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Our taboo

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Hannah was 12 when I met her, I was a much older man. She was bullied and unloved. 40 years later we’re still together and happily married.

Back in the 1980s I worked as a caretaker at the local secondary school, on this particular day I was going about my usual cleaning duties after the school day ended, I was sweeping the floor of the History classroom when I heard sobbing coming from the back of the room.

I investigated and found a girl curled up in the corner behind a book case, her name was Hannah and she was in tears, I asked her what was wrong and she told me the other kids kept making fun of her because of how dirty and old her clothes were and that they said she smells like a tramp.

After talking to her for a while and calming her down, I took her back to my house which was located on school grounds, I gave her something to eat and drink, I found out that her parents were both drunks and drug addicts, they didn’t really take care of her as parents should, instead of spending their money ensuring their daughter was healthy, fed and clean, they spent it on drugs and booze.

So I persuaded Hannah to take a shower at my house and I put her school uniform through a quick wash, after she showered and her clothes were dry, she got dressed and headed off home.

We became close friends over the next few months and she kept coming over to my house, in the mornings before school so she could get a shower and I’d make her some breakfast, and I made sure she had something to eat after school as well, I was happy to do it because she was a lovely girl and deserved better.

At that time there was nothing dodgy going on between us, we were friends and I liked taking care of her, as an adult I felt it was my duty to ensure she was okay, however, I close friendship soon turned taboo.

It was a Friday night, the weather was terrible, it had been pouring with rain non-stop all week, I was relaxing watching TV when I got a knock on my door at 8pm, it was Hannah so I invited her inside, she was upset and soaking wet through from the rain, I got a towel and dried her hair and face, “Darling, what’s wrong?” I asked.

“Mom and dad locked me out of the house.” She sobbed.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, it made me so angry that they would do that, how much of an asshole do you have to be to throw an 12 year old girl outside in this weather, “Why?” I asked.

“I accidentally knocked a bottle of Whiskey off the counter and it smashed. They got really angry and pushed me out of the house, they locked the door and told me not to come back.” She replied, then she burst in to tears and threw her arms tightly around me, hugging me for comfort.

“Alright, alright. Come on darling, don’t cry.” I said, giving her the comfort she clearly needed, “Do you want to stay here tonight?” I asked.

She had her head on my shoulder I couldn’t see her face, but I felt her nodding.

Once she’d calmed down she got a hot shower and I gave her some left over pizza and made her a cup of hot chocolate, she turned up still wearing her school uniform so I gave her one of my old shirts to wear as a night shirt.

We spent the next few hours having fun and a good laugh, we played card games but it was just kid stuff like Snap and Go-Fish, it was so lovely seeing Hannah having fun and smiling again.

After out fiftieth game of Snap, it was later and I was tired, “That’s me done. Time for bed I think.” I said, we put the cards away and I made up the sofa for her to sleep on, we said our good nights and I switched out the light as I headed out of the room.

I woke up a few hours later because Hannah had come in to my bedroom and she was pushing on my arm to get my attention, “What – what – what is it – are you alright?” I asked, still half asleep.

“It’s thundering.” She replied.

At that moment a loud bang of thunder and a bright flash of lighting came from outside, Hannah nearly jumped out of her skin with fright, I could tell she was genuinely scared.

“Can I stay with you, please? I don’t like it on my own.” She asked.

I felt it wasn’t very appropriate, especially as I was only wearing my boxer shorts, but I guess this was exceptional circumstances, and I didn’t want her to spend her first night at my house feeling scared to death, “Alright, come on.” I said, then I shuffled myself over and lifted the side of the sheet up so she could climb on to the bed and get underneath the sheet, we laid side by side on our backs and I stroked her hair until she fell asleep, and then I drifted off.

I woke up again soon afterwards and found Hannah had rolled over towards me and her right arm was across my chest and her right leg was across my waist and she had her head laid under my armpit.

I’ll be honest here, I’ve lived alone for a long time and this was the first time in years I felt a female touch my bare body, it caused a reaction and my cock instantly stood to attention.

I was about to do the right thing and slide myself out of the bed and leave the room, but then her eyes opened and she looked at me and then she rubbed her knee against my hard cock, “What’s that?” she asked.

“It’s nothing. Go back to sleep, sweetheart.” I replied, doing my best to seem like everything was perfectly fine.

But she wasn’t stupid, I could see in her eyes that she knew what it was because they taught a sex education class at the school, her hand moved down my chest, over my stomach and then down the front of my boxer shorts and her small fingers took hold of my cock.

As she rubbed it and pulled on the skin of my shaft I remembered how much I missed sex, it felt wonderful, but it was wrong, this shouldn’t be happening, she’s just a kid, I grabbed her hand and tried to pull it off my cock, “Hannah, please don’t.” I said in a huff of breath.

She protested, “No!” she snapped, pushing my hand away, “Let me.” She said, then she slid underneath the sheets, I watched the lump in the sheets from her head and body moving down the bed, she pulled off my boxer shorts and then I gasped feeling a wet and warm sensation around my cock as she slid it in to her little mouth and began to suckle on my tip.

A couple of minutes later she stopped sucking and worked her way up the bed, when she re-emerged from the under the sheet she had already removed the shirt I gave her to sleep in and her panties, she was straddling herself over my waist, when she sat up straight she lifted the sheet off us both and she was sat on my with my cock against her butt.

I spent a moment admiring her naked body, she was flat chested but still so beautiful, her hairless pussy was soaking wet, I could feel her fluids flowing on to my skin, “Will you show me how to put it inside me?” she asked

“Oh, hell yes I will.” I said, she’d turned me on and I no longer gave a shit of how inappropriate this was, I wanted to take her right here and now, I held her tight and flipped her over on to her back and I kissed her like a passionate lover when I positioned myself between her skinny little legs and pressed my cock between her legs, her pussy was so hot it was a raging inferno, I kissed her all over her body, making sure I tasted every inch of her, then I guided my cock between her slippery wet pussy lips and I pushed it deep inside.

She let out a long breath of hot air from her mouth and groaned, her little face lit up and she had sparkles in her eyes when she felt my cock enter her body, her reaction was the prettiest thing I’d ever seen, she looked like a little angel, she never cried or screamed once, she just looked blissful.

We made love, the reason I say that is because fucking is quick and satisfies a need, whereas love making is slow, sensual, something to savour, Hannah was beautiful and worth every single slow thrust and kiss we shared.

It must have lasted for over an hour and the bedsheets were soaked in our sweat and sticking to our naked bodies as we moved around, but as I felt the familiar twinge of spunk rising up my shaft, our love making went out the window and my hips switched to fuck mode.

I held her little body in place underneath me, my hands on the top of her head underneath my chest, and I thrust my cock in to her at ever increasing speed, “Ungh – Oh – Ungh.” She groaned and groaned, then she screamed for the very first time, screaming with release as I made her orgasm.

She was moving her hips around as I slid my cock in and out of her hole, the motion of her body was absolutely amazing, my cock was being swirled around inside her tight pussy and hitting every pleasure sensor, “Ungh!”.

“Oh baby. Oh babe. HANNAH!” I groaned, I forced my cock deeply inside her body, feeling my tip press against her cervix and that’s when I released my full load, I shot off every drop inside her, “Ooh-ungh!”.

When it was over I rolled off her and on to my back, we both laid still catching our breath, then she rolled over placing her arm and leg over me again, “I like sex, it’s fun.” She giggled.

“Yep. You were amazing.” I told her.

“Really?” she asked me.

I kissed her, “Oh yes. There was nothing wrong with that at all. It was perfect.” I said.

After that night she continued to come over after school and in the mornings, and she’d sleep over at my house on a weekend and we’d make passionate love all night long.

Is was about a year later when she got pregnant but she didn’t tell anyone I was the father, and her parents didn’t really give a shit anyway, when she was 16 we moved in together and when she was 18 we got married and are still married to this day and we have three beautiful children together.

I believe it was fate that we met that day I found her sobbing in the classroom, okay so she was too young when we started having sex but it happened, and it happened for a reason.

Fate is a funny thing.

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