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Piano tutor abused me

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I was only 11 when a man my parents and I trusted turned out to be a paedophile, he raped and abused me until I wasn’t beautiful anymore.

My parents encouraged me to learn the piano from a very early age, I have always been a lover of music and learnt basic tunes on my toy piano at a very early age so it was something I wanted to do.

I had a professional instructor who would come around to the house once a week to teach me, but when I was 11 she got married and moved away, and so my parents searched for a new tutor for me.

They found one in the local ads, Mr Lompard, he was 42 years old and had many years’ experience teaching music in schools, after retirement he became a private tutor, he’d only recently moved in to the area and was looking for work.

He tutored me for a few months and he was really good at his job, we built a friendship and got on really well with each other, however, he wasn’t the nice person I thought he was, unknown to me and my parents, he was a paedophile and he had me in his sights.

One miserable rainy evening he came around for our usual lesson, mom and dad weren’t home, they worked in the city and were stuck in heavy traffic due to an accident on the freeway, so I was alone with Mr Lompard, it was fine because I and my parents trusted him, but I guess we shouldn’t have though.

We were midway through our lesson time, it was difficult to concentrate because of the noise of the heavy rain and banging thunder outside, Mr Lompard closed the curtains to get rid of the distraction from the weather, then he stood behind me while I played.

I was playing a piece that he had prepared for me, he kept telling me that I was doing really good and he placed his hand on my shoulder, I didn’t really notice at the time because my parents sometimes rub my shoulder, it was a bit like a pat on the back for doing something good and them feeling proud of me, but then his hand moved down and across my flat chest.

I turned my head to look at him, he was smiling so I smiled back and thought nothing else of it and continued playing, a few moments later he removed his hand and placed both his hands on my shoulders, rubbing them like he was giving me a massage, then he pulled back my hair off my neck and kissed the side of my neck.

Losing my concentration I ended up bashing the keys and I jumped up to my feet and turned around, “What are you doing?” I asked, rubbing the wetness off my neck and feeling very uncomfortable.

He was smiling but he had a frightening look of hunger in his eyes, he kicked the piano bench across the floor and walked towards me, I backed away and bumped in to the piano and could go no further, he stood still directly in front of me, and he stroked my hair, “You are too young to understand how beautiful you are, and what beauty such as yours does to men.” He said, I didn’t understand what he was talking about.

I tried to run but he pushed his hands down angrily on to the piano keys at each side of me, boxing me in.

“I – I – I need to call my mom.” I said.

He shook his head, “No you don’t.” he said, he picked me up and sat me down on the piano keys, pushed my legs apart and then stood between them.

“Are you upset with me? – Did I do something wrong? – If I did I’m sorry – I’m sure I can play it better.” I said, I was so scared at this point and had no idea what was going on.

He began to unbuckle his belt, I saw his underwear and immediately turned to look away, I knew I shouldn’t be seeing that, the below parts are meant to be private so I didn’t look, he took my hand and he closed my fingers around his cock, “You’ve got beautiful hands. But they’re not just for playing music.” He said, he forced me to rub his cock, I wasn’t looking so I had no idea what I was holding at the time but I did as he asked because he scared me.

I was rubbing his hard stick while he kissed me on my neck and made me feel really weird, my emotions jumped constantly between fear and pleasure and I started to cry because I was so very confused.

Then he pulled back my thin cotton skirt, held on to my bottom and he thrust his hips forward and his hard cock hit me between my legs and it really hurt, “Argh!”, he thrust again, “Argh!”, and again, “Argh – please stop.”, on his fourth attempt he penetrated my virgin pussy, it hurt like no pain I’d ever felt before, but he didn’t even remove my panties and they were being pushed in to me wrapped around his cock like a fabric condom.

As he continued to thrust it in to me, the fabric of my panties ripped and the resistance was gone, his cock shot inside me like someone had just stabbed me with a very large knife, “Arrgggggh!”, and he raped me on the piano, pinning my hands down and forcing himself inside my body, my ass and hands were bashing against the piano keys and echoing tones through the house, it was like the melody of rape, it was horrible.

After several minutes enduring his brutal violation of my body, he sharply pulled his cock out of me, pushed me down on to the floor, where he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, forcing his cock in to my mouth, he made me suck it and he was hurting me and making me want to gag.

Then he filled my mouth with come and when he finished ejaculating he held my mouth closed and forced me to swallow it all, then he kissed me before pushing me backwards on to the floor like I was a piece of shit, “You are my star student.” He said, and he started to walk towards me so I got to my feet as quickly as I could and raced out of the room and up the stairs.

He followed me up the stairs and eventually found me cowering in a cupboard, “Don’t you ever run away from me.” He snapped, then he dragged me out of the cupboard and pinned me down on my parents bed, he violently tore off my clothes before forcing me on to my knees and bending me over, as he pushed his cock inside my ass he held his hand over my mouth because I began to scream too loud.

It hurt so badly, he was a full grown 6 foot man and I was a tiny skinny 4 foot girl, his cock was thicker than my arms and it really stretched my holes out, it wasn’t fun and it wasn’t pleasurable, he finally stopped hurting me when he ejaculated again, this time in my ass hole.

He pushed me over on to my back and he grabbed me around the neck choking me, “If you tell anyone about this I’ll kill your mom, I’ll kill your dad, and I’ll make you watch me do it. Understand?!” he growled.

I could tell he was serious so I nodded and he let go of me.

“Good…” he said, fixing up his pants, “… Now, tidy this room up, put on some clean clothes, clean yourself up, and I’ll be waiting for you downstairs.” He demanded, and he left the bedroom taking all my torn clothes with him.

I did as he demanded and clean everything and myself up and then went downstairs, he’d cleaned up the room, he made me sit next to him and continue playing, and he spoke to me nicely like nothing had happened.

I was relieved when I heard my parents come in the front door, when the door opened I turned to run to them but he grabbed my arm, “Not a word.” He whispered angrily in to my ear, then he let go of my arm and I ran to my parents and gave them the biggest hug ever, I felt safe, I wanted to tell them what had happened but I honestly believed that Mr Lompard was joking about killing them if I told, so I didn’t say anything.

I wanted to quit piano but my parents wouldn’t let me because I couldn’t tell them why, so the lessons continued and Mr Lompard kept coming around to the house twice a week, whenever we were alone he’d make me touch him and he’d touch me, he raped me again but after several times I kind of just zoned out when he did it, I just let him use my body to get it over with as quickly as possible.

The abuse went on for over a year but when I was nearly 13 he stopped, telling me I had gotten too old for him and that I was no longer beautiful, I was relieved when he left and never came back.

To this day I’m scared of making myself look beautiful because of what he did to me, I wear jeans, baggy pants, thick jumpers and sweaters to cover my body and I never wear make-up, I don’t want anyone to think I’m beautiful and treat me that way ever again.

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  • Reply Not alone

    Ils awful, i hope ils face. I was 9 when i got raped and before i used to play outside whit other boys but after i wont come out and i will stay in the bassement.

  • Reply Jism786

    Beautifully written and hot story