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[REAL] Me and my cousin in the pool

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The story of the time me and my cousin played around in the pool. The first part is real, and after that i’ll write what i wish had happened after.

One day, when me and my cousin were in our pool, i was really horny and thinking about how sexy my cousin looked. It took all my courage but i decided to ask him: “Can i see your penis?” And he said “sure” and lowered his shorts so i could see it. I was impressed, since it was the very first dick i had ever seen irl that wasn’t mine. I asked him, “want to see mine?” And he nodded. I whipped it out and we decided to compare. His was a little bigger than mine, but not by much, and i was 12 and he was 13. That was the first time that happened. After that day, every time we went to the pool we would play with our cocks. Sometimes we would jack each other off, and sometimes i would try to suck his dick. (It was pretty hard since, you know, we were under water.) One time, he tried to fuck me, but it hurt too much and i asked him to stop. So, instead, he grinded against my ass and came. But one day we just… stopped. We stopped talking about it, and we never did it again. Today we’re both 16, and every so often i think about it. I really wish i had the courage or opportunity to ask him to fuck me.
~[What i wish happened starts here]~
One fateful day, i decided to finally ask him to fuck me. We got out of the pool and we went to my room. We started taking our clothes off, and i couldn’t help but look at his muscles. We compared one last time before we got started. I started sucking his dick, and he started moaning and grunting. After a few minutes he said ” Stop, i’m close” and i asked him: “Can you suck me too then?” And he got down on his knees. I’ve always had a lot of pre, and i still do. At this point, i was dripping so much you could see a stain through my pants. I took them off and he started sucking my wet cock. Mine wasn’t as big as his, but it was thicker. I was getting close, so i asked him to stop. We decided that he was going to fuck me first. He started licking my ass to get me ready for his dick. He spit on his dick and went inside. He was fucking me against the wall, and i was loving it. He came fairly quick, but it was our first time after all. I could feel him going faster and faster before thrusting hard and cumming into my ass. I didn’t lick his ass; my precum was all the lubrication we needed. I fucked him deep and hard, slowly opening his ass more and more. I was moaning the whole time. I felt i was about to cum, so i moaned even louder before thrusting one last time and shooting my seed into his virgin asshole. I could feel his cum dripping out of my ass. Before we went to take a bath together he said: “I had a lot of fun today, and i’m sure we’ll have this fun many, many more times…”

[Thanks for reading! This was my first time ever writing any kind of porn, and criticism would be appreciated! Everything until the disclaimer actually happened. I was 12 and he was 13.]

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  • Reply Barney ID:7hga8b0br

    Fancy a drink in my hottub

  • Reply AP ID:on8so7lk0dl

    Melting wall, that was a pretty damn good job for your first piece of erotica. Writing short form in a couple of thousand words or less is always a challenge to get in character development, descriptions, and a good amount of action. I’m sure we all would like to hear more about you, real or fictional, so for your next piece make it longer but giving more details.
    As for your cousin, unless he has given you clear signals that he’s not interested or to back off, I can assure you he’s interested but probably as uncertain as you about bringing it up. If you see him some other time where you guys are by yourselves, some place relaxed, kicking back playing the Xbox or whatever, get the courage and just ask, “Hey remember how we used to have fun couple years ago?”
    he may be a little embarrassed and tell you he’s moved past that or something but unless it’s a hard shut down keep it cool by letting him know that you were thinking about it and you had a lot of fun too. If he gives you a neutral or positive reaction then just go for it and ask if you can blow him. See how things developed from there.  Don’t rush it.  And make sure and let us know here what happens.

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    Are you still a horny girl? How old are u?

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      It’s a gay story dude