I left the last time.

My heart rate went up again, I took my shorts and boxer shorts off, setting my cock and balls free, I was naked from the waist down, I rubbed her legs again for a while to check she was asleep, then I pulled off her panties and left them hanging on her left ankle, I lifted her knees up and spread her legs apart, her pussy was plump and looked so inviting.

I kneeled on the bed between her legs and leaned myself over her, then I placed my cock on her crack like a wiener in a hotdog bun and I rubbed it along it like I was fucking her, after a while she got really wet down there so I slipped my tip in to her crack and I pushed forward with my hips.

“Aargh.” I gasped, I wasn’t in pain, it was just a reaction as my cock slipped in to her hole and I felt how tight she was.

As I began to slowly fuck her hole, she moved her head to the other side and moaned a little, but she didn’t wake up so I continued, I managed to get my cock nearly all the way inside and as she got wetter and wetter it moved in and out very easily, even though it felt very tight and bumpy, I lowered myself further down and I put my arms around her underneath her back.

“Uhm – ungh.” She groaned, but still sleeping, whatever that medicine was definitely knocked her out otherwise she definitely would have woken up by now.

I kissed her, just pecking my lips on her lips, cheeks and neck, and I was thrusting my cock in and out of her pussy at a nice steady pace, I can’t really describe how it made me feel, it was just so amazingly good, I liked the feeling of her tight insides surrounding my cock and her skin rubbing against mine as our bodies moved and intertwined.

The top of my cock started tingling, I knew what was about to happen, for some reason I started to fuck her a lot faster, like someone had stepped on my accelerator, my cock felt numb as I pushed it inside as far as I possibly could, then it happened, “Ugh – Aah – Ooh.” I groaned with an ejaculation that was so intense it made my entire body quiver and shake.

I had just pulled my cock out of her when I heard her mom’s car pull up in to the driveway, I quickly got dressed, put Suzie’s panties back on her, covered her up with her sheet and then ran down the stairs, jumping 3-4 steps at a time, I jumped on to the couch, picked up the controller and unpaused the game just as Mrs Webster came in to the house.

“Hiya…” she said, putting her bag and keys down, “…Everything been alright?” she asked.

I nodded and brushed sweat off my brow, “Yeah fine.” I replied.

I was petrified when she went up the stairs to check on Suzie, so scared that she’d figure out what I’d done to her, but by some miracle she didn’t, she came back down, thanked me for taking care of her daughter and then gave me some money.

It was 4 days before I saw Suzie again, she was feeling a lot better and she came outside to play with me on our bikes, I was relieved she had no clue that I’d come in her mouth and fucked her while she was sleeping that day, I guess that’s a memory I get to keep just for myself, my cock definitely remembers her because I get a boner every single time I see her now.

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  • Reply Tina

    Being a person who was raped while passed out. I was more mad that I was passed out, than being raped.
    I was 14 and dreamed of my first time, I didn’t get a choice of enjoying it.
    I only got the memory of waking up naked in someone’s van. My body was sore my pussy was leaking cum that was pink. I knew I lost my virginity. I don’t know to who.
    I later learned I was pregnant. I lie to my daughter about her father. I don’t want her to know she was because of rape.

    • Tabooman

      Women and girls should be kept conscious for rape