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My start in rough sex

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When I saw my first dick I told they guy “I can’t, it’s not gonna fit it’s too big” but he had other plans for me…

I was 18 when I met him on a dating app. He was so hot. Tall, black, athletic. SO HOT. Perfect face everything. I’m 5’ft and 98 pounds and have looked like that since I was 13. Nothing changed. Well… my tits grew bigger. I’m a B cup in some stores and other stores fit me as a C cup. I’m mixed, Latina/white. Let’s just say I got the best features of both but guys my age wanted some Kim K booty and I haven’t got much in that department. Older men always liked me and the feelings were mutual.

Let’s call the guy Arnold. One we matched Arnold told me how sexy and cute he found me. He said when he looked at me and saw my height he didn’t know if he wanted to rail me or cuddle me with some Disney movies in the background. He was so funny I liked him instantly. He said he doesn’t get off on nudes and that he wanted to go out with me and fuck. I agreed to go the week after.

The week after, the day we picked for our sex date. I texted him that I need to tell him something important. I told him I’m a virgin and I’ve never had any dick so if he’s looking for someone more experienced and doesn’t want me I understand. He was so happy, when I messaged him on that day “I need to tell you something important” he thought I was going to cancel.

We went out and ate. He was TALLLL and sexy and everyone kept looking at us because I looked like a child compared to him. We both didn’t eat much, I was stress since it was my first date and he revealed to me that when he’s horny he can’t eat. He has to fuck first then eat and feel so full. He said like that no shame. I was really shy. He said we should leave and go to his place. We got into his car and when we arrived under his apartment building I got really scared. He noticed and tried to comfort me. I made him promise to be gentle with me and he pinky promised me. I thought it was weird that he said “pinky promise” but whatever, it was cute.

We got upstairs and his phone alarm rang and he said “oh shit I gotta be somewhere” I gave him the sad puppy eyes, I was disappointed and sad. He pulled my hand and lead me to his bedroom aggressively and sat me on the bed. I was in shock and silent. I liked the thrill of it but it was a bit scary.

He dropped his pants and took his dick out. I was in SHOCK. I never saw a dick in my life but I was pretty damn sure that he had the biggest dick in history. I was HUGE. I was scared. I had my mouth open in shock and I said “it’s so BIGGG” while starring at it. He laughed and said wait till you feel it inside you. I said “oh… no! I can’t fit that inside me at all. Not even the tip.”

He kept begging me to try it until I gave up and said you have to stop if it hurts and he gladly agreed and promised me he’s not gonna hurt me.

He pushed me to the bed and took off my pants. He didn’t even lube me up or kiss, two seconds after taking off my jeans his dick was inside me. I screamed and he covered my mouth. It hurt so bad that I started crying. I tried telling him to stop but between my cries, screams, and his big hand over my mouth I couldn’t get the words out.

After maybe 5 minutes of thrusting inside me, each thrust deeper that the one before. Sharp pains I never felt before, crying and begging, he said sorry babe I gotta head out in 5 minutes so. Hold on as tight as you could. I didn’t understand until he started thrusting inside me SO FAST. He was hammering me. Drilling me. Fucking me like an animal. Like a little fuck doll. I grabbed his shoulders tight and wrapped my legs around him. The bed was shaking and the head board kept bagging on the wall. I was full on screaming. Until I felt the worst pain of all. It felt like I got stabbed in my pussy. I passed out. After a few seconds I woke up to him slapping my face. He pulled my hands and made me stand up. When I stood up his cum leaked out of my sore open hole and walking felt like hell. I was crying while walking. He dressed me up and helped me walk until we got out side of his apartment. He sat me down in the car and tied the belt around me. I was so out of it and almost disoriented. He fucked me so hard I couldn’t walk for 4 days after it. On 7 there was still pain too. He dropped me off at mall and left me there. I called one of my friends and she picked me up and helped me clean up and gave me plan b.

It was bad at the time but now I can’t have normal sex. If Im able to walk right after a dick down session I wouldn’t count it as sex. I don’t want a dick to tickle my pussy, I want it to ruin meee.

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    Sorry for dat he for no pain u.u no say na ur first time of fucking.well he still make toto don open incase of incasety another prick fit enter ur toto

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    Sorry to hear that
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