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Sakina, her true story

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School girl Sakina molested and raped by her Muslim Cleric father

*As told by Sakina

I was a shy, timid, playful 12 year old girl living in a long stretch of a road where mostly Muslim families had settled. My father is a respected cleric over here and my mother is a basic housewife.

Exactly when my father changed, I don’t know, but suffice to say one day he decided he was going to rape me. His own young daughter. I had come back from school and was sitting in the living room, still in my school uniform, watching TV.

Abbu, as I call my father, entered and saw me. He came near me and when I was about to hug him, he told me to go and take a shower. Abbu is a very strict man and has resorted to even beating when his children didn’t listen to him. So I promptly got up and went.

As I was about to close the door to the bathroom, Abbu came inside without any clothes and shut the door, before locking it.

“What’re you doing, abbu?”

“Sakina, don’t waste time. Your Ammi says you don’t bathe properly, so I’m going to make sure you do it properly. Come on now, remove your uniform.”

I was still young, quite naive and as I loved my father very much, without much complaint I removed my uniform and stood naked before him. When I saw Abbu, he was staring at me in a weird manner. I reached only upto Abbu’s waist height. I tried hard to not look at his bulging organ, but since I was being exposed to it the first time, I couldn’t stop looking at it.

Abbu’s upper body, thighs, pubic regions were all covered with thick body hair. It gave me the impression of a hairy black bear. Abbu took my hand in his and made me stand near him, while he sat down on a plastic stool. The water was quite cold, but I stayed quiet as Abbu began to pour water over me. Then he began to apply soap all over me, especially in my private areas. My boobies then were obviously small, but enough for Abbu to grab and press on. Then he began to rub my pussy. His fingers felt awkward and warm at the same time, as he fondled me there and in my ass.

While doing this, I also saw Abbu masturbating and his constant staring at me, forcing me to look away. The bathing had stopped, so I wanted to go, but Abbu wasn’t letting me. I started to struggle when I saw Abbu’s breathing grow louder and suddenly from the tip of his penis, jets of white fluid spurted on my navel, as I was sitting on his lap. Abbu washed away the traces of his semen from me, as I watched confused. Then he let me go.

Leaving the bathroom, Abbu told me to go study, while I watched him calmly walk naked to my parents room. When I saw him climb on the bed and drape a leg over my mother, I knew what was going to happen and not wanting to witness it, I obediently entered my room.

After a few moments, I heard Ammi call to me. She told me she was going out to see a relative and asked if I wanted anything. I said no, but something made me ask her to take me along too. Ammi refused and said that I was to study and Abbu was going to make sure I did for the rest of the day. It was only later I realized that Abbu had waited for her to leave so that he could be alone with me.

When I was back in my room, I was bored and was looking outside the window of my room, staring at the open land. Abbu saw me and entered my room. He shut the door and locked it. He went and shut the windows too. The room had become dark, so Abbu switched on the lights. He sat on my bed and asked me to come near him.

I turned to him surprised and said I was studying.

“Don’t lie. You were looking outside till now. You better listen when I ask you to do something.”

I obeyed and went near him. He took off his long kurta, underneath which he was naked. He then asked me to remove my clothes. I hesitated.

“Abbu please, I don’t like…” When I saw him raise his hand in the hair which he usually did when he was about to deliver a beating, I begged him not to and soon removed all of my clothes. He pushed me to the middle of the bed and made me lie down. He pushed apart my legs and came near to me. When I saw his protruding dick on my entrance, I began to shiver and closed my eyes. Though his was only 5-6 inches long, for a young girl of my age, it was enough to give nightmares.

When I realized he wanted to put himself inside me, I began to scream, but Abbu muffled my voice by covering my mouth with one hand, while the other grabbed both my wrists, pinning them above me and held my small struggling figure to the bed, as he started to rape me.

The first thrust inside me was unforgettable. There was excruciating pain and I felt warm blood overflowing from my openings. Abbu warned me to not close my eyes, so I could see with teary eyes my own rape. I felt my belly and vagina, grow big, as it began to accommodate Abbu’s hard penis inside me. I expected the worst was over, but then I saw Abbu raise his buttocks and slam them hard, driving himself inside me, deeper than before.

My fingers and hands struggled against my father’s to become free, but Abbu maintained a tight grasp on me as he thrusted inside. I was nearly unconscious, but not fully. I was scared, but when the initial fear passed, in between the forced rape, Abbu began to soothe me and kissed my face, nose, mouth as he raped me.

I felt like a prey being consumed by a larger animal, even Abbu’s grunts sounded like a hungry beast. I felt Abbu’s tongue on my neck, caressing it, licking it. He had already let my hands go and stopped holding me down to the bed, instead concentrating completely on thrusting inside me. My inner walls and outer skin of my vagina, felt like they were torn apart.

I barely had any reaction and was sprawled on the bed, moving along with my father as he raped me. I then felt Abbu look deeper into my eyes and kiss my lips once again, before he gave the last deeper thrusts inside me and deposited his load inside me. I felt strange, my bowels being filled with something from the outside, rather than when peeing I felt like I was doing the opposite.

I felt Abbu stroke my hair and my pussy regions too. He looked happy and was smiling, while I was trying to ease off the nausea of fear. I felt I was about to die, so when I realized I wasn’t there was relief. I was sweating a bit, so Abbu wiped it off and kissed my head. Before he left my room, Abbu removed the bed covers which were stained with my blood and semen. I slept off soundly after he left. I was allowed to sleep the whole evening, right upto 10:00 pm in the night.

That same night, as I was sleeping, I heard the door open and close behind me. Usually I had a fear of monsters, djinns or ghosts, but I was sure it was neither of them. Somehow I knew it was Abbu who had come back to rape me again.

This time it was faster. I was still naked below the bedsheet, which Abbu had covered me under. So he removed them to expose me. I silently looked at my father, while he began to remove his trousers. When he was naked, he climbed over me and turned me around. Making me sleep, he laid on my back and pushed himself deep inside me.

I had expected the pain so I mentally prepared myself but this time, Abbu had penetrated my ass. I was caught completely off guard but Abbu wasn’t going to stop now. He wasn’t even holding back but using his full length inside me. My mouth was muffled again, but my cries were much louder this time. I winced at every painful thrust inside me, but could hardly do anything else to stop it, besides slowly crying and holding onto the bed, waiting for the entire ordeal to be over.

After some time, I felt my father come inside my ass. He pulled himself out and I involuntarily began to fart out his semen from my ass, making me embarrassed and humiliated. When I turned to see Abbu, he was no longer there.

The rape continued for some months. Everywhere and anywhere Abbu got a chance, he would fuck me mercilessly. After a while I got used to the rape and even looked at it like another normal part of my life. Though it did make me develop a bitter character. I was taken the next day, when I was ass raped the first time, to a very close friend of my father. Both of them were under the same mosque and the doctor was a follower of my father, so there was no problem or complaint received.

After some months, it stopped, but then when I was 14 years old, Abbu started raping me again. Then when I was 17 years old, Abbu decided to keep me for himself. If you want to know further, tell me in the comments.

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